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The Backlash!

By Jim Kirwan


Beneath all the lies it all comes down to people.

The young are not represented

The old and the sick are easy targets

And the all the symbols have been done to death.

The public is exhausted by the constant reverberations and the ceaseless empty-threats that have finally worn themselves out.

It’s time to review the realities and bring on the Backlash that’s so long overdue!

The one reality that so many have refused to recognize is that none of the crap that’s floating around ‘out-there’ has any real validity.

If you think that’s too extreme then look again. Everything in Amerika entirely depends upon its people being employed at ‘something.’ Yet every threat tries to convince us that massive numbers of the US population will soon end up in FEMA camps, or dead. Forced labor is mentioned often as is the lack of food and water—but the one common denominator that is not mentioned is the total lack of anything at all to do—which is the only thing which makes any society viable?

Without employment that actually produces something, the country and indeed the planet will fall-apart. Being slaves in a world that does not need more slaves is not a solution to anything. The collapse will happen despite “the fake-triumph” of Rothschilds and the FED, even if that happened. Because it’s never been their ownership of everything that matters: Rather it’s that by themselves, the Outlaws produce nothing but this continuing global-hijacking. Even organized-crime realized very long ago that for them to have an income from their extortions of businesses both large and small: There must be something of value that continues to succeed or there cannot be any “profits” to steal.

Our “PROBLEM” is that this place is barely treading water now, and very soon the truth beneath these failures, that were used to force the planet into submission but have ignored the fact that without creative and hardworking people, working, there is no-longer any global-money-pool to fight over. All the fake debt, all the obscene threats are meaningless unless there is a healthy and growing concern that is not owned by corporate-persons or private-corporate nation-hoods. The “GREAT-Society” was charged with murdering all of that—and they’re almost there!

All of this is underscored by the reality that most can’t afford to “work” because the owners refuse to pay even a living-wage: Closely examine Wal-Mart as the global-business-model that will be used to try and prop this up. Wal-Mart refuses to pay for medical, vacations or in most cases overtime—the result is their “workers” can’t afford to both buy food and pay rent. Yet everyone forgets that “what they “sell” will cease to be important because without “credit” or money—the shelves of every store will stay just as they are: Until what’s there now is stolen or passes its “USE-BY”-Date. Small businesses, the real backbone of nations are dying by the tens-of-thousands here, each and every month.

Consumers and their ability to be “consumers” is the only thing that the government’s terror tactics will finally terminate! When that happens, as it soon will: The BACKLASH will flatten everything which the tortured-Amerikan-public already-knows has caused it all!

Look at the City of Detroit, Michigan, as the model for all of this. LBJ created the program that was used to turn Detroit from the world’s most successful manufacturer of automobiles, into a broken-ruin that consists of almost nothing now but decay, bankruptcy courts, and non-stop crime. Of course he also gave us ‘The Great Society’ and ‘the War on Poverty’: Both of which failed even more disastrously than Nixon’s War on Drugs. CRIME now rules this nation, in every backwater of this land. All the crap about the Constitution is only meant to “occupy” the minds of dreamers that have not been watching while the nation and world continue to be shredded into nothingness!

It’s the realization of the reality of this “nothingness” that will give birth to The Backlash!

Turning the population into prisoners or slaves is only worthwhile if the society they will be taken-from, whether thru arrests, torture or murder, can still continue to exist. But that’s now impossible because the only creatures that still have “jobs” will be working for the Outlaws and they produce absolutely nothing but more tyranny, more enslavement and evermore public and unpayable public debt. These creatures just get dumber with every passing day. And Amerikans are now “Dead Last” among the leading nations of the world. (1)

The farce of the New World Order was too ambitious and has overlooked or outlawed all realities, since despite their arrogant-greed: They have never known or understood anything about real business or real life. That failure will wipe them out: Pushed by their own insanity and greed that cannot let a day go by without adding more crimes to what they’ve already done to millions of people everywhere.

They can’t eat the gold or drink the oil that they’ve stolen. They can’t produce anything that is actually needed in the twenty-first century except terror, torture and murder in order to STEAL a world that no longer exists.

When they began this plan the companies and ideas they planned to steal were healthy and vibrant: In brief they were worth-stealing. But their colossal and permanent failures are so inept that by the time they managed to finish their extortions and thefts, their targets had become impoverished-invalids that are now worth almost nothing.

Real PANIC is just around the corner because everything’s coming apart. Everyone knows it at the top, just as the herd can smell this coming, in the next few months. The NDAA, the failed Deathcare package, the financial meltdown will begin on or about January 1, 2014. And through it all the only thing still being discussed is how much more can be stolen from the public before that spigot too will cease to function!

The armed wing of Obama’s Private Army, the one they’ve spent so much money to create, will collapse almost immediately the second the owner’s decide to try and use it for anything real. That farce will be one of the first casualties of the coming BACKLASH. But none of this gets discussed any longer…

It’s as if the public is determined to wait until Pandora’s Box finally get’s blown wide-open before they will “decide” to take-sides! That’s because they don’t believe what they’re seeing:

Hell they don’t even trust themselves to be able to critically assess what every ‘eye’ can see and every ‘ear’ can hear ­ if only people would listen to what they already know inside themselves!

If only the many would break their love-affair with mindless-chatter from the idiot-box that lies! Instead, apparently the public wants to wait for the NFL to cooperate with the DHS in another government fantasy that’s aimed at something that will supposedly force the end of this government, but not the real people of this land, who will fight them to the end of it all. (2)

1) On Being ‘Dead Last’

2) The NFL’s Role in the Coming Martial Law


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