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Black Triangle On The Ground Being Serviced?

By Ted Twietmeyer

Below is a photo of a black triangle on the ground which was sent to me. Bottom photo credit reads “” It appears to be on a runway at a unknown location:

Fig. 1 ­ Original photo, untouched and unedited by author.

We will look at the Fig. 1 original photo with small enlargements using 500x magnification. Original image above appears to be taken with a high-resolution HD camera, based on the level of detail I found. Image did not pixelate at 5x. No sharpening or other processing was employed. Magnifications above 5x introduce artifacts and were no used.

Fig. 2 ­ Blue arrows point to a number of individuals wearing what appear to be black hats. Cameraman (lower right corner) may also be wearing a hat. With the exception of those holding what appears to be video cameras, most individuals have their hands in pockets or held behind their back. Near the bottom of the stairway appears to be two men in black suits wearing black hats.

Fig. 3 ­ Here are several shadow problems. Blue arrow points to front corner of space vehicle. No shadow for two umbilical cables is visible here. Red lines show solar incidence angle. People talking (strangely head-to-head) have a shadow angle which matches the truck's shadow.

Shadow for truck boom has two problems:

  1. Solar angle from the boom down to the ground does not match other solar angles.

  2. Red arrow points to missing section of boom shadow.

Fig. 4 ­ Shadow for vehicle shown here is UNDERNEATH the vehicle in the wrong place, as though it was taken at high noon. If we extend this shadow (to match the solar angle of two people standing) we find the correct location of the vehicle corner - where nothing is located.

Fig. 5 ­ This appears to be the vehicle's nose wheel. Note white hexagonal shape in wheel center. No tires on any Earth-built aircraft have hexagonal rims in contact with rubber tires. This wheel center does not match another wheel center under the vehicle in Fig. 6 below.

Fig. 6 ­ Rear wheel visible under the vehicle, with a fairly conventional circular center. White circle shows hexagonal cells on vehicle surface which appear to cover the vehicle. These cells may or may not be part of the propulsion system.

Fig. 7 ­ Mini “white room” shows a alien face similar to a gray. Text below image and on door is unreadable. Another curious aspect - door is taller than the vehicle itself. Contacting surfaces on the vehicle and white room is about one-half the height of the door. Does this imply this white room was designed and built for grays? It appears to have a air conditioner mounted on the roof surface.

Whoever created this photo spent considerable effort editing it all together. Perhaps this image was put out on the web to see if it would pass the BS test - which it did not. Perhaps it is intended to help acclimate people to the alien vehicles.

Shadow errors are numerous. Enlargements clearly show objects in the original photo were taken at different times of day, even at different locations.

Blatant security problems exist with the original photo even getting out. Whoever took the original photo must have been overhead, perhaps on a bucket truck. This would have been classified extremely top secret. Every camera digital storage card or media would have been confiscated and never allowed to leave the facility.

Ted Twietmeyer


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