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BLM 3.0
Auditing the BLM in the U.S.I.


By Jim Kirwan


There was a 600 year long war in this country between the native tribes and the settler's that came to steal this land from the original people, which was labeled “Manifest Destiny”, that was clearly based on “American Exceptionalism”.

There were many massive crimes committed under this 'artificial-authority'. Yet virtually every treaty that was signed with the natives was not just broken but staggeringly shattered: from the slaughter of the Buffalo herds that was the basis for their survival, to the total control over all their lands.

After their 'surrender' following the slaughter at “The Battle of Wounded Knee” finally ended, the battle against the native-population continued with the creation of “the Bureau of Land Management”, which continued the fight against the survival of the 5,000 + native tribes that once lived here.

The BLM was created to further degrade the native's daily life by continuously degrading the lands that natives were forced to live on. But it wasn't just about the land, it was about ending their right to speak their native languages, or to practice the kind of life that would have allowed them to live traditionally on the outrageous “reservations”, that have never been fit for human habitation, for anyone trying to survive in that way.

The BLM has always been a criminally organized tyranny that assigned itself so many privileges that keeping track of how many ways they found to steal and starve the people they had been officially appointed to “provide-for” became a huge dark-secret that has not really been challenged to this day.

With what is happening this weekend in Oregon, maybe now is the time to order a complete AUDIT of the BLM going all the way back to “Wounded Knee”: Because what the BLM is now doing to ranchers, farmers and miners throughout this nation, is totally beyond their scope and is Constitutionally illegal, no matter how anyone might choose to view their duties under U.S. “law”.

The BLM 3.0 is a totally criminal operation, whose employees & staff

must be arrested, fined and permanently obliterated,

Which should go all the way back up to and include officers of USI as well.

The BLM has never had any legal-power over the legitimate owners of lands and businesses throughout this country, nor does it have any legal standing to seize lands or to arbitrarily kill the rights of those who are trying to protect their way of life from U.S. Incorporated that stole this nation from it's people in 1913. The creation of the Federal Reserve went hand in hand with the activation of United States Incorporated which replaced the United States of America with a privately owned foreign corporation owned by that global banking system, in conjunction with the Khazarian Rothschild's international war machine.

The BIA has been a racist murdered-machine that has killed tens of thousands of natives, to the present day, a practice that has been kept alive on many of the slums that pass for Indian-Reservations to this day.

The only difference between what the BIA did to the native population and what's happening now, is that the ranchers grew up thinking that they had rights, which they did, until the government decided that the BIA should serve as the government's intolerant arm that could be used against ordinary Americans, just as they have been doing now for so very many years against the entire native population in this land.

One of the things that has evolved from all these illegalities has been this UN sponsored land grab in collaboration with the ACLU, that seeks to outlaw everything aside from a few miles near the borders, so that the UN can sell off everything ass well ass the resources in 'the wild interior' for pennies while American's will be starved and shoved into the fringes of what used to be this nation. This too is part of what the BIA has been very actively doing ­ in conjunction with the importation of over 50 million “illegal-immigrants” while marketing rural America, for the globalist-bankers and land-thieves internationally.

But here's the real obscenity in this ugly story!

Steve and Dwight Hammond are scheduled to turn themselves in for their prison sentences next week but there is a severe Constitutional problem with their entire case: The federal government is not authorized to own or manage the land involved in this affair! Thus, it was patently illegal for the feds to have ever prosecuted these men and thrown them in jail. Even worse, after the men served their sentences, the government came back to court to have them jailed LONGER! That's what is set to begin this coming week! THAT is why the militia is stepping-up; because the feds are running roughshod over the Constitution. They are exercising power they do not have and ignoring the constitution. Some view the federal government as having become tyrants.”


Bundy Ranch 2.0 -- Patriot Militia Seizes Federal Complex in Oregon; Armed Insurrection Against federal Tyranny Begins

Think about it people, America needs to get a grip upon itself and begin to defend what few rights we still have: Maybe the takeover of the Federal offices of the Bureau of Land Management ­ might be the ultimate place to begin?

If we don't do this then we'll soon become as extinct as the ghost dancers


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