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Big Lies About Russia’s Anti-Terrorism Campaign


By Stephen Lendman

It’s been devastatingly effective in Syria, conducted with powerful weapons and precision accuracy, exclusively targeting ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Big Lies persist otherwise. Media scoundrels willfully proliferate misinformation. Russia bashing continues without letup - because Putin respects sovereign independent rights and inviolable international laws, polar opposite US-led Western policy, waging endless wars of aggression, serving elitist interests exclusively.

The London-based Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) fronts for Western interests - funded to proliferate daily streams of misinformation, headed by con man Rami Abdul Rahman, reporting what his handlers tell him to say, truth and full disclosure entirely absent.

SOHR regularly claims Russian airstrikes kill civilians, absent any verifiable evidence proving it. None exists.

Moscow has photographic evidence of every target struck, showing terrorist sites alone are hit. On December 30, London’s Guardian published an Agence France-Presse report citing SOHR, claiming, without justification, Russian airstrikes caused 792 civilian deaths, including 180 children - overall 2,300 fatalities, including nonexistent moderate rebels.

Days earlier, Amnesty International (AI) published a thinly veiled propaganda report, irresponsibly accusing Russia of killing civilians in Syria - using pro-Western sources or unnamed ones, no verifiable evidence.

Russia’s Defense Minstry spokesman Igor Konashenkov responded harshly, saying “(o)nce again nothing concrete or new was published, only the same cliches and fakes that we have already debunked repeatedly.”

AI used “a lot of assumptions without any evidence. The barrage of lies was aimed at accusing Russian forces of bombing Syrian hospitals. We immediately rejected these claims, presenting comprehensive photographic and video evidence to the public.”

“A characteristic feature of all these allegations is the lack of concrete evidence and references to anonymous witnesses. As for cluster munitions, Russian (aircraft don’t) us(e) them.”

No visual or other evidence proves it “because there are no such weapons at our base.” Konashenkov challenged AI, asking why it “kept silent and turn(ed) a blind eye to material, undeniable real evidence” of Ukrainian forces using cluster munitions and other banned weapons against its own citizens in Donbass - willfully murdering civilians.

Why does it fail to denounce US-led imperial wars? Why is it attacking the one nation above others in the forefront for restoring peace and stability to troubled Ukraine and Syria?

The latest from SOHR on New Year’s eve claims Russian airstrikes displaced over 130,000 Syrians. The source: State Department spokesman/exposed serial liar Mark Toner, claiming hospitals, schools and markets were struck, adding:

“We’re deeply, deeply concerned about these reports of high civilian casualties,” citing nonexistent “indiscriminate” strikes.

Irresponsible accusations of Russian airstrikes killing civilians began surfacing almost straightaway after anti-terrorist intervention began on September 30 - proliferated by the usual anti-Moscow sources.

Managed news misinformation consistently substitutes for truth and full disclosure - media scoundrels proliferating it daily.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at

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