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Assassinating America



By Jim Kirwan


'All of the last four have just surrendered to the FBI. They won this war. The pretend FBI got away with the tracking down and ambushing a dozen people and the assassination of one. They finished by stealing the ranches of the Hammond's and the Bundy's and all with just nine shots. They've managed to entirely eliminate real crime-scene evidence and any laws that might ever have any part in any high profile murder, from now on.

Their victory over the people took just 43 days to accomplish, but it received less than 43 minutes of coverage by the media, until today.

Aren't you really PROUD to be an Amerikan!

And they've forever destroyed any American's right to ever be secure from whatever 'THEY' decide to do, while they will also continue to mangle the blatant looting of the entire governmental-system in what was Oregon, and the United States: This will soon succeed in a multiple-trillion dollar theft of natural resources from the United States. And no-one will be allowed to stop them, since the filthy public has finally silenced the constitution and promised to remain permanently silent about it all.'

Indeed the last 43 days have been a GREAT SUCESS for U.S. Inc.

Uranium One is slated to start drilling in May & now they can...




This triumphant victory has ushered-in all kinds of 'really great changes', for the Multinational Corporations that clearly trump the public with their armies of private outlaws that own the courts as well as the politician's, and all the cops, along with all their privately-owned media ­ actually there's almost nothing left which they don't yet own outright.

Freedom is now Slavery & War has definitely become Peace.”

But, given these 'magnificent changes'

It looks like there will soon be a whole lot more “states”

that will soon be dumped into this graveyard that used to be a Republic

America has clearly forgotten that Freedom has a price

but that hardly matters anymore, because far too many Amerikan's

have learned far too quickly, how to be. the perfect little traitors

they've become: To themselves and to the world that we've destroyed.




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