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American Values Today


By John Barbour

It is so screwed up is our land, some stuff is just too hard to understand. As a kid while you were playing, you often heard this common sense saying: 'stick 'n' stones may break my bones, but name's 'll never hurt me. But that common sense has long since gone, and the reason does desert me.

Today on the News you may have heard, 8 years ago  Hulk Hogan used the N word, Only just now was his sin revealed, and it didn't take long for his fate to be sealed. Like Paula Dean who was instantly sacked, the media smashed him, a brutal attack. The Wrestling Federation gave him the gate, distancing themselves from person of hate. He lost his job, as did 1,000's of others; he has no partners to now call  brothers.

But what of George Bush, once in the White House, could there have been a bigger louse? He lied us to war on an innocent Iraq, then with planes and bombs engaged in a murderous attack. He didn't go after them with just sticks and stones, he went after them with weapons that melted their bones.

The media massacred a man over a word, but nothing we hear about a man who is truly a turd! Hulk Hogan today lost a job making a lot of employees money, and him it's estimated, 500 millions. But Bush and his family are still rolling in honey, their war profiteering has them still banking billions!




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