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Apathy Rules Again


By Jim Kirwan



What this planet is going through now is not new.

In fact we’ve been stuck in a continuously repeating cycle

That was established for the world,

With the Romans and the rise of Caesar.

That fallacy has been constantly revived over and over again

From that ancient era to this day

By the faceless forms of Apathy that have taken charge in 2015.


When Rome led the world it began the policies that left ‘all reality’ behind when Rome allowed Caesar to proclaim himself “a god”. That entire period was lived at a time when there were not even any guns at all, never mind nuclear weapons. The fall of the Ancient Roman Empire, ushered in the next 300 years which it took to reignite the world, that had to reinvent itself; in order to overcome the massive die-offs that Apathy Arrogance and the addiction to personal Greed had so thoroughly imbedded throughout the people of that day and time.

The Roman Empire began in 264 BC and reached its height in 150 AD. Rome was ended by the Goths in 476 AD.

But apparently we have learned absolutely nothing from history

Because the American-Empire is following directly

In Caesar’s star-crossed path.

The end of this Empire will take most of the world with it,

Unless we shake off our obscene affair with ‘Apathy’ right now.


Fasces (/?fæsi?z/, Latin pronunciation: [?], a plurale tantum, from the Latin word fascis, meaning "bundle") is a bound bundle of wooden rods, sometimes including an axe with its blade emerging.

In addition to the obscenities, the gluttony, the debauchery and the murders in the streets that have become commonplace ­ what we still share with Ancient Rome and Fascist Italy of WWII, is our inhuman approach to the common people. This philosophy holds that slavery is the only way that people can be dealt with. The slaves are the multiple rods, and the blade of the axe represents the power of the fascist state: This is how the world still tries to confront the people of today. This symbol for “power” in the Ancient World of the Romans was the fasces which can be found on the walls of the Congressional Chambers in the US today, in bronze, and on the US dime from 1936 to Harry Truman’s day (above). “Fasces” is where the concept of ‘fascism’ came from.

Our connection to ancient Fascism is held together today by Apathy

Look carefully at the money that’s in use today: Neither the US dollar nor “the money” of the EU are backed by anything at all. And the policies of both the United States Incorporated and the EU are anti-human in their policies and dictates, toward the 95% of people in the world which these illegally created “powers” seek to annihilate.

What this all comes down to is Fasces (global-fascism)

Versus human life anywhere on the earth today.

The world of today above is split, just as it was, during the time of Euripides.

The filthy-rich live abundantly well

While the rest live in squalor, death and destruction

RISK is everywhere that most of us are trying to live in,

While everything we earn goes straight into the fantasies of our Neanderthal jailers.



The reason that the global-community needs “global- laws” was to counter-balance the global-outlaws and the addicts that are dedicated to stealing, raping and killing 95% of the existing population. Officially “no laws” now exist nationally or internationally to even slow-down the global-slaughter that is growing by the hour around the planet.

Again; the idea that any real force, in the world today, has any intention of ‘assisting humanity to stay alive’ ­ wherever “PRIVATE OR CORPORATE PROFITS are threatened by their global-war against the people of this earth ­ is nothing but paper-words that will never actually stop any of the slaughter that is at least as common now, as it was during the reign of Caesar in Ancient Rome.

Chaos arrived when the balance between the powers and profits of the miniscule few, administered by the puppet-masters, succeeded in in SILENCING the voices of people everywhere. The global-demonstrations are meaningless without real punishments of the criminal elements which the public is opposing worldwide...

Silence Hides the Lies:

These concepts have been behind all the efforts to finally achieve “Full Spectrum Dominance” over the entire human race

And only ‘we’ can stop them



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