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Big Bang Theory And Common Sense


By Ted Twietmeyer

Common sense is a effective firewall against crazy ideas and theories. Biggest problem science has? Not getting grants, but rarely applying common sense.

So-called "Big Bang" theory is merely big BS theory. Consider that all the matter in the universe is a mass (in tons) so large there are no words to describe it. We are supposed to believe that all matter was crammed into a infinitesimally small point, smaller than a atom which then exploded. If Big Bang theory isn't nonsensical enough now consider this: Science never describes HOW all the matter in the universe could be crammed together into tiny space to begin with. Whenever you question a scientist about a lack of common sense with this theory, you will get laugh, smirk or other arrogant response like "You simply don't understand the quantum world."

Big Bang theory is right on par with black hole theory. Science has endlessly stated "A black hole is so powerful that even light cannot escape it." Yet in almost the same breath, scientists will tell you about jets of matter which stream out of the polar axis of a black hole.

For any theory of any kind to be considered valid, it must be able to describe ALL conditions associated with that theory. But science rarely does that. Instead, inconvenient facts and observations are simply ignored to keep grant money flowing. Why? Grant money is the life-sustaining blood of science.

When blood stops flowing it clots. When grant money stops flowing and scientists stop publishing, scientists lose their jobs. If you don't want to accept that, ask any scientist today. Admission by any scientist that he/she made a making a mistake is tantamount to blaspheming God in church. Mistakes are not forgivable, but spouting BS to get grant money is forgivable.


Fifty five years ago, Big Bang theory all started when Bell Labs built a giant microwave antenna in Holmdel, New Jersey. It was used to measure radio signals bounced off metalized balloons. This was a early attempt to evaluate a satellite relay system. At Princeton, not far from Bell Labs, a researcher named Robert Dicke was pursuing his theory about the Big Bang. Dicke believed the Big Bang actually happened billions of years ago and some type of "residue" should exist in space which can be measured. But Dicke needed some kind of physical evidence to prove his theory.

Dicke learned that Penzias and Wilson's microwave antenna was detecting space background noise they could not explain. Penzias, Wilson and Dicke got together, papers were published and soon the Big Bang theory took root. It was a theory that began with noise and remains full of noise today. Penzias and Wilson could not find the origin of space microwave background noise, so it was attributed to the Big Bang. Science doesn't like anything observed to remain without a explanation.

To prove that the Big Bang must have occured and created ever-lasting space microwave background noise, is like believing all light in a room at night when a switch is flipped on - originates from a burning candle. Terrible assumptions at best. In fact, science would almost have to support a belief in free energy. After all, would else could power space background microwave radiation indefinitely? Maybe they should be looking at our Sun as the source of the microwave radiation instead.

Finally people are admitting Einstein did not create all-perfect theories and equations.

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Ted Twietmeyer


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