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Asymmetrical War In The U.S.

By Jim Kirwan


The Siren’s Call & The Sorceress

While the wars continue in the Middle-East and in Ukraine; all those wars are still being directed and controlled by the Siren-calls that emanate from inside the Stazi Israeli State of USI, the corporations and Zionists worldwide.

I was censored today while trying to connect to a two hour radio interview on the web that would have had open phone-lines to the public to discuss current realities in the world. That was a first!

The radio-show was going to target much of the last fifteen articles and the global-events beneath those thoughts, which was blocked from being aired today.

That act of censorship sparked this article for today.

When we look across the spectrum of Cheney’s endless wars that continue to thrive around the planet; many people fail to notice where the power behind those wars actually comes from.

The source for all of this comes directly from Israel and the spies and traitors here who pretend to be Americans when in fact these traitors commit high treason several times a week and have, since each of them ascended into their influential positions throughout this society.

This is not just ordinary greed or corruption. This is planned warfare against everyone in this nation and the world.

It started with these maggots that have grown into the parasitical cancers that are killing every independent thought word or deed that still survives, in this siege of global-tyranny.

Bear in mind that every conflict we’ve been involved in has totally destroyed the countries we’ve attacked. There is nothing decent or beneficial that has ever come from any Amerikan invasion, anywhere in the world, and that’s the fact!

On top of that the war in Ukraine is nothing but the cover-story that will be used just long enough to cover the Israeli attacks upon Lebanon, Syria, and Iran, in order to trigger the next global war.

While Israel drains our treasury and sabotages our polices and our future, we are left to twist slowly, slowly, in the winds of barbaric-treachery, until there’s nothing left to fight with against the horror that passes for life today amid the ruins of the world.

The entire congress, the entire executive branch and the Supreme Court have all failed, massively, to do anything which they each took an oath to protect. The people that did that are living here inside the United States and the public must begin to make their lives a living hell until they are arrested!

The entire system of radio and television stations combined with the filthy rags that pass for newspapers and magazines that pretend to cover news in this country are as culpable as are the television networks along with the public commentators—all of whom must begin to hear directly from ordinary Americans who are fed up with all the treachery and lies.

The so-called cops, DA’s and Judges, along with members of the city councils, state and local politicians: All of them need to begin to feel what the public feels, whenever and wherever they go in public, whether in uniform or in civilian clothes. Waiting in line at the check out stand, at the grocery store or at the gas pump, they need to be insulted, spit upon when possible or followed home. These people are the true ENEMIES OF THIS STATE, and we must make damn sure they know that: Right down to their gutless world of personal hatreds, tortures and the mindless murders they continue to commit every single day…

If you chose not to do this then be prepared for their next attack against you that will probably target both you and your life.

There is no room on this planet for this to continue any longer. The hyphenated Jews in government and business at every level inside the USA must be targeted and forced to answer for every decision they continue to make—not by the government but by the people they have targeted for torture, jail or death. Only by turning their laser-like gaze back upon them will we be able to flip this nightmare and begin to take back this war-torn place. Nothing less will suffice!

The unarmed people in Ukraine have no problem facing down their storm-troopers. Americans need to begin to do exactly the same thing to the criminals here that are everywhere among us.

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