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By Ted Twietmeyer

On September 18, 2015 I received a four page letter from Excellus. This letter states a cyber-attack took place on December 23, 1013 against the health care insurance provider. This happened more than TWO YEARS AGO. (Personal information in the letter has been deleted.)

It is OUTRAGEOUS that the company took this long to notify policy holders. Most likely a class-action lawsuit will be filed about it.

Excellus (Blue Cross Blue Shield) is offering a free 2 year credit monitoring service to those who have been notified that their personal information may be compromised. If you have Excellus and/or BCBS as your health insurance carrier, you should have received this letter.

If you did not receive this letter (which took 9 days to reach me) and you have Excellus, phone the company to see if your personal information has been breached. NEVER count on the US mail to always deliver you critical notices like this.

The statement shown below "The investigation has not determined that any such data was removed from our systems." This is a utterly pointless statement. Personal information does not need to be "removed" from a computer system for it to be used or copied.

For simplicity, only the first page of the letter I received today is shown below:


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