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Better Power Source Than
Nuclear, Natural Gas or Coal


By Ted Twietmeyer


Commercial power generation today is usually accomplished by using nuclear, coal or natural gas fuels. All of these fuels have been attacked by environmentalists as "unfriendly" to the environment. Even natural gas, which is the cleanest of all these fuels.

World can generate AC power which does not kill birds, animals, generate CO2 or waste coal ash or uranium. Perhaps one of the most environmentally friendly methods to generate electricity uses ocean waves. Waves generate intermittent power, which is easily conditioned by electronic systems to produce standard 50 or 60 cycle power for the grid.

As long as there is weather and the Earth turns, there will always be wave action. A wide variety of system designs already exist to do this. Here are just a few of the many designs made for wave power:

Wave action power is available all around the world. It presents no danger to people, ocean life or birds. Unlike solar and wind, wave action works around the clock every day of the year. People rarely visit or swim at thousands of beaches all around the world with rocky, jagged shores. Often rocks or concrete structures are dumped into these areas to prevent erosion. Instead of rocks and concrete, why not put that wasted energy to use? Most of the world's largest cities are located on coasts around the shores of continents. This is perfect to use the shortest power lines to end users.

Low-cost wave power makes it economical to power around-the-clock hydroponic farms, too.

Ted Twietmeyer


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