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Has Anyone Noticed?

This Government never mentions anything positive?

 By Jim Kirwan


Is this how you wake up these days?

Because it’s how most Americans stumble into wakefulness

Every day now!

This is not how life should be greeted, much less how most people ought to perceive what they have to look forward to on any given day,

Nevertheless this is where we are. We need to permanently change this bizarre behavior - before this month ends. We can do it and we must do it together.

This nation has never had a decent health-care plan for this population. We are the only supposedly “developed-nation” that still refuses to provide health-care for our citizens. This fallacious knock-off is a cobbled-together pile of lies that has nothing to do with the kind of “affordable health care” that was promised to the public.

But this is what you get when we failed to charge either Bush or Obama with war-crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity.

Since they got away with doing all three of the above - to the “other

people of the world” they’ve decided to do to us exactly what they’ve done to everyone else on the planet. They’ll get to the FREE-FIRE ZONES, but only after they finish crippling the population through this illegally-criminal scheme that will nail each and every American to a system that will force every person to submit to murder-by-health-care: At a cost that is up to 5-times higher than existing programs currently provide. This will force those who refuse to get involved to do so or go to jail, on top of paying fines for refusing to play this game of Obama-Roulette that can never have any successful outcome…

BEWARE of the next onslaught that’s just waiting for every American which will intensify our screams into action: Because there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats, there are only the powers that supposedly “are”. And “they” are demanding cuts in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and possibly Veterans Benefits.

The reason is simple. They want to steal every dime in all four programs, and here’s how they plan to do it… (1)

Through these excesses the police-state is trying to force all Americans to unconditionally surrender to the global-bankers, the Rothschilds, the Federal-Reserve, and all their Mickey-Mouse committees and organizations who supposedly run this continuing criminal-masquerade: The first two steps have already been taken.

The Obama Unaffordable Deathcare Act came first, now it has moved on to Obama’s Pathway to Hell, to end all American Jobs while supposedly legalizing up to 50 million illegals inside the U.S.. These two treasons must be upended and prosecuted. Then we have to smash this latest twist that will kill millions of marginalized people who can’t survive without those necessary checks: From Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and possibly Veteran’s Affairs.

We must dissolve both parties now, since it is clear that neither party nor the courts the congress or the Tarnished House has ever even considered our best interests. This is about stealing every cent they can before the public wakes up to this “Grand Plan” to rape the nation and then kill the remaining resisters, before they enslave any useable idiots that still might be of some use to their designs…

How did we get here?

Maybe this is why the only thing that comes from these fascists is more directives concerning everything that we must not ever do, any longer. When was the last time you even remember a state or a federal-employee encouraging anyone to do anything positive? That’s because their job is to force us to do everything that we never used to ever consider. We are no longer allowed to think for ourselves. We cannot talk without permission whenever we encounter the thugs in ski-masks. We cannot eat or drink or smoke or think whenever we take public transportation—meanwhile the public-address system on that transportation never shuts up!

In our private lives every single thing that people used to routinely do, now requires both a license and permission before anyone can do anything anymore. Remember a walk on the beach, a barbecue with friends in the sand, or just a trip into any of the national-parks: NO MORE of THAT! In fact just taking a train or a bus now requires permission. How long will it be before we’ll have to pass through a check point to get in a taxi, on a city bus or train? This is not the USA, and to date we’ve even surpassed Nazi Germany so what’s next?

I don’t know about you, but I won’t be waiting to find out “what’s next” ­ I’ll be trying to find new ways to crush these cockroaches before it comes to that!

Once upon a time when I was somewhere between 7 and 9 years old, the whole wide-world was outside the public schoolroom windows ­ out there in the beautiful-beyond. I paid little or no attention to the classroom stuff, but good-grades came easy for me. What I lived for were the hours before and after school when I got to imbed myself in quiet little pools beside a creek, on in the woods on the edges of town. The smell and the sounds of the day just before dawn, which held mysteries unnumbered. The feel of the air in summer when we raced the wind intending to win. The real world was a wide open then: A potpourri of sounds and sights and smells that drove the imagination to the limit, and no adults spoke like the Nazi’s that run everything today.

It was about that time that I began to prefect the art of saying “NO” to adults and to the various systems. No to anything that did not confirm the wider-world that was ALIVE and listening to that world that was just waiting for people like me to grow-up and thrive! (Which some of us eventually did).

All that is gone now for the last five generations, at least. I want that time back again, for those that need to know that it exists: And for those that have no idea that there ever was such a time in this universe. There were millions upon millions of us once, and all our lives were the better for it: Are you not fed up with all this global-criminality and the LIES, my god the lies are the worst because they have contaminated the entire planet…

Most of the real planet that was there in the early 1950‘s is gone now. It was murdered by these savages that worship only money. But because there are articles like this one, at link “2” - that explain ‘today’s truths’ so well, we might just be able to begin to reconstruct a world that is free of these imposters who are only pretending to be “people”! (2)

It seems too many of us today have chosen to just “EXIST”

The flip side of this nothingness is LIFE.

Aren’t you tired of just existing yet?

Too often people forget that everyone on this planet today will die.

It’s not death that matters, because that’s inevitable.

It’s how we live the while we’re here, to face both our problems and our joys that really count. So why not join those of us that plan to make this difficult for these barbarians and let’s see what happens together. Take a Walk on the Wild Side for a Change!

1) Absent Progressive Uproar, Social Security and Medicare Face Axe

2) Shock Doctrine Americana: Endless War as the Ultimate Business Model!



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