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America’s Caligula

By Jim Kirwan

The shared background of the Roman Emperor Caligula and Obama is described beginning about15 minutes into the video. These two leaders a few thousand years apart, share the key basic components which brought Caligula, a totally unknown quantity, into total power over Rome, the world’s most powerful Empire at that time.

Caligula’s nightmarish reign lasted 1400 days and was unmatched in brutally and perversion either before or since.

Caligula, just like Obama came to power from political and military obscurity. Neither ‘leader’ had any background in military or political life and both were seriously twisted by their individual lives from childhood until their early teenage years. Obama could easily be considered as a historical continuum of Caligula’s uninterrupted 1400 days of uninterrupted Roman terror.

The only critical difference between these two star-crossed creatures is that Caligula represented himself while Obama is just a political puppet that serves others: Instead of his non-existent self.

At 28 minutes into the video the connection between the appetite for violence in Caligula’s Rome, as Americans’ have come to know it in the streets and cities of the world can easily be seen by what has been planned for us—when America’s Caligula finally unleashes his mercenary armies during ‘his martial law’: But that chaos can only be done if and when Obama orders a ‘free-fire-zone’ across this nation, from which there cannot be any victors—anywhere within it.

Just as in Caligula’s Rome, once Pandora’s Box is opened: Only then will America’s “Exceptional Empire” status cease to threaten the rest of the planet.

The death of Pax Americana will not only kill the Empire here, but it will confirm the threat that America has always been; unlike the way most people here have ever seen it.

Human-life cannot exist in the nuclear-contaminated centuries to come; given the hundreds of dying nuclear plants that still exist today. If a nuclear exchange does take place most of those ‘nuclear-power plants’ will cease to be protected and begin to add to whatever the obscene coming war might also ignite. That’s why the already conquered political-powers of the world have to come together to stop the insanity of any potentially coming nuclear exchange.

Why ‘must’ humanity have to plead with these global-megalomaniacs to global-excess just to keep the world alive—when without the world which they have targeted for Full-Spectrum Dominance, as there will never be any way to live here for hundreds of years to come?

At 29 minutes it’s clear that Obama just like Caligula has already begun to change everything that was in place when Bush Jr. took office the first time. Obama has only continued and expanded on everything that “the Decider” did from 2000 to 2008, both at home and abroad.

Where Caligula served only himself: Obama does what he does in service to international Traitors, Outlaws and Oligarchs the world over. Of course this was all designed by today’s ‘leadership’ in Israel, D.C. and the Vatican to capture the whole planet forever.

The similarities between these two ‘leaders’ are not absolute, but there are so many similarities that any serious person must at least review the evidence in this one hour and nearly 27 minute video

Roman Emperor and 1400 Days of Terror

The chaos of today’s real time criminally distorted policies will be reviewed

At the G-20 this weekend in Brisbane

America’s ‘plans’ for everything going forward concern everything and anything in any possible future, which is in total confusion in every category, of the global lies that have ignored all the current wars and those who sponsor all sides in every ‘war’. This will be on display in Brisbane, Australia from the start of the G-20 financial meeting.

American polices both political and military around the world are beyond disastrous, everywhere today. All the puppet forces are swamped in their obvious failures to succeed at anything that has anything to do with any of the wars wherever they are. What is really “at stake” are the obvious failures of USI policies everywhere that we have blindly committed forces or military aid to each and every conflict. This begins around 6min and 30sec in the RT video above.

Nothing will change until the West is forced to admit that it is the USI and Israel who are the leading threats today to the world. While USI and Israel have been trying to paint every other power on the planet, especially Russia, as the sole villain that must be destroyed along with Syria, Iran and Iraq: The truth is it’s always been the same original members of the real Axis of Evil (USI & Israel) that has created and spread world-wide terror in the world today.

Russia and Assad are just footnotes in the false-flag excuse for everything that continues to fail, no matter which theater of operations they created for themselves.

This is the mastodon in the rooms where international polices are supposedly being discussed around the world today. The current issue is focused on having ISIS defeat Assad, without any consideration of what will happen if ISIS takes over Syria. The world knows that NATO’s destruction of Libya, left nothing for anyone to achieve and the same thing will happen if “total chaos” in the form of ISIS takes over Syria. Yet no one has any answers about who will oversee this scorched earth policy without Assad.

Obviously leaving Syria in the hands of ISIS is not only not a solution, it will make ISIS even more influential that they are at the moment—yet no one even mentions this “Catch 22”!

The “West” has claimed the leadership of the whole planet, yet they have offered no Endgame for their failed military plans going forward. No one in the administration within USI can even agree on anything. Yet all of this continues to happen because USI continues to lie about every aspect of their policies since George Bush Jr. took over in 2001.

What is now happening in both Paris and Australia by way of public demonstrations ought to be happening in the US and in Brussels against the thugs that cannot stop the people who have become totally dissatisfied with everything related to austerity and the needs of the people who live in so many countries now. Watch the demonstrations at about 20 minutes into the RT video for today…

This weekend ought to begin to highlight some of the major cracks in the so-called global-powers and what has so far not even been mentioned in this distorted world view that has banned the truth from their every move up to this point in time.

Have a great weekend!


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