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Having Anxiety Attacks & Don't Know Why?

By Ted Twietmeyer

Before we get into this please understand that this is not medical advice in any way. This article is a theory about a alternate cause of anxiety, and not intended to be any kind of diagnosis.

Over the past several years, a friend and I have been quietly observing sudden, strange psychological problems he and his group have been experiencing. His group uses their healing abilities to help others and nothing more. Developing this ability makes them sensitive to most everything in their environment. From time to time, they have suddenly experienced severe anxiety, depression and high frequency sound.

These experiences have been tightly connected with the appearance of Chinook or Huey (Huey is short for Hughes Aircraft) helicopters. These aircraft have been around for many decades. Most everyone knows what a Huey is - the classic single rotor helicopter used since the Korean war. For those not old enough to have seen endless newsreels of these on television nightly news, it is the same helicopter seen in the television series "Mash."

Many people may have heard the term "Chinook" used in media, movies or television. This is a one of the biggest, heaviest helicopters ever made. It has a rotor on the front above the cockpit and another rotor above the tail section. It makes a distinctive "whop-whop" sound loud enough to rattle windows in your home. It has the power and space to transport more than a dozen soldiers or vehicles.

Black Chinook

Above is a photo of a typical black Chinook. No tail numbers or other identifying information are seen on these aircraft. When these fly over your home you will easily hear the characteristic "whop-whop" sound even with your windows closed. Flyovers and attacks often take place at night.

So what is the connection between these aircraft and anxiety? Transmission of mind-altering or mind-control signals from specially designed systems known as psychotronics. This field of psychological warfare dates back more than 50 years, and was worked on in the former Soviet Union since the mid 1900's.

One type of mind-control signal was known among shortwave enthusiasts (like myself) as the "woodpecker" signal. During the era of the woodpecker signal on shortwave, it sounded almost like a woodpecker. No one knew where it came from at the time. After the iron curtain fell, it was revealed the woodpecker signal came from powerful multi-megawatt transmitters located in a obscure city in Siberia, USSR. This is just one signal from a broad field of special electronics that affect human behavior, known as psychotronics.

During daytime solar ionization of the ionosphere, you can only receive very few signals on shortwave. But you could pick up the woodpecker signal across shortwave frequencies all day long. It transmitted a psychotronic signal that intentionally coincides with natural brain frequencies around 10 cycles/second. Apparently the Soviet government believed it would help their government control the population.

Silent since 1989, some believe a new woodpecker-like signal returned in December 2013. There are mixed viewpoints on this, with some people claiming it is just a over-the-horizon radar signal. These same people do admit that it operates around 10Hz as did woodpecker. With sophisticated satellites in use today, crude shortwave radar imaging would be inferior to high resolution images from space. [1]

Today 50+ years after the woodpecker signal, pyschotronic technology is far more sophisticated. It is almost a certainty that people or groups who are targets of psychotronic technology will already have hidden video and audio surveillance installed in their homes or businesses. For over forty years there have been cameras which can see everything in a entire room and listen to whispers through tiny pinholes. For psychotronic work this type of surveillance/feedback is required to determine the effectiveness on victims and their subsequent behavior.


Some believe helicopter psychotronic attacks are merely a government operation or experiment. Does this make sense? Logically, destroying the working taxpayer base by mentally incapacitating innocent people makes no economic sense.

Big drug manufacturers benefit creating mental illness in normally healthy people. When people start experiencing sudden anxiety or depression, they usually call their doctor for relief. Their doctor will write a prescription for one or more psychiatric drugs to ease their ills. Or their doctor may  refer them to a psychiatrist who writes a prescription for one or more psychiatric drugs. Unlike antibiotics and other one time medications, psychiatric drug prescription refills can continue for life.

There is another caveat to this: What if a psychotronic attack victim sees a psychiatrist, but is told psychiatric tests have not proven they have a mental illness? Victims who do not recognize or know psychotronics is the real source of their anxiety and/or depression may find no support from doctors. Put into a corner with their personal, business and job life crumbling, these people may feel hopeless enough to commit suicide. Drug manufacturers couldn't care less if these people die. To big drug companies that person was never going to become a patient (on-going customer.)

For drug manufacturers, psychotronics is a win-win deal no matter the outcome. Continuous, around-the-clock psychotronic use on victims is not needed. Periodic use of the technology will keep victims as drug customers. It was made public several years ago drug retail prices are typically 10,000% over the cost of manufacture. Buying or hiring aerial psychotronic attacks to create mental patients for life turns out to be a highly profitable and affordable scheme. Even though the use of psychotronics on people is highly illegal, too much money is involved and the law won't stop the cultivation of customer-patients.

Consider what happens when a law-abiding citizen attempts to get help from law enforcement, even with 8 x 10 photos in-hand showing circling black unmarked helicopters. Victim explains the sounds they hear when the helicopter flies overheard. Will anyone believe them? Or will authorities dismiss them thinking they are paranoid and mentally ill? That victim many be taken to a padded hospital room for diagnosis - and probably started on psychiatric drugs. They may have been mentally sound and stable when they went IN hospital, but they will not be when they leave.

Helicopter psychotronic attacks (and possibly attacks from satellite) may be just the beginning of this technology before it is deployed nationwide or globally.

Ted Twietmeyer



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