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Americas Khazarian Traitors


By Jim Kirwan


Rubio, Rubio, Wherefore Art Thou’?

Rubio, the first-term senator from Florida and a candidate for the 2016 presidential elections, told participants at a Republican Party reception in New Hampshire on Friday that the world, particularly the Middle East, is in chaos because of President Barack Obama’s policies.

Kirwan: Rubio is almost a carbon copy of Obamanation, in that he too is just another ‘first term nothing US Senator’, backed by bribes from Adelson and his own opportunism and youth: Rubio has arrived to challenge the world, citing totally illegal US actions to prop up treason against the US Constitution and these illegal wars - that he’s demanding from Americans against the world. He’s nothing but an opportunistic ass.

The Cuban American politician, known as an ultimate opportunist within the party, warned of a coming terrorist attack on US soil and even raised the specter of Iranian missiles striking the United States.

We may have to decide at some point what is worse: a military strike against Iran or a nuclear-armed Iran,” the 43-year-old said during a question-and-answer session.”

Kirwan: When Rubio was just 30 years old the US Congress officially gave away their U.S. Constitutional duty to vote on declaring all of America’s Wars, to the then Dictator of the USA George W. Bush. That action made Bush Amerika’s First Official Dictator, or as Junior saw it “I’m the Decider” Bush Jr. proudly sneered.

This problem was outlined in an Open Letter to Congress in 2002 and of course nothing was ever done about any of it, at the time, or at any time from then until now.

This “License to Kill” contained the founding principle behind the creation of the NDAA that has now officially ended all rights to life, liberty or speech for any American, or for anyone else anywhere in the world today.

Since 2002 everything that the US has officially done in every war we’ve undertaken, anywhere in the world has been illegal, because since WWII, the United States has never had the congressional certifications necessary for any of our wars to be “legal”.

On top of that no US president since 1945 has ever been a legal “Commander-in-Chief” because that title can only be awarded by a U.S. Congress that has declared the wars that we have engaged in to be legal-actions: That’s what makes the outrage of this “License to Kill” so important even as it has always been illegal.




Rubio: “I am not cheerleading for war. I don’t want there to be the need to use military force, but a nuclear Iran is an unacceptable risk for the region and the world,” he added.”

Kirwan: It’s interesting that Rubio apparently has no idea that the illegal-roll of the Congress in attempting to declare our wars this time, does not trump this ad-hoc attempt by Adelson’s bought and paid for US Traitors in the Congress, to again hijack the public. By attempting to use a traitorous congress to try and force the world into going to war ­ this time ­ which given the importance of this moment-in-history, will most likely trigger global-nuclear war.

If the neophyte-Rubio had any knowledge about what he is trying to say to the public, in contravention of “the legal requirements of this congress” then it would be crystal clear that the current gangs of five in the US Congress along with all their owners would all be in jail: Beginning with Sheldon Adelson and all the sponsors that participated in buying the congress for Israel.

Rubio: “Iran and P5+1 group of countries - the US, Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany - reached a mutual understanding on Tehran’s nuclear program on April 2 in Switzerland. The two sides are expected to start drafting a final deal which they seek to sign by the end of June.

If a final deal is reached, it would lift all international sanctions imposed against the Islamic Republic in exchange for certain steps Tehran will take with regard to its nuclear program.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks about Iran during a joint meeting of the United States Congress in the House chamber at the US Capitol March 3, 2015 in Washington, DC. (AFP)

Kirwan: To assume that the US Congress: One of the most illegal bodies on planet earth, is qualified to overturn the negotiations of five other nations, that have been trying to prevent a major war, is ludicrous at best and is most likely treasonous at worst. Above is Netanyahu addressing “his” Congress in the U.S. Capitol. It should be remembered that the US Congress is made up of mostly millionaires - creatures that got elected as ‘little people’ only to magically become millionaires virtually overnight ­ yet no one questions how that actually manages to happen!

Rightwing elements in the Republican Party along with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and some of their allies accuse Iran of pursuing military objectives in its civilian nuclear program.”

GOP presidential hopeful ratchets up anti-Iran rhetoric, seeks military action


However there are a great many more Traitors in this country than just the bought and paid for US Congress, the US Supreme Court and the entire administration from the Executive Branch.

Among some of ‘our’ larger than life traitors is Bomb-Bomb-John McCain, the son of a traitor, Admiral McCain, who was The U.S. Admiral that blocked the rescue of the USS Liberty during the 1967 war. “Senator McCain, is the fake-fighter-pilot who only spent 33 days on active duty in the U.S. Navy. During his time as a pilot he managed to crash five aircraft, and his irresponsible actions, as a pilot assigned to an aircraft carrier group: McCain managed to cause a disaster aboard the Carrier that injured a number of navy personnel and destroyed aircraft on the US Aircraft Carrier to which he was assigned. The incident necessitated his transfer to keep some of members of that Navy flight crew from killing him.

John McCain’s military records have remained sealed, even though he clearly spent a long time in the hands of the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War ­ time that he spent mostly in luxury, while betraying his fellow prisoners who were tortured ­ and it was that piece of inhuman treachery that went on to become a US Senator.

McCain and his “father” should both have faced US courts-martials, separately for their actions, during “a time of war” and should have been shot as traitors to the United States of America and the Republic ­ but no such actions ever took place.

BTW - If you think that Vietnam is now totally irrelevant, you need to think again. Because the same ‘band-of-barbarians’ are still alive and kicking. It was members of that group with their mindset that have most recently arrived inside Ukraine.

Learning From the Best: US Airborne Brigade Sent to Ukraine Has History of War Atrocities http://russia-insider.com/en/us-airborne-brigade-sent-ukraine-openly-bragged-about-vietnam-atrocities/5812

Other members of the TRAITORS special-operations committee

The mini-cabal inside this government includes Hillary Clinton the wife of the president during the siege in Waco, Texas. After months of an armed standoff, when the order was given to Attorney General Janet Reno, to open fire on the occupants of the compound just outside Waco: Hillary came to Bill’s aide and stepped in. It was Hillary not Janet Reno that ordered the flame throwing tanks to commence the attack which ended by burning everyone inside the compound alive—because Janet Reno had mentally collapsed and was no longer functioning. Hilary does not seem willing to claim that “task” whenever she speaks of all her “glorious accomplishments”.

That’s of course the same Hillary who managed to erase all her official files on the murder of the U. S. Ambassador in Benghazi ­ after a disasterous US screw-up that took the lives of three men, one of which was the US Ambassador—yet no one seems to care now that Hillary is running for ‘president’ of this broken place: If anyone cared Mrs. Clinton would be in federal prison awaiting the outcome of the investigation into her illegal and treasonous actions over the destruction of all her communications as the US Secretary of State during which a US Ambassador was murdered: Instead she’s running for “president” ­ and what kind of message does that send to the public?

Congress has gone rogue and no one seems to mind.

The Supreme Court was never charged for breaking with their CONSTITUTIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES to stay out of Presidential Elections whenever anything irregular happens inside any presidential election. That was the sole province of the Congress and only the U.S. Congress ­ That made the INTERVENTION on 12-12-2000 by the Supreme Court, massively illegal on its face and that too was TREASON against the people of this nation. It also gave America its first Dictator, which no one chose to notice…

The surviving members of that court could still be charged, but Amerikans have no idea about how many more crimes they have allowed to have been committed throughout the last fifteen years in which this entire place has gone totally ROGUE.

Since all of that is true, Americans will have to pay the price for their failure to prosecute any of the Barbarians they have allowed to flourish under the farce of this Khazarian-Amerikan Supremacy.

The first actual and direct attack is already underway, and yet this so-called ‘country’ is still refusing to pay any attention, because they seem to have chosen to ignore what for them has become impossible to conceive…

Amerikan Exceptionalism




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