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'Belonging' Revisited!

By Jim Kirwan

The long road toward civilization has been marked by many strange turns throughout its history. What it has come down to today is DEFIANCE and SUBMISSION. There are many forms of both these ideas; but somehow we as Americans must be begin to find the ways for ourselves that will work to end our enslavement and to begin to make a different world-because there is now no other way!

When the mostly white fortune-hunters arrived here, who soon-after became 'settlers,' the people they encountered had been living on these continents for over 15,000 years. We began to slaughter them just after we arrived. The goal of the newcomers was to rid this land of the original people, to whom these lands had belonged for far longer than The Europe, of that day and time, had even been in existence. Nevertheless; those early adventurers and the corporate ventures that had sent them here had already decided ­ that everything they "found here" would belong to them and to the colonial empires they represented.

Conquest was the justification and military force was their weapon of choice backed by Deceit and Treachery as always.

You might remember that at that time this entire hemisphere was called The New World. Our direct part in this war upon the native population lasted for over 400 years and so far we have collectively killed more than 59 million people. This article will in part define some of how Colonialism in the Americas has changed over the decades; beginning as it did with total subjugation that is finally moving away from total-domination by the American Empire into something of a major revolution against Empire. What has been happening of late (since Nixon's term in the Tarnished House) has begun to change in major ways, in favor to those people's and societies that have concentrated their efforts on coming back-together.

This essentially NEW movement is focused on those points of life that all people have in common; in order to defeat this continuing global invasion by the filthy-rich upon the planet.

Ironically or fatalistically the entire planet is now being plagued-to-death by something that our elites have called "The New World Order." But this cannot succeed if we follow some of the examples of those in Latin America and the Caribbean who have successfully rebelled against the Colonial Empires; in order to gain their own freedom in their own countries, overseen by their own governments and of course after they have regained control over their own natural resources. Here's a 93 minute film about most of this from John Pilger that begins with the tyranny of Nixon and goes all the up through Bush Jr., as it shows us some of the major events throughout the hemisphere and exactly how the American Empire conspired with others to totally destabilize nation after nation: Not all the nations of this region are touched on, but the places that Pilger does go to are devastatingly revealing: Especially for those that are not familiar with our practices and polices as these are applied against the rest of the world, routinely!

The above is only the intro to this piece. "BELONGING" is being used to explain both how most people have been cut off from 'belonging to the rest of humanity; as well as why it is so necessary for any people to feel the direct connection of "belonging" to anything besides themselves.

The indigenous people in North America largely believed that they belonged to nature and the universe; hence they revered the world in which they lived as just one of the life-forms, living in the wonder of the natural world around them. For the most part they spent only a little more than 10% of their time providing for their own existence and the rest of that time they spent creating. Appreciating and beginning to understand the wonders of the world in which they lived. They were not saints, and some tribes did own slaves; but their world did not set out to murder their own planet or to exterminate any of the other species which they shared the planet with. We could have learned a great deal about life and the world from these men and women if we had not been in such a hurry to murder them all.

The real point is that people everywhere whether yesterday or today need to feel that they belong somewhere. Whether that's a family, a tribe, a village, a city or a country: people like to know that they belong to something! Knowing this; the NWO set out to hyper-inflate every possible difference there is between people of every place. They have set men against women, children against adults, races of all colors against each other, religions of all types against each other, and as one moves up the menu: Nations against nations and cultures against cultures which includes all the particulars of class-warfare of every type.

However despite how hard these international outlaws have tried, ordinary people still have far more in common with one another, regardless of where they live, than they ever had in opposition to each other. That's just a simple truth. All the current pent-up rage and hatred floating round the planet can be blamed largely on these would-be owners of everything that lives upon this earth.

There is also another layer and that is the most difficult part for most of today's Amerikans to deal with. If you are not liked then you are likely to be seen as an outsider, and this can be a very lonely place for the insecure of all ages, colors or sexes.

This is the raw meat of politics, and every political being knows this for what it is. This government has used this to turn the public from a widely different population into a terrified herd of mindless cattle that huddle together and run from every shadow while attacking anything or anyone that dares to question anything which originates from a faceless overlord speaking with the so-called AUTHORITY of the State!

In fact anyone who behaves any differently than the other members of the herd are now to be singled out as ENEMIES of the State. This is garbage because whenever any population is reduced to being nothing more than a mindless herd; that society is over-ripe for persecution, for torture and even for death-just because some of their fellow-beings do not behave exactly as they do.

The same is true of "THOUGHTS" in general; anyone daring to hold ideas or thoughts that run counter to those of limited-abilities are now considered to be a THREAT to the safety of the herd, and must be singled out and punished, if not killed outright. It's a brilliant tactic if you want total control over any particular population: but to a real nation-state wherein the opinions and points of view of all are essential to the overall health of the body politic: This is the kiss of death!”

Reprinted from “Belonging!” 9-12-11

Many think that this has all been because “we” have been “dumbed down”. That’s not the case. We weren’t “dumbed-down” ­ we’ve been “sucked-in” and we’ve become addicted to a massively well engineered program that was specifically designed to alter our perceptions about what we each need to be ‘happy” or “successful” in the prisons we now occupy. This is very clearly explained, along with a system of self government which was developed by the Iroquois Nation. This begins at the one hour mark in this 1hr 39min VIDEO

We’ve been living with a giant but very scattered jigsaw puzzle that contains the truth about the world we live in now. But the pieces of this puzzle have been lying on the floors of our lives that we walk on, everyday of our twisted lives. We have reached the point now where ordinary people can finally begin to pick up the pieces and begin to put them together in order to finally understand just how it came to be, that we’ve all been so totally misdirected for the last one hundred and one years.

The pathological killers that run this place have depended on their ‘compartmentalized system of addiction’ and full-spectrum political dominance to keep us all in line—but the entire charade is being shredded as this note is being written?

What’s happening now is that the lies and global-collusion are crashing into each other all over the planet, because these conspiracies were always too vast, for even these barbarians to maintain—so it will all end very soon. It will be crushed by its’ own weight which is being driven by the millions of lies and the trillions they’ve squandered in this giant shell game that can no longer be kept hidden.

They’ve spent $7 trillion on just two countries, both of which are now retuning to the stone-age at breakneck speed. That was part of the over 20 years in Iraq and another thirteen years in Afghanistan—where we’re still losing it all - all over again. Factor in Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria, and the burnt-earth policies in the ruins of Libya and then watch with open eyes what’s being done again in Gaza and Ukraine and ask yourself: “WHY!”

The only answer to that question was supposed to be “for conquest”. Except that there is nothing left to take, nothing left to live in or on anymore, in many of the world’s places since this latest form of criminal-colonialism has been dragged into play.

There are only two choices left to the people of the wider world.



The planet will survive, it might take hundreds of thousands of years, but nature will heal herself. Both options will involve sacrifice, mayhem, death and destruction, but only one of these possibilities offers any chance for the survival of the human race. The choice is up to us to come together now, so that there can be a tomorrow ­ on the other side of the nightmare that’s been shadowing the human race since the Dark Ages released most of us back into the universe from which all of us came to be here, by one path or another…

It looks very black at the moment, but with the passing of every hour of every day, more and more people everyday are finally putting the pieces back together: Now that millions have discovered that this global-puzzle can indeed be understood and that there are solutions that can change the outcome that so many psychopathic killers have spent centuries creating; to prevent just that!

Many years ago I began a simplified version of a partial explanation, as the first of a twelve-part jigsaw puzzle series that was never finished. It was too complex and far too simplistic: For the goal I wanted to reach for. Just before Bush Junior stole the Tarnished House I was set to begin the 8 by 60 foot mural, that would have told the full length version of how we got here and where we might be going—but by 2001 it was already way too late to begin such a project.

The rough sketch for the first twelve interlocking parts and their relationships are here below. It’s crude and unfinished, but maybe some parts of it might be useful—either way what matters is the actual puzzle that we need to put back together so we can finally begin to see exactly what’s been done to us all worldwide…



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