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What's Behind the Veils


By Jim Kirwan


Can You Tell: Are These Men or Women?

Are these Terrorists or Harmless Citizens?

Trump is asking the kinds of questions that most Americans have always wanted to have answered: Which none of the traitors that are running for president would ever discuss—until Trump forced them to answer all those questions that none of them, from either party, would ever allow to be brought up.

The reason behind all the political-anger with Trump is that he's just getting started and the pretend-politicians know what that means: The formerly somnambulant public is finally beginning to wake up. Once that happens it means the end of all of “THEM”.

In the second-image above, it is not possible to detect whether or not any of whatever is underneath the cloaks, are men or women, or whether they are carrying pipe-bombs suicide-vests or concealing machine guns. Yet there have been no stories of anyone dressed in something like the Hajib, being physically assaulted, tasered, or thrown to the ground because some roid-ramped-up cop thought that any of these creatures could pose a threat to others.

Why is that?

The answer is contained in the first image, because the fake-president is pushing for the takeover of the United States by ISIS or Daesh: Before you object, remember—there is no United States of America ­ there is only the private corporation: The United States Incorporated, which came into being with the Federal Reserve in 1913, which is why we're all just corporate employees now, who no longer have a country to call our own.

When Bush Jr. took over, with the help of Jeb Bush who managed to get the election of 2000 stopped and his brother “W” appointed to the presidency: “Amerika thereafter adopted the above New-Look on every uniformed officer of the U.S., from cops to soldiers and everything in-between This 'change' is made clear by the backwards American Flag, with the gold fringe, which is the flag for United States Inc. and has absolutely nothing to do with the United States of America...

The real flag is always shown with the stars displayed on the left, and there is no fringe ­ because the fringe indicates corporate ownership.

Obama's job and all the “presidents” before him was, to always do whatever the corporation told them to do. That's why we've lost all “our rights” and “our freedoms” over the last 102 years, that America has been enslaved to the Rothschild-Khazarian Mafia; in all those illegal-wars we've been sending our troops to die in, very publicly, since the end of WWII.

The reason that the fake-political-parties are freaking out now: Is that they can see the handwriting on the wall: And they're literally terrified about what could happen if the general public ever discovers the truth and takes back control over this nation, from the corporate outlaws and all their lies that go back to 1913, which is over a hundred years of treason.

It appears that the current fight over Trump's remarks have almost nothing to do with any real issues, except for the very real threat to the fake-political-parties that have been living in terror of the day, when the public might finally see what they've been doing to all of us for so many years.

That's why with every new comment from Trump, the establishment goes more and more crazy: And yet by responding in this way the criminals beneath their masks are bringing the day of their total unmasking closer and closer - which is the only thing that can save any of us or this country from oblivion...


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