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America vs United States Inc.


By Jim Kirwan


For the last one hundred and three years there has been an on-going war between what began as the United States, versus U.S. Inc, the privately owned corporation that is now in charge of the once constitutional republic.

In this lop-sided battle, there is now no longer any recognized law, still in use, to regulate this continuing take-down of whatever is left of this once proud nation.

This contest in Burns Oregon, between the Constitutional Rights of the Ranchers from both Nevada and Oregon versus the Outlaw-government has reached a point where real changes to 'the way things work' are finally possible.

This has not formally happened, in public, since the late 1800's, which is when this 'fight' for American rights and responsibilities really began.

To that end here's part of the following video

some of which I've transcribed, so that people have the chance

to glimpse the whole issue that's in dispute in Oregon now.

The January 10 interview of Amon Bundy with Trent Luce

Trent: “I don't think it's any secret to anybody ­ you've been here how many days?

Amon: Well we've been here a full week almost.

Trent: “First of all I want to know is there anything that you would like to say, or have to say to the citizens of Harney County, Oregon?

Amon: Well I think if I was to reach out to them; one is to let them know that the reason why we came here is because we saw our neighbors being abused: We saw them in a situation we could possibly help with. And it becomes our duty, as neighbors to do that if we have the ability and the power to do so.

Trent: I know that there's some concern around town: That you're out here. People can't come here and check on their museum, and can't check on their Wildlife Refuge. What have you destroyed since you arrived?

Amon: Nothing. In fact we've done a lot of cleanup. We've cleaned up some of the buildings that were pretty poorly maintained. We've done some improvements on the facility as well, and understand that this is 'the people's facility' and we're gonna take care of it.

Trent: In fact in an almost unrelated area, I heard you talking about building some fence 'for some neighbors' ­ I mean that's not exactly the image people are getting of what is happening here.

Amon: Yeah, but that is why we're here, that's what we came for: To help the ranchers get back to ranching, the loggers get back to logging, to help the farmer get back to farming; and anybody else who needs help and that's why we're here. That's what this is about.

Trent: You referenced that at the beginning, you just reference that again:

Exactly - Why Are You Here?

Amon: To help the people of Harney County.

Trent: One thing that concerns me, and I gotta a feel for it, once I came to Burns, because people are met with daily, hourly news—talking about the occupation—the armed occupation of the Wildlife Refuge.

The folks in Burns would not know you were here, if it were not for the federal police officers, the FBI, that have seized the school and are putting fear in 'the citizens' of Burns Oregon. I don't understand why people can't grasp that's really the source of turmoil?

Amon: Yeah, the really interesting thing that they say is going on here, is happening in Downtown Burns and they've done it to scare the people of Burns: To scare them from accepting and from being able to be part of what's happening here. They've taken the downtown Burns, the courthouse and the school and they've built a big fence around it and they've boarded it off: And they're staging all their equipment and all of their men there and who knows whatever else. Right in the middle of downtown so they're completely occupying and terrorizing the people of that town.

Yet they are saying out here, that we're occupying and terrorizing and yet we have no fences around us: People come and go. We've had hundreds of people come and go in the last couple days: Community members, we've had open conversations. The media comes and its a very free, open place here. Yet I don't see many people going through those doors there.

K: One really has to wonder why the international media in particular has not publicized the graphic differences inside these facts

Amon: “They have to understand that fear does not unify. What unifies is a spirit of agency and the spirit of love. (3min m58sec)

Trent: (4min 51sec) ...and point blank your wife and six children are coming here to this place that's “armed occupation” ?

Amon: Yeah (smiling) they're coming here and I'm not one bit afraid for them because I've met some of the best people in this world, right here, at this refuge.

Trent: Let's get to the issue that brought you to Oregon; because you ranch in Nevada; you're a federal lands rancher, and I want to spend some time talking about those rights that are being violated, but first: The immediate need, and I've heard you say it since I arrived here several times: Is there are two ranchers in federal prison today ­ unjustly so. (5min 32sec) ...

Part Two of the Story, RT: two minutes long

Recorded on 1-9-16: Since this was made, the PPN has since become a physical buffer between the occupiers and the government.

Formerly the Pacific Patriot Network does not support or endorse this occupation. And what has happened though, is that it has started a dialogue and a discussion. And you have seen that frustration exhibited with congressman Greg Waldon on the House floor for this past month with a speech.

As we traveled throughout the community and have spoken with the community ­ they are fearful of some of the federal overreach. If you folks are out there interviewing people, and truly interviewing everybody you'll find, many ranchers feel they want to have their say in how their public lands are managed with local control and local issues.

What we're looking for is to start moderating a peaceful resolution to stand down this operation. What we've noticed is both sides, from within the refuge and within the local Harney County government—they're not talking to each other. They're not opening up a dialog, they're not opening up a communication.

We have to get some articles of resolution. We've got to promote a discussion and deescalate this peacefully and we've got to get it out there and start. We're going to make a proposal to Amon Bundy, as we feel our event was a little hijacked , with the support for the Hammonds fortunately it's taken attention to the Hammonds a little bit off. But things have come out of this and discussions happened.

We need to get the two sides talking. We need to have the country government present here. We need to have Amon Bundy present and we need to start opening a dialogue. The other side of it is, as we have seen with operations in the past and there are concerns, we don't want to see a Waco situation to occur here at all.”

USA: Oregon militiamen of PPN oppose occupation, call for peaceful resolution



Blane Cooper

Ammon Bundy here giving you an update on this Sabbath day, We had a good day. We met with different individuals again from the community, we went down to Phils and they had quite a few people, I was very surprised at how many people were down there. I expressed to them what we're doing here: What they can do and they were very receptive from what I could tell. Also there were some ranchers from Malier County that came over concerned about the monument they're making there that's gonna affect anywhere from 350 to 400 ranchers. THE MONUMENT IS TWICE THE SIZE OF YELLOWSTONE and it's basically to destroy HUNDREDS OF RANCHERS.

So they're trying to decide what to do and how to defend themselves ­ we gave them that understanding today and we have ranchers that are planning on just standing on their Constitutional Rights ­ Saying No to this thing and going to ranching. They are going to end their contracts with them and they are going to be active in their role in exercising their right-to-the land.

We also met with the committee of safety here and had great discussions with them and in them acting in getting the records and so forth, straight, so that these lands can be transferred back to the people individually and we're excited for that.”

Breaking INSERT


BURNS — In the latest bizarre turn of events surrounding the ongoing armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge, an Oregon state legislator from outside Harney County arrived here Saturday with out-of-state elected officials in tow and met with the protesters.

Oregon Rep. Cliff Bentz, a Republican from Ontario, and Harney County Judge Steven E. Grasty said that they tried to warn state Rep. Dallas Heard against traveling to Burns. But Heard, a Republican from Roseburg, arrived anyway, they said, and brought officials elected to state office in Washington, Idaho and Nevada with him.”

We have a great day tomorrow, We're planning on going down to the ranch adjacent here to the Malheur Refuge where they cut off the largest portion of their range: We're gonna go take that fence down and get those rancher's back to where they're ranching on their range.

Also we're having a family over here, where the Wildlife Refuge has manipulated their ranch that will put them in duress, much like the Hammonds. They (the Hammonds) spent 89 days in jail while they stole all of their equipment and they stole all of their livestock and basically ruined this family. We're gonna go give them a hand and try and see how we can assist in getting them on their feet. A lot of good things happening. The Hammonds, we had an individual who has a video of the BLM starting that fire that we spoke about in 2006, and we're hoping that will be enough evidence, along with the other evidence that we've gathered over the last several days to really start making a difference in getting the Hammonds released.

We do see it as an injustice for every hour they spend in prison. And we hope that we can get the right assistance, and this new evidence that we are still compiling will assist in getting them out. We ask that you send your prayers this way that you pray for the Hammonds, you pray for those that are working hard on the Hammond Case and you pray for those who are working hard in Harney County to get their rights back. And we're thankful for you and your prayers towards us...

(4min 32sec) ...We also would recognize ­ that we know that if we continue going down the road, that we continue going down, that it will ultimately create a war among the people: And this is an effort right now among the people to make sure that 'war' will never come. To make sure there is not a war between government and the people.

And if we do this correctly now we will make sure that there is peace that will continue to rein in this country; that our children will be able to have a future and be able to prosper... (5min 9sec)

Burns Oregon Update Jan 11 2016 Press Conference






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