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America's Solution To Our Broken Society

By Jim Kirwan


Hidden in the semi-secret history of Germany, after WWI and just before WWII, is the amazing economic-miracle that freed Post War Germany from their total slavery to the banks and their rise from ruin, to become the leading power on the continent ­ and it was all due to Hitler's Rebellion that changed the world and breathed new life into Hitler's Germany before World War II.

That could only be done here by a character much like Trump in today's colossal-collapse that will surely sink America unless a man of intelligence, personal courage and intense-determination were to be “elected” to what has become America's Tarnished House.

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Germany after the Great War 1914-1918 was being torn apart by Bolshevik revolutionaries, just as they had torn apart Czarist Russia. Germany could easily have fallen the same way as Russia had fallen for Hitler's counter revolution (that) defeated the American backed Bolsheviks.

Hitler during the great war had fought for four years on the front lines for his country. He had no intention of losing the peace to Jewish Revolutionaries ~ He was soon to found his own party. This was the National Socialist German workers party, NSDAP. By the way the term Nazi was never used in Germany, this word was a creation of vicious propagandists. They were National Socialists period. William Joyce said: 'If you love your country, you're a nationalist, if you love your people you're a socialist; therefore be a national-socialist.”...

Is it true that Hitler's Party seized power, was he really a dictator?” No, he was three times' elected in free elections in which foreign observers gave the elections a clean bill of health. Furthermore in National-Socialist Germany there was a system that the Americans and the Europeans would eat their hearts out (for today): This is called 'plebiscite', or if you like another name is 'referendum'. For instance any major factors affecting the nation were referred to the people: And they were invited to vote on the issue.”

k ­ Can't you just envision Trump referring major questions for today's problems over to 'the people' to decide by national referendums,

especially for war, immigration, health care etc.?

For instance when on three different occasions the Austrians and the people of Sudetenland and then the __ which had wished to become part of the Reich ­the German people were asked if they wanted these people to become part of the Reich ~ and they did of course.

Were we ever asked or invited to vote, whether we wanted immigration, or any of the other things that vexed us in the West? No, we don't get plebiscites, we don't get 'referendums' ­ but they got them and they were quite used to them in Hitler's Germany.

Was Adolf Hitler popular? A good question Mike. World War II was dubbed the war of the dictators. Well let us look at the facts. England's Winston Churchill was never-ever elected to be the Prime Minister of England. He was parachuted in after elected Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain was removed from office in a parliamentary ~ coup. The Soviet Union's Joe Stalin, of course, like Churchill, was never elected in his life. Like Churchill, Stalin was contemptuous of the electoral system. America's president Franklin D. Roosevelt was not only elected on his own wife's admission: His tenure was based on a lie. He promised as the American's were going to the polls: He promised the American people that if he was elected he would never involve America in a European War. So, trusting him, the American voters elected Roosevelt. He broke his promise ~ and most people know that Pearl Harbor was a consequence of the White House conspiracy to force war on Japan. An ally of National Socialist Germany, the ruse brought the United States into a conflict which harvested many dead American servicemen, but it brought fantastic profits for the American armaments industry: And the U.S. congressmen and senators who had invested in these vile histories.

They did the same in Cuba, the Bay of Pigs and they used the same black-flag operation in the Vietnam War and more recently 9ll. If anybody thinks that Arabs carried out this attack on 911, then really they've really got their head too far into the comics. Now is that democracy? Is that the democracy that we want?

The reality is the only war-time leader who could prove to be democratically elected was Adolf Hitler.”

But he hated Jews didn't he? “No he despised Talmudic Zionist Jews, who having secured for themselves the most positions of influence in Germany: Then excluded German Christians. Now would you like American institutions owned and run by those who are of non-European blood and offensively anti-christian? Of course you wouldn't. The influence of international-Jewry is powerful. In the United States, as it once was in Germany, before Hitler's time: Hitler simply brought in German-First Laws.”

k ­ Another innovation that would seem to fit well with Donald Trump, to begin to solve many of our problems today?

Would you object to Americans bringing in Christian American First laws? What about the 6 million Jews?

Try figuring out how ~ in German occupied Europe there were 2.4 million Jews, these are their figures, not ours, After the war, wait for it, 3.8 million Jews claimed compensation. Now how do you work that one out? 2.4 million Jews lived in occupied Europe but 3.8 million claimed compensation. Where did the other 1.4 million come from? Now if that doesn't leave you scratching your head, remind yourself that 6 million of them were supposedly gassed? ~ a six year old child could work such a fraud out. Really this is a wake-up to question what you read in the mainstream media. You offend your own intelligence by accepting such ridiculous propaganda—and you offend listeners by repeating it.

Hitler (the man). He conveys good comradeship, he's unpretentious , naturally and apparently sincere. It is not true that he speaks to individuals, as though he was speaking to an assembly. He has a supreme intellect. I have known only two other men who I could apply such a distinction to: Lord Northcliff and Lloyd George. When one puts a question to Hitler he gives an immediate and clear answer. There is no other living human being who's promise on important matters I would trust more readily. He believes that Germany has a divine calling and that the German people are destined to save Europe from the attacks of communism.

Hitler values family life highly, whereas communism is family life's worst enemy . He has thoroughly cleansed the moral ethical life of Germany. He has forbidden the publication of obscene books and performances of questionable plays and poems. No words can describe his politeness ­ he disarms men as well as women , and can win both at any time with his conciliatory pleasant smile. He's a man of rare culture and his knowledge of music, the arts and architecture is profound. Many evidently find it difficult to imagine a cultivated man in accord with a man of determined action. Wouldn't we all like a leadership of this nature?

k ­ Not unlike Trumps passion to “make America Great Again”?

What was it like to be a German from 1932 to 1940? (Before WWII began for Germany) ...Interesting that the media and the publisher's never talk about Hitler's Germany between 1932 and 1940. We must ask ourselves WHY.

There is a very good reason for this. By 1936 the people's of the worker's Reich enjoyed a prosperity and lifestyle that the American people's could only dream about. Then and Now and yet Hitler had only been in power for three years and he had become a leader of a country that at the time was probably the most poor and certainty the most degraded in Europe (k -Not unlike the U.S. now).

And in three years Germany was second only to the United States in wealth, and the people were indeed a great deal happier. There was no financial credit to be had in Hitler's Germany. Backing usurious debt in Hitler's Germany was outlawed. Don't you wish you had that in the United States? Homes were cheap and affordable: I imagine you had wished that for the United States too?

Europe's Best Health Service in Germany was free, as was the entire educational system. Imagine ordinary workers, office workers for the first time in their lives found they were able to live the good life: To enjoy the Theater, Opera, Ballet, to go out to spend time with loved ones. They worked far less hours than they did in the United States and in Britain. People of course do like to travel, we all like to travel.

A fleet of German super-liners were provided to take ordinary workers, everyone; for there was no class-system in national-socialism in Germany, to take them on Mediterranean cruises. Now this was at a time remember when even in the United States only the super-rich and the movie stars could affords to take cruises through the Mediterranean and through the Bahamas... no wonder Western media never mentioned such things...”


Hitler Uncensored ­ Part One

There is of course much more in 'Part II' which is linked to part I, but what the success of Germany, in the three years before the war started in Europe: Was due directly to Germany when they kicked out the globally Criminal Bankers and Germany's Zionists that were crushed by Germany's creation of their own money, whereby nothing any longer went to these international outlaws: Which was how Germany was able to go from literal rags to fabulous riches in just three years ­ something which the WEST has steadfastly refused to do, since 1913. and our surrender to the Rothschild s, Israel and their New World Order. The permanent destruction of Hitler, in the history's, was meant to kill any chance that any other nation might ever dare to emulate. Maybe Trump is the one man who can help the USA to begin to follow in what Hitler began when he freed Germany from the criminal chains of all the Zionist-bankers?

Time will tell, if we can keep the Traitors from attacking America outright, over the events now unfolding in Burns, Oregon?



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