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And Our
Forgotten Dead

By Jim Kirwan


Today is the Seventy-Second Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

Which is all but Forgotten now

Against the backdrop above of 911 Attacks

Yet neither of these Attacks was ever investigated.

Both events were huge crimes against the people of the United States. Each involved the deaths of about 3,000 people: Each of these now famous events were created to start wars that would end up costing American lives in the millions—but these attacks have been allowed to go into history without finding the blame for or the reasons behind each of these pre-emptive strikes that ended up claiming the lives of so many millions of people all over the world.

Today’s Anniversary is not the Civil War or the War of 1812 in which the participants and their relatives are all dead now. Pearl Harbor still has some survivors, and I even though I was only two years old, it had an effect on my view of the Second World War as I was growing up. 911 for its’ part in the history is only a little over twelve years old—yet Amerikans have forgotten that those who did the crime have still not been charged with their crimes against America, or the world, which has paid and paid dearly for the wars that 911 continues to sponsor!

The absolute lack of care for those who so many loved and mourned at the time, only suggests that there will now be more of these events because we have apparently lost the ability to care for the value of the lives that were so wantonly lost to history!

Above is the book of REGRETS opposite MEMORIES which is the way the book appeared before it was burned.

Maybe it is not surprising that Amerikans can’t remember our own dead—because here in Amerika there have been so many of these slaughters, that if we were to remember them all ­ there might have been a real public outcry over the killings of so many of our own people.

Yet these two events, Pearl Harbor & 911, hardly touched the surface of the numbers of Americans killed by the criminal-government, in just our own recent memory.

There was the Hurricane Andrew Coverup that claimed over 5,700 victims that were never investigated— despite the fact that over twice as many died there as were killed in the World Trade Center bombings? There was The Waco Texas Government massacre of the Branch Davidians, where women and children died along with their men. There was Ruby Ridge and the FBI shootings there. The attack on Wounded Knee and the Oklahoma City Bombing of the Murrah Building there were added to Hurricane Katrina, the Firestorms that burned Southern California and the related fires that ravaged Arizona and New Mexico. There were all the people who died in the massive Hurricane that hit New York, and the “invisible children’ who supposedly died in Sandy-Hook—in that “special-event that does not allow the death-certificates of the children who supposedly died to be released to the public? Crime upon crime upon crime and always the same total lack of any real investigation ­ followed immediately by dead silence from the public!

That might not be surprising, because criminals don’t want to be caught: But what about the surviving relatives of those who died—they couldn’t have all been silenced, could they! How many died in the Super-Dome after Katrina? And through-it-all there was no evidence of FEMA anywhere near anything that they were supposedly created to protect against!

In around and beneath all of the above we now have out-of-control roid-cops slaughtering Americans without even counting how many they have tasered, tortured, maimed or murdered. Because:

They don’t keep records of those people that die in police-custody.

That’s how the numbers killed can be so very high. Maybe it’s just Apathy, but for many it’s still a mystery—

Why aren’t the relatives more vocal? And what the hell happened to those in government who were supposedly responsible for protecting the people slaughtered in this way! The SILENCE all round us is deafening!

It’s one thing when American troops kill millions of people. But when hundreds of thousands of our own people have died in mysterious circumstances and no one in officialdom even bothers to ask any real questions—that’s something that this dying-place will not be able to survive…

In a strange but totally different way it’s very like what happened to the people of South Africa: After that country supposedly stopped practicing Apartheid ­ and what really happened instead.

Too many South Africans also failed to DEMAND real prosecutions and had to settle instead for something that allowed the guilty to escape and remain in power to this day: Maybe that’s why no one is ever called to account for these numerous crimes here, against tens of thousands of Americans.

Those responsible here have always been traitors and just like what happened in South Africa ­ Life has never been better for the filthy rich, as it continues to get far worse for the people of South Africa who supposedly got their country back ­ Ha! (1)

1) John Pilger: Apartheid Did Not Die ­ 51min 13 sec VIDEO



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