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And The Rains Begin

By Jim Kirwan

H2O Returns to Earth

The rains began last night in scattered areas of Southern California with thunderstorms across the spectrum. It was completely unexpected by the weather services, but regardless of that the rains have started. Use the services here to skip around by typing in various cities to the east of San Diego and LA, to track the progress.
When using these services watch the news stories
Instead of just the forecasts.

This is a ‘twofer’. One branch of the equation will be working on California, blocking HARRP while moving up from the south and ending in Northern California. This effect will create weather that will move Eastward against the drought in Texas. This will improve conditions for the people in those areas that receive the rains. It will also mean that HARRP no longer has a stranglehold upon the availability of water in the areas which are routinely targeted for problems by the enemies of people everywhere.

The green lines indicate blocking movements. The blue circle and blue lines indicate concentration of the effects that are producing the rains, due to the blocking of the artificial targeting by HAARP. (As I very roughly understand the process).

This information comes with a specific time notification. The specific technology used is ether based (class of organic compounds) [2]. Based and modified using scientific methods from Victor Schauberger (1930's) [5], Maxwell's Equation [3] and Ether formulas. The operation is more stable and the trajectory more precise than HAARP's radio frequency transmitters. [4]

In simple terms - the ether based formula combines with the atmospheric H2O. Their oxygen elements combine to create a reaction which can be controlled when the electrical charge manifests.

Think about this in these terms - A DNA strand is a specific shape, when the ether based natural components combine, it creates an intertwining, rising, swirling structure.

This elemental structure produces a cold environment, whereas HAARP alters the temperature balance, creating heat where it should be cold. Thus, this ether based element is able to attack, neutralize and create rain as the ether elements capture and interact with oxygen in the atmosphere.

As this combined element creates rain, that is heavier than the element; the rain falls. This is my unscientific interpretation of the combined elements.”





The above information is on the web and has been for years. Anyone can research this for themselves, keeping in mind the general patterns that tend to follow the molecular structure of DNA strands, not unlike those in the crop circle above.

After finding the Schauberger equations I envisioned what apparently takes place in the atmosphere. HAARP targets areas to be struck for intensified effects (Hurricanes, tornados, absence of water or floods). Then HAARP injects that area with heat to cause problems that originate from the upper atmosphere. Then I imagined, that this new process is then used to target the same areas, with cold to counteract HAARP’s heat: Thereby neutralizing the intended consequence and replacing it, in this case, with what is needed - rainfall.

I have had zero to do with creating this or with those who are causing the rain to fall. Consequently I could be wrong about the way this works internally. All I ever cared about here is the fact that the rains are coming to those areas that need it now.

The one thing I think I know for certain, is that if California reservoirs are replenished, then I suspect the government will still NOT allow the people to have the water they so desperately need.

That’s because it’s “what they do” because denial has always been their exclusive “right”. If that happens then the public backed up by the militia should immediately remove those creatures from their jobs and charge them trying to kill the population through hunger and thirst: Using citizen’s arrests.

This is about the right to have food & water. When any government denies the people those two necessities they can be charged with Crimes Against Humanity and in this case that should be done immediately…


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