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Blind Faith in Global Leaders


By Jim Kirwan


Will Get Us All Dead

Death of Communism

This global charade began during WWII and has continued uninterrupted to the present moment. The faux-'International agencies' that were created by the same puppet-masters that are still running this war-torn world, are still at it full-force today: The above article proves this conclusively.

This is just the tip of this colossal global war against humanity.

It's way past time to smash these cock-roaches

in every nation that have been protecting all the private corporations

that have been weaving their parasitical webs,

at least since the days of the private Spanish Corporation that sent

the first expeditions into the “New World”

to rape pillage and plunder the planet under the guise of


This duality that has ruled over nature and over all mankind must be totally destroyed: if this world is to ever be able to free ourselves from the global-tyranny which has already enslaved every man woman and child on the planet.

Corporations in every form must be limited to the same kinds of conditions which every person has already been limited to: No corporation, whether public or private must be allowed to “live forever”.

Every aspect of every corporation must be forced to be 'RESPONSIBLE' for everything they do both legally and illegally: just as every person was once held to be legally-responsible for what we individually did. No nation can ever be overridden such as by TTIP and all the rest of the criminally created new forms of corporate-crime: To avoid responsibility, either nationally or internationally, to profit to the point of absolute control over every person and every nation on this planet—such as has just been enacted world-wide.

Every 'actor', both corporately or individually in the currently criminal takeover must be charged and removed from the global-stage, if the world is ever going to be able to get back to living or working in what's left of the planet now.

All of this is now “on the line” within the totally miscast state of global-affairs in which no private or corporate power is ever charged with any of the crimes they've all committed to bring the planet to this place in history.

If we just take a hard-look at what has happened in the world over the last five years, anyone can see that nothing that the so-called global-powers have been doing has been either legal or sane.

For instance the current War on Syria has been going on for the last five years, right under the noses of the UN, NATO and all the global-organizations that were supposed to be responsible for global order: Yet nothing at all has ever been done to reign in any of the massively criminal “actors” that have been illegally bombing, raping and slaughtering so many people throughout the Middle East ­ Beginning with the continuing wars against Palestine, and followed by all the wars everywhere else that were started by all the “Color-Revolutions” that have led directly to the take-down of so many states, in the same way that Mossad has chosen to advertise their actions: “By Deception Thou Shalt Do War”.

Israel has been doing this since long before they were even a state: Now the whole planet has bought into this concept of international crime, as a “basic-right” when in fact that has always been a crime against nature and humanity—which is being used to totally destroy the human race while each of these faux players continues to slaughter the populations of the world...

There is now “talk” about sending in the UN or NATO to bring “order” into Syria: That's tantamount to dumping even more gasoline on the already burning crisis that has been begging the world to stop the illegal attacks on Syria, since they began, right after the same 'methods' were used to reduce Libya to nothing but scorched-earth.

Ironically: It was only after Russia accepted Syria's offer to legally assist them to overthrow the hundreds of outlaw-organizations, that the planet began to pay attention to, because it was clear that Russia would not be coerced into duplicating the same criminal-actions that were led by USI, Turkey, Saudi-Arabia Qatar and the other sponsors of Daesh that Russia announced they would reduce these continuing crimes to nothing but dead-enemies in about three months time ­ it was only then after it became clear that Russia would do what they agreed to do, that everything began to come apart around the world.

The real irony is the fact that continuing to “blindly-believe in this

faux-global-leadership is what will get us all killed.

Americans have always had an obligation,

which in reality has always been our constitutional duty to

Defend ourselves and this country, against this global tyranny.

Yet because we have failed over and over and over again

to do anything about any of these crimes.

We have become 'NOTHING' in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Our lawmakers, politicians and our courts have all failed us

Our police have failed us,

Our troops and our militia's have failed us.

Now we must force those 'in-charge' to bend to our will of face the wrath of the public that's finally realized that we're not Americans' any longer.

We're all just slaves waiting to be slaughtered.

The entire concept of an orderly 'world-order' could not be further from the truth

All that anyone needs to do is look at the so-called major-leaders in almost every country of the world today: Starting with Obama & Angela Merkel...

Merkel is a lifelong Communist-socialist Politically-Correct Nanny-State stooge, and she's been exposed: Ergo her tenure is about to undergo a massive reversal, probably before the end of the year ­ which will create shock waves amid the totally fake EU corporate bureaucracy that's been well-beyond illegal since they stole the rights of all of the 28 nations in that faux organization. Perhaps now, with the outing of Angela Merkel, the EU can return to the sovereignty of the individual nations that were used and abused to form the current global-crime which the EU has become.

In the US the same kind of duplicitous leadership has also taken over. Obamanation is not an American, he's a Kenyan national, and was never qualified to even run for the presidency, much less to do that twice. He's also a fully fledged Communist and a Muslim: On top of being a mass-murderer, and the self-appointed killer of anonymously uncharged-individuals on his own private kill-list that he approves of each and every day, yet no one even mentions this global-crime any longer.

The US also has an entire cadre of war-criminals both inside and outside the government that should have all been arrested decades ago, but still they are allowed to go about their private businesses and make billions of dollars from their crimes, as if they were not all global-war-criminals. Instead they keep on running for office and no one seems to care about their totally illegal past.

The Bush family enterprise is proud to have five generations' of traitors three of which have had aspirations to be president, while two of them were actually American presidents. Both of the Clinton's had presidential aspirations, but only one of them has made it thus far—Hilary is in theory still in the running for next-year, if she isn't sent to federal prison or the gallows for her part in the criminal governments from her immediate past..And these few are just the tip of the iceberg that's literally crammed with criminals of every stripe from pedophiles to sexual deviants, drug dealers and gun runners not to mention those who are up to their eyes in treason's of all types with Israel and the other traitorous nations that all claim to be such great friends of the American people.

And the people of the United States still continue to swallow all this shit?

We're supposedly in the middle of an election cycle,

yet none of these hideous crimes, including 911, The illegal wars on Iraq, or Afghanistan are ever even mentioned,

much less so, as in all the rest of our global crimes against the world.

What happened to the USI part in the murder of Chile's democratically elected leader,

and the takedown of that nation by Henry Kissinger & the CIA

On 9-11 in 1973?

What happened to the GHW Bush war on Panama

Where he ordered that four square blocks with 4,000 civilians be surrounded and burned to ground, just to capture

Manuel Noriega who “knew things” about that Bush, during his tenure as CIA director when Bush Sr. was directing the global drug world?

Given the above and all the rest of the global crimes that have mostly gone uncharged, and virtually ignored: How can anyone who lives here possibly claim to actually be “American's“ any longer?

In fact, given Russia's recent actions in the name of global legalities: If there were any 'justice' in this world then it would have been the United States that would have been doing what Russia has chosen to do, to right the world at this late date? But as has been made crystal-clear: Once Russia put in S-400's inside Syria, all US efforts to stop Daesh have been immediately halted: Supposedly since they can't find any targets to bomb anymore - “RIGHT”!

But here's another opportunity that USI is pushing for, this time it's time for round three in Ukraine. With USI assistance Ukraine is planning on invading Crimea, to supposedly “correct” the Russian invasion of that nation, but which Washington simply cannot stand-for, because the world must be made to believe that the entire charade in Ukraine was “the fault of Russia”, when the only active war-criminal-activity that has continued in that totally broken country has come from 'Right-Sector' and the mercenaries (including a division of American paratroopers) that have so far failed to consecrate the supposed validity of Ukraine, which was a totally illegal USI takedown: if the truth were to ever be known. The goal this time, with the destruction of the energy supplies and food to Crimea, is meant to force Russia to do what they failed to do, to date In Ukraine.

But given what just happened to Turkey, apparently Ukraine has not been paying attention: What would happen if Russia simply sent in S-400's into Crimea to protect that Russian affiliated nation from being further attacked?

Will USI opt to do what Turkey just did, or will NATO and USI decide to push their luck, and try to again demonstrate their global-authority where none exists?

Of course nothing can be said for certain, given the decades-long criminality of USI & NATO as well as the UN that has shown that it can be more vicious than the Daesh has yet managed to become, in those nations they are currently raping and destroying: Or rather they were being - until the S-400's arrived on the scene?


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