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The Axis Of Evil


By Jim Kiwan


George Herbert Walker Bush was the creator of the actual Axis of Evil that was designed, in part by GHW Bush, who announced the creation of the New World Order on January 16, 1991.

He then announced this again on September 11, 1991, just to be certain the world knew that “they” are in control, and that we cannot escape.

On September 11, 1973, the U.S. government under the secret direction of Henry A. Kissinger overthrew the elected government of Chile that resulted in seventeen years of blatant Fascism ­ designed by Leo Strauss @ the University of Chicago. Chile eventually arrested and tired their dictator but unfortunately many parts of the tyranny designed by Strauss via Bush and Kissinger lives on in Chile today.

This literal Axis of Evil was created by the Zionist Supremacy to literally create the illegal Greater State of Israel using American force and Israeli blackmail to finish redrawing all the lines of the many states in the world that were targeted during and after WWI, for “Regime Change”: Along with the obliteration of many nation states that were inconvenient to the creation of Israel’s wet-dream, without the need to use Israel’s inept forces, to obtain that end. This is why Iran, Syria, and Yemen as well as Iraq have been heavily targeted since GWH Bush started this global war in 1991.

The above is only one part of the tripartite Axis of Evil

The second part of this Axis of Evil was carried out by the Clinton’s After GWH Bush opened the door for their attack upon the nations that were made available for Regime Change, after Tito died and left Yugoslavia wide open to the United Nations and NATO to do exactly as instructed: First by GWH Bush and then by the Clinton’s who were directly responsible for all the slaughter and their criminality throughout Bosnia-Herzegovina in the 1990’s.

These Israeli-related WAR Criminals must be tried for their war crimes before the next round of obscenities can begin.

The sex-trafficking, the selling of body parts, illegal drugs, and international crime were covered up by the United Nations beneath war-crimes created by the NATO and U.S. bombings that were never investigated.

All of these crimes have just been waiting for the next round of REGIME-CHANGE that will very soon be triggered again: This time to directly affect the continuing illegal subjugation of Ukraine that was done by same creatures that brought the New World order into the twentieth and then the twenty-first century.

Much of this is fleshed-out further in today’s Crosstalk on RT. This is the third part of the tripartite battle plan to steal the planet.

Shifting Borders:

It’s way past time, that the still living criminal presidents in the United States are tried and convicted for their crimes against humanity and the world ­ American’s have got to stop playing the Global-Fool and take back the world that was always ours, so long as we were willing and able to take control over ourselves and our lives if we want to keep our freedoms alive and vibrant…

We’ve already been enslaved for the last fifteen years and yet we still refuse to even acknowledge that most basic fact of all ­ we need to act!




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