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Amerika’s Terminal Inferiority


By Jim Kirwan


RT @ 2min 30 sec, to 12min, 28sec. on In the NOW:

F. William Engdahl, author of “Full Spectrum Dominance

Ten minutes that just might open your eyes to all that’s still happening in Ukraine.

“… Since Washington is behind the Coup de ta of February twenty-second, last year, in Kiev, that put this regime of criminals and oligarch’s and Neo-Nazi’s into power: Precisely for the purpose, it’s clear if you look at the sequence of events ­ the purpose of provoking Russia into a military response. Now what we’ve seen happen, transpires, since March of last year, is the utter I think, number one of the fighting will of Ukrainians killing fellow Ukrainians. And number two the catastrophic unpreparedness of the Ukraine military itself, and the commitment of what I call the partisans ­ for want of a better word ­ the people in East Ukraine, who were trying to defend their homes and their right to use their own language.”

RT: “I could understand why Washington would be for, at least the rhetoric for these weapons, but why Ukraine? Ukraine has to see the fallout from this conflict. They have to see what’s happening in their own country.”

William: “I think now they do but I think the question of why Ukraine: Brzezinski states this quite clearly in his book of 1997, “The Grand Chess Game”. Ukraine is the key to a Russia ­ great power status and if you deprive Russia of Ukraine, you keep it isolated and contained. That’s at least the wish in terms of Amerikan geo-politics.”

Kirwan: But Brzezinski’s ‘grand chess board’ is itself massively flawed and it has been outdated since long before 1997 when he first claimed infallibility for his flawed idea.

“…this concept for understanding the reality behind chess, is what Vladimir Putin is putting into practice, which is why the inferior and out-of-date approach of Brzezinski’s “Chessboard” is being beaten at every turn around the planet today. Putin thinks before he acts and he’s aware of the openness which the current chessboard simply does not have and never envisions. What “Z” and Putin bring is that openness, the ability to surround other players, from the beginning, along with options that traditional chess was built to prevent. LIFE has no such limitation and that that’s why Russia is cleaning our clock around the planet with much more on the way.” http://www.rense.com/general96/rebalance.html

William: “And by cutting off Ukraine you cut off the energy pipelines to Western Europe. And ultimately a major goal of this is to break the growing symbiosis between especially Germany, the German economy and the Russian Economy: And Ukraine they see is an ideal way to do that. They care not a whit about the Ukrainian people it’s clear in the lack of any kind of financial support for rebuilding Ukraine’s economy. And the demands that IMF dictate to Ukraine; another version of shock therapy in the asset looting by Western companies.”

RT: “Obama hasn’t acted on this first resolution basically from the congress that promised aid to Ukraine. Why are we then seeing and then got so much actual action is there some understanding of some line that shouldn’t be crossed?”

William: “Well I think there’s a deep split within the Washington power establishment. I think some people in the Pentagon understand very well that Russia is not Syria or Libya and if you start messing too aggressively with Russia ­ even Brzezinski and Kissinger have come out warning Obama ­ Back Off ­ Do Not try to humiliate Russia. This is not wise geo-politics for Washington.

America is right now in an economic-depression. Official statistics are lies, they’re manipulations. Un-employment has been estimated at 23% of the work force: The debt levels are in the stratosphere for the federal government, there’s the state and local government and for the private households. So in that kind of a situation, the country is in no shape to be provoking a war ­ to be sticking a stick into a hornet’s nest called Ukraine, in hopes that Russia will jump in and try to clean up the mess. They’re not, so far not acting foolishly ­ like some people in the Neo-Con establishment had hoped, in Washington.”

RT: “What about the Europeans? Why are they unable to convince Washington to back off, in the sense of the interest of keeping war off of the continent ­ I mean it’s their continent ­ it’s their borders. They’re here they’ll have to pay for any kind of answer to a provocation?”

William: “Well the American military-industrial establishment and the establishment overall cares not a whit about Europe and you know ‘that’s tough luck for Europe’ as they see it. They want war this is important to understand. The power base: I call them the Amerikan Oligarch’s ­ the Rockefellers the Warren Buffets, the George Soros the Bill Gates and so forth, but the ‘old families’ ­ they are losing it everywhere in the world.

Russia and China and the BRICKS are coming closer together. They’re building alternatives to the IMF World Bank. Energy deals that linking the Eurasian continent closer and closer economically and Europe sees this and they want to be economically become a part of that.

So with Ukraine you draw a sharp knife cut right through that growing cooperation. Between Germany especially but Europe in General, France and Germany.”

RT: “What happens when those who want war don’t get war? What’s the next step?”

William: “Very interesting question. I think some of the recent statements by Amerikan military generals about “killing Russians” and the really inane and stupid statements that have been made, have created a cold splash of water in Berlin especially and other capitals in Europe, but especially Berlin, that this Amerikan game is becoming very dangerous. And I think there’s a very distinct livelihood that Washington could be isolated: It’s the future of Europe at stake and they continue to play this game with Washington, no matter what the blackmail ­ and there is blackmail ­ on Merkel and all the key figures ­ it’s another world war that the Europeans do want to fight against Russia in this century.

So I think that if the neo-con’s fail and they are failing: They’re failing in Syria, they’re failing in Iraq, they’re failing everywhere you turn because the world is sick of war ­ which I think is the simple answer. And they’re old gimmicks are not having the magic that they used to, maybe even ten years, five years ago.”

RT: “Quite a gimmick response we saw just recently in fact just yesterday this march of NATO military hardware through Europe. There was of course exercises in the Baltic and they’re planning to drive basically through Europe back to Berlin, their base in Germany. Is this part of these old-school gimmicks?”

William: “I think it’s ridiculous. It’s just the state of NATO internally on a national level and Western Europe is catastrophic. The weapons technology that NATO uses, including the Pentagon - cannot stand the comparison with the most sophisticated fighter-jets and other technology of the Russian armed forces. It’s kind of Potemkin village mirage that NATO is trying to project. Of course they can do a lot of destruction but they’re really in much worse shape than most of the world believes.

I think their power and the power of these Amerikan oligarchs, to these Anglo-Amerikan Oligarchs, because the British are fully into it, derives from the fact that we ‘believe’ they’re powerful and I don’t believe they’re powerful. I think they’re trembling in fear. And that’s; I think for the human race that’s a very good thing.”

RT: “… Where do we go from here and what Russia can do to improve the situation because some of their exercises within their borders are quite massive and they’re seen as provocations as well. So what can they do to make sure war doesn’t break out on the Continent?”

William: “I recently wrote a piece called “Russia’s Remarkable Renaissance” and I’ve been to Russia many, many times since 1994, my first visit, and what I see in the last months since this Kiev coup de ta by Washington, is this new kind of sense ­ I don’t know if ‘pride’ is the right word ­ but a sense that “We’re actually not bad” we’re doing something good in the world and we can change a lot of things and that I think is very, very crucial. Russia has to defend itself. When a bully comes up with a knife and wants to kill you ­ you have to defend your own autonomy ­ there’s no alternative. President Putin has made that clear since the 2007 Minchin security speech about the anti-ballistic missile antics of Rumsfeld and the Pentagon back then and still today. And the encirclement of Russia by NATO (And USI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMvPlkyBOBQ 3min 32sec video) after the end of the Cold War, against promises that were given then. So Russia has been very clear. Russia has not been the aggressor in this. Crimea was national security. Had NATO grabbed Crimea through the coup de ta in Kiev, you could be sure there would be nuclear submarines based in Sebastopol and right on Russia’s doorstep.”



The only way out of this cynically devised quagmire is to stick to the actual facts surrounding these events in the world that have swirled around the murder of Ukraine since even before the blatantly devised take down of Ukraine by NATO, USI and Israel…



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