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America To Invade Herself


By Jim Kirwan



Jade-Helm 15 has just declared itself as the quintessential war-game to test their self-created policies that will be used to bomb every nation listed above back to the stone-age, except Israel. This is the ultimate screw-up that’s being offered to the world, by this map, which comes from USI Supreme Operational Command that, in the process above, will feature eight long weeks of invasions into the homes, workplaces and the lives of the Americans that live and work in the states above, plus Louisiana, Alabama and Florida.

By renaming the above US states as enemy-nations that have been targeted for total obliteration, USI-Israel is using disinformation to delude American citizens into the belief that neither they, nor the citizens who live in those US States, will be harmed by this supposed “exercise” - But there is zero proof of that purported ‘fact’.

What this “exercise” will do, regardless of the stated goals, is to subtract eight weeks and all their current “INNOCENCE” from the lives of everyone who lives in the portion of America shown-above, of the once thought to be secure American states, that will “practice” being the targeted-people to be invaded by three different very real armies, all of which now hold the lives of the Americans who live in the targeted-states now, as official Enemies-of-the-State.

It’s Trust & Betrayal at the Core


When I saw this ‘map’ yesterday I thought maybe Colonel “Kurtz”

Had somehow just returned from Cambodia with a vengeance.

So I listened to him as he looked at this obscenity.

I listened to Kurtz and to his deadpan voice and I heard again the slurring of his speech as he walked us through ‘the map’ above.

Kurtz: ‘It’s brilliant, in its way, as they try to capture what they want us to associate with, in these states that they’ve been making war on for decades.

Looking at the map: Southern California could easily be Palestine, or more precisely Gaza, in their attitudes, without the level of destruction that goes far beyond anything human in their savagery, which they’ve shown since they created themselves in Europe, in the 1930’s.

Arizona and New Mexico are rife with nuclear radiation at all levels, especially in New Mexico, that state is almost entirely uninhabitable already: Yet they do match Jordon and Iraq, at least in the levels of damage already inflicted there—even though that’s never been accepted here.

Iran on the other hand is still the favorite on their wish-list, for total annihilation. That just happens to mirror exactly what they want to do to Texas, because Texas has declared a real passion about seceding from the union. That’s more than enough to target Texas as a true “Enemy of the State” which the USI would love to terminate entirely. And when you add their allusions to “The Gulf” on the other side of Texas, represented by an Aircraft Carrier that we now know can be taken-out in minutes, their construct above becomes ever more real, the more you study it.

The way things are beginning to look over there it looks like my hallucinations are turning out to have been true ­ oh so long ago when I saw the light in Vietnam and decided to start my own world in the jungles of Cambodia…

Colorado as Turkey is a throw-away and mostly meaningless for purposes of the map, because Turkey has positioned herself on all sides of too many different questions to be much of anything at all. It’s crystal clear that the world of 2015 is far more deluded than I was even when I was deeply into my private versions of hell itself…

But Syria as a match for Utah, is spot-on, because it has an as yet untapped anger just waiting to explode. And Nevada as Lebanon, with Hamas defending it, could easily double Utah’s anger and intensity. But there’s also northern California that ought to be colored purple, because their independent fire will soon join with Nevada and Utah because what they all three are is just beneath the surface; and all of that will explode the minute that one more major mistake is made anywhere in this farce ­ brought to the world by USI-Israel.

People are so deluded when they fail to question anything, as is the current stance, everywhere around the war-torn world that I was dreaming about way back in the 1960’s, and everyone thought I was too far gone to live…

But then there’s Israel who as we all know is a non-sequitur, because California has never been a target for destruction: It’s now deeply into the process of committing suicide. So that part of the map is just another Kazarian lie, except for those who know the evils that Israel has been using (EVIL & INNOCENCE above) since the Balfour Declaration that made Israel the major creator for the pure evil of SANCTIONS, as a military weapon the world over, since their directors first attacked Germany in 1933.

So their map above lays out what they want to do for certain to Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, and Lebanon for starters. But it fails to notice that USI has been at war in most of those nations for decades without being able to subdue anyone except Libya, which in addition to having not been mentioned above, they have actually managed to erase. And of course it doesn’t mention the whole other half of their wars that began with their takeover of Ukraine, built upon what they already did to the Baltics and are positioning themselves to do to the EU and finally of course to Russia as well.

But of course the real surprise is that they feel confident enough to display what they want to do, to the world, in such a way that they will use the bodies of the wasted American people themselves to demonstrate how they plan to crush the world, in order to finish smashing the old United States, along with all of Europe as if they had the military capacity to even begin to think about that ridiculous idea…

I wonder are these pretend-troops going to be “living off the land” during this “exercise”? Where will they get their water or their food, during this fake-attack? You already know that real violence and serious arrests will be done against the Americans in the states they cited: But what is not mentioned is what will be left when this fake-exercise comes to an end ­ purposely on 9-11-15, or not-at-all?

Things were certainly much easier back in that jungle fortress of mine so long ago, but then even I couldn’t have dreamed up this particular kind of hell on earth, but ‘so it goes’.’

kirwan: Will the ‘JADE Helm 15 exercise use live fire that will supposedly use blank ammunition to simulate what it will be like when America is attacked: Even though there is no “actual-attack” even remotely imminent in the foreseeable future.

The drill promises to use actors to simulate “military realities” ­ but of course what these ‘actors’ do will all be scripted by the military so in reality there is no reason why this “exercise” could not be done inside any of the thousands of US bases that exist worldwide: This factoid about why US citizens should be subjected to US weapons and physical invasion is what exposes the reality of the lies behind this supposedly scripted attack that will be far more than just a military rehearsal for the coming Martial Law.

Simulated Attacks on roads and facilities will be undertaken that will definitely interrupt life in the entire ‘united-states: And to be true to actual attacks these “attacks” will not come with any warnings before they “appear”. Will there be damage to the roads and infrastructure as well to transportation as well as to the land and the people. The people living in this massive zone were not asked about any of this, we’re simply being told that we will be the token targeted human-components of this eight-week long war-game ­ and none of us are allowed to object - because this is about “national-security” and therefore nothing about this “exercise” can be officially refused by any citizen of the old USA. It doesn’t matter that this “exercise” violates every single aspect of the US Constitution that was ever enforced before “they became our masters”.

The assumption by USI is that ‘Americans love war’ and will be thrilled to be involved in this nightmare which was actually designed by Israel to further destabilize the United States, doesn’t matter. But that lie, if it is accepted by the SOC, will meet with an actual-resistance which they believe they can control ­ only time will tell how dangerous that underestimation will prove to be…

Once citizens are subjected to armed helicopters filled with troops bristling with weapons and lingering outside their windows in the dead of night, this might tend to alter their view, not to mention the check-points that will abound, courtesy of the Obamanation troops that will accompany the 1600 super-troops, in intimidating any citizens they might encounter. The active forces in their donated tanks and MRAPs will also be responding to the neighborhood spies who will report their fellow citizens as “suspicious” to either the SOC, the Obamanation army, or the local mercenary thugs in police uniform, as all three of these illegal forces will be participating 24-7 ­ for eight weeks - in this “exercise”.

One wonders how many of the hollow-point bullets will be used against us

In this needless “exercise”?

One of the most incredible misjudgments of all has to be the fact that both USI and its super-soldiers along with Israel, have not taken into account the realities inside this country. Once the military shows the Americans their true colors, there will be an immediate and violent reaction because SOC will show Americans exactly how Martial Law will look and feel on American soil.

This will happen once Americans can see exactly how our surrender and their attacks actually look after we see what they do now everywhere. After all the decades of “war, war and lots more war” the American public is sick of wars and all the continual lies that have replaced every shred of truth, over the last 15 years: That was only possible AFTER the entire planet became consumed with terrorism, fear and unending lies and wars-worldwide.

Bear in mind that the map was the work of the US military mindset that believes that Americans want nothing more than the total destruction of the entire Middle-East and apparently the EU and everywhere else that global-fascism has raised its ugly head ­ solely to slaughter the existing population of the planet for unchecked corporate greed and the privatized passions of the Global-Plutocracy that still believe they own the planet.

The proof positive of just how flawed this entire “exercise” truly is; is made crystal clear today in Crosstalk, because the reason that Yemen does not appear among the globally-attacked states, at the top of the article, is because it was not yet targeted for obliteration on the map. That’s because Yemen just blew up in the face of all their supposedly iron-clad plans for the planet, thus proving that the Plutocracy is not nearly as ‘all-powerful as they claim….


The reality here and now has to do with how much most Amerikans have failed to notice, all over the planet, which is what could tell us all just how truly dangerous this fake-exercise actually is.

Once this type of artificial atmosphere inside America has been formed, there’s no reason that any of the provisions that will soon turn into a ‘precedent’ will ever be recalled or cancelled. That too is not explained or even mentioned.

Just as there is no mention of who will pay for any private property that will be destroyed by the gung-ho ‘troops’ that might well get carried away in an effort to be ‘realistic’?

How many accidents will be caused, along with on-purpose destruction and death: How many people will be killed, how much property will be used, abused or destroyed in the name of ‘fake-realism’? And how many of those events will even be investigated? Given that our national infrastructure is massively collapsing already, our people are starving and there are no jobs: How in Hell does the government dare to even try to justify the massive costs of this totally unnecessary series of fake-events?

This is beyond obscene because the entire event is totally unnecessary, as the fallacy of any information supposedly ‘gathered’ here, will be worthless, given what current events in Yemen have just shown to be true to the wider-world.

Once Americans acquiesce to this criminal violation of all our rights, it will never again be possible to go back to the time before we were ordered to play the part of “enemies” inside what used to be our nation.

This bit of treason must be CANCELED outright
Because what’s about to happen to the world right now
Makes the Apocalypse Now of Kurtz’s era look like child’s play…

This government is playing with live-fire if they proceed with this fake-exercise, and they will more-than-likely have to pay for this mistake in both blood and treasure if they proceed with this crime against the sovereign people of what’s left of this nation.



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