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American Masculinity
Is Dead


By Jim Kirwan


We've committed suicide, disguised as a new and improved Artificial Intelligence wherein we have left all personal thoughts, about independent thought, up to the political-correct diktats of artificial-machines that we want to have controlling us all, from this new millennium forward...

When the events began to unfold surrounding the shootdown of the Russian bomber over Syria, what proceeded from Moscow into the world was something fantastically beautiful and yet it was magically real to the point where memory finally kicked in: To remind the world that “Once Upon a Time” there were Americans' that did not run from unfolding events in this world.

This afternoon my friend reminded me of the fact that 'we did not always respond as we have for the last few decades', It's only now, since we surrendered our personal beliefs in any real future, that we've become the kind of cowards that have accepted all the lies, flowing from the top in every nation.

All we need to do is review the steps that Russia has taken since the last day in September in 2015, that seemed to hold a special kind of remembrance for the world,

But what we remembered from that time has not always been thus!

When Putin went to the UN and reminded the world of the fact that what it has been doing, since the new millennium began, is the opposite of sanity. Then he made everything clear to the worldwide audience when he asked us all:

Do you realize what you have done?”

The following day, Vladimir Putin gave the order to begin the Russian bombing in Syria, at the invitation of Bashar al Assad, the president of Syria. That was the first stroke of pure clear action, based on international law, and done in broad daylight without apologies to any of those that tried to object.

The world did what the world always does: It muttered and it discussed and it had meetings and it organized conferences, but it did “NOTHING” because they were thunderstruck that Russia had done what no nation had dared to do in the face of US faux-power, worldwide.

The second wonder of 2015 was that Russia stepped up their already successful attacks in October and mentioned that the operation would probably take three months: All the while Russia continued to ask for help from other nations, other possible coalitions ­ almost begging the world to pull their heads out of their collective asses and do something beyond just holding meetings. Of course Putin was far more eloquent than I could be, but you get the idea.

But the rest of the planet was watching the clock and as the time came when the Russian attacks were nearing the halfway point, the powers that started this war in Syria, as well as the obliteration they ordered and got in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, were becoming extremely nervous about the unchecked progress Russia was making. Hell Russia was actually doing what all of the rest of them had already said could not be done, at least “not from the air”.

It seems that most of the creatures that love to attend conferences, had all but forgotten the brutal lessons learned in WWII, using their own firestorms from the skies to burn thousands of towns and cities into oblivion in Japan and throughout Europe; that was the 1940's version of what General Ulysses S. Grant did during the U.S. Civil War. War-fighting has only gotten deadlier since those hellish days. That's why the Second World War only lasted about five years for the johnny-come-lately Americans,with their global war-machine to supply all the allies with guns, tanks, planes and weapons of every type: Very much like they are doing for Daesh today and for outlaws and murderer's worldwide, under hundreds of pseudonyms, to mask their global crimes against humanity and of course to cover-up their own blood-covered profits, But of course the enemy can be totally destroyed by something as effective as the Russian Air Force, when they're working with an army that is actually trying to defend its own country, instead of working for a paycheck and some stolen and brutalized women.

That was the unexpected outcome, that no one expected,

Which could ever come from a nation like Russia

But that was only because

almost no one bothered to understand what

contemporary Russia had become ­ a real nation

with her own ethics and her own pride in her nation and the world.

But the airstrikes in Syria also made possible the effective use of the Syrian Army, and together these two forces began to clean house in Syria: Which definitely could not be tolerated: 'Something had to be done' because if Russia was allowed to continue, everything they had spent the last fifteen years building would all come crashing down around them, and not only would they have failed; but they would all be dead soon after Russia finished that job and who knows how much farther such actions might then go: Hell that could undo everything the law-less outlaws had been working on for decades!

At this point Turkey's Erdogan let his rage dictate and he ordered the attack on that Russian bomber inside Syria and that brought us up to yesterday. So while I was wrestling with the reports this morning of everything that kept on unfolding, the truth began to finally take shape.

This was what things used to be like in some areas of the world before the world sold out and turned our people into slaves. It was becoming as plain as daylight at high noon.

In the beginning Putin made a plan. Then he told the world about it. Then he implemented his plan and tried to expand it to include all the nations that had paid lip service to the need to solve the problems, but too few were actually willing to 'really' go along with that which could end all the illegal profits from guns and oil and weaponry of all kinds. Consequently when that attack came upon Russia, in the form of the shootdown of that bomber, Putin just moved on with the events that he already knew he would have to deal directly with, when the time came.

His forces first found and rescued the missing navigator from the downed bomber. Then his government ordered the attack on that entire area where the navigator had survived among the mercenaries that were there to find and kill him. About the same time Russia released and began to install the S-400's that Russia will use to protect all future planes and raids within the target zones they will be working in, to complete their work in Syria. Putin also broke off all military ties to Turkey, while strongly suggesting that Russians might not be safe if they continued to travel to Turkey on holidays; equating that destination to be in the same category as Egypt (the home of the destruction of the Russian passenger plane) that mysteriously exploded not too long ago.

Meanwhile in the outside world, the yammering heads continue to yammer, the paid for shills continue to wear out the patience of decent people with endless lies, but underneath it all people are beginning to wonder if we will ever return to that time, not really that long ago, when real problems were actually dealt with, sometimes: Like the way Kennedy stepped in with the Berlin Air Lift to save a surrounded Berlin from the Berlin Wall and the communism of the USSR in old Russia.

True there weren't many such moments, but at least the concepts took another forty years to completely die out.: And then today I found this:

Germany Is Not Negotiable

Below the video is the transcript'. Here are the five most important things, from that Transcript

The first basic principle:

Germany is not negotiable.

Out state, our nation, is not a product of chance. It is the work of so many generations. With pride, with pride we look upon a rich culture, civil and political freedoms and prosperity. We are willing to help many countries in this world. But one thing we will not do: hand over our land and our nation. Germany is our country, dear Friends!

The second basic principle:

Germany is not a laboratory for social experiments.

We reject irresponsible experiments with and on our Volk. Only ideologues believe that a society without a family can function, or that everyone becomes a German as soon as he has crossed the frontier. To the dangerous ideologies which aim to create a multicultural society and abolish the classical family, we issue a clear refusal.

The third basic principle:

Germany must act along the lines of self-determination.

Germany, in the estimation of the highest ranking security officials, is no longer in a position to guarantee her domestic and external security. The situation is spinning out of control. And what is the Bundeswehr doing? They are serving foreign interests throughout the world, while the soldiers who remain here evacuate their barracks for asylum seekers and repair toilets in reception centres.

We require, finally, a political leadership willing to make independent decisions in the national interest.

The fourth basic principle:

Germany must win back her domestic freedom.

Not infrequently, the so-called “Lügenpresse” [lying press] as many call it, have earned their name honestly. In the place of objective reporting, they propagate a fatal welcoming culture. The state television, financed by the TV-licence fee, brand us as adversaries, because we say what is not supposed to be said.

Political correctness lies like blight on our country. The AfD is the guarantor of free speech and of the unsparing analysis of our situation. Because we have gathered here today, the domestic freedom in Germany is still alive.

The fifth and last, and perhaps the most important basic principle:

Germans must become capable of responsible self-determination [mündig werden].

And Erfurt, the capital of courageous citizens, is the place to speak out once and for all with the utmost clarity: Germany, dear friends, Germany was the homeland of our forefathers. Germany must remain the homeland of our children. Germany is our homeland — our land — and our nation!

Thank you very much.”


Of course I can't foresee what is yet to come with the challenges that the existence of Syria continues to create for this criminal world. But I would look forward to the time when most of the world will finally get up off their knees and spit directly in the faces of the criminal-tyranny that's taken over the old United States, and virtually everyone in it, with any kind of position anywhere and everywhere in this cesspool that was once a nation that was proud of its independence” FROM this shop-worn political whore-house where no-one seems to be who he or she pretends to be...

How much more interesting and vital we could all be if we could ever say:

America is Not Negotiable!


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