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Beware If You're Suddenly Put On Big Email List

By Ted Twietmeyer

Out of the blue you'll get a email one day, if you have not already. It will happen as the result of someone you never knew before putting you on the list. When you look at it, you find that the cc: will have 50 to perhaps 200 email addresses.

Discussion topic will be essentially be pointless and irrelevant no matter what it is. Those who exchange comments will not listen to reason or facts, and it will rile them up. Name calling will soon begin in successive emails between several people, quickly degrading into obscenities and personal attacks.

Curious thing is that while a discussion may take place regarding healthcare, politics etc... you will only see a handful of people responding to comments made. If you attempt to cite factual material to help back up a given topic, for example how Obamacare hurts seniors, you'll be viciously attacked. When people don't want facts this smacks in the face of reason. They just regurgitate network rhetoric from highly controlled mouthpieces from networks like Fox.

I found myself suddenly on one of these lists a few days ago. When it soon went downhill exactly as outlines above I had my name removed. That wasn't enough to end the trash talk appearing in my inbox. It was necessary to directly log-on to my ISP and setup filters for specific email addresses to prevent any more madness from reaching my computer.

Incredibly, within a hour I suddenly found myself on a different list. It had different email addresses with one person who saw himself as the admin of the list. As a experiment, I followed email exchanges between people for just one day. When someone mentioned lost emails, I cited the fact that "network systems have automatic backup disks or tape systems. Lerner's lost emails must exist somewhere." This simple statement brought on a long-winded, looking-down-the-nose lecture from the self-appointed list admin.

When I thought that was all, then a woman on the list I never intentionally emailed began threatening me, demanding not to email her again. The group cc: list was so large I did not even find her email in it. She had also cc'd to "" <>. A polite reply to her suggesting "perhaps you should remove your name from the list to prevent further problems" resulted in another long rant, which I'll paste below un-edited, complete with typos and capitals exactly as it was written:

--- Begin of email

STOP SENDIND ME EMAIL.   I did not put my name on any list.  You have no right to send me anything.  I have asked you numerous times-whatever dopes you are compelled to talk to, email them.   IN fact, since you obviously have time to waste, email them individually.  DO NOT EMAIL More.   Just STOP SENDING EMAIL HERE and stop giving me bs about why you refuse to stop.   


--- End of email

The FBI? She has to be joking. They might put HER away. After less than one day I told them to remove my name from the list. Life is too short and challenging enough to waste time dealing with clowns - those appear to exist to create nothing but trouble for others.

It brings up these questions:

What has happened to people and being rational?
Why have people become so hostile to someone they don't even know?
Is this one of the signs that a powder keg is about to go off in the American people?
Is there any way to stop it?

Ted Twietmeyer


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