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Free-Fire Zone

By Jim Kirwan


Five years and six months ago I wrote about this growing problem in something called “Open Letter to Tens of thousands of Rogue Cops”.

Since then everything changed for the worst; dispelling any myths about the inherent ‘good-cops’ among the forces that have declared war on everyone that doesn’t have their own private security. Consequently we have a three-tiered society. We have the UNTOUCHABLES at the top, the “well-off” who have not yet been targeted and we have everyone else who has been targeted for intimidation, arrest, torture, tasing, rape and possibly murder. And No - “murder” is not particularly unusual at the hands of “officers” any more. This has become commonplace, whether in your own home or just going about your business each and every day.

If you expect that those who do these things to you and your family will be punished, you will die waiting for anything at all to be done to those that have declared the current Free-Fire-Zone on you and your way of life. Here’s an excerpt from five years ago…

Your numbers may be growing among the millions of people wearing some kind of badge in the United States, but your days are numbered. Not because of any direct threat from people like me; no what I'm talking about here is the threat that you are creating all by yourselves. If you had been paying attention you would have seen this coming on your own.

What the military and the mercenaries are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan each of you is now doing here, in your own tiny little world so full of arrogance and basic brutality. Every time you beat a man senseless, or shame a woman to tears in front of her loved ones, or randomly kill someone either by accident or by design it happens just because you can - so you make more than enemies - you plant the seeds of your own violent end…

Before the Decider, police forces were relatively small in comparison to the size of the populations they were charged with "Protecting and Serving." But after it became clear that the entire upper echelon of government had become nothing more than glorified street bandits: the gloves came off all the way down the food chain. So when the demonstrations against the wars began, your departments began to behave as if US citizens were the real Enemies of the State.

Way back in 1992 the behavior patterns for you were in play in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew. And you did oh such a job then of disposing of all those bodies-the Owners loved it, but that had to remain a secret because of "national security."

Over 7,500 people died in that criminal act alone: Twice the number who died during 911. (1)

Then came Katrina and the mercenaries helped you out with your own campaign of terror against the survivors of New Orleans that had the temerity not to die. But from that point forward your ranks began to swell, as officers began to catch the drift of what would lead to their next promotion in the newly criminal world of 'law-enforcement.' (2)

This was followed by Blackwater that was armed with new and secret contracts to retrain the sheriffs, the marshals, and the police of all stripes to convert them into the heavily armored combat troops that would very soon begin to patrol the streets and byways of America. Since then you have become brazenly bold and unflinching in your treatment of the people that you were supposed to protect-the same people that actually pay your inflated salaries. Contrary to what you might believe you are not a law unto yourselves-you're supposed to be peace officers… (3)

What you don't seem to realize is that when you take off the Kevlar, and unstrap both your weapons, you need a shower, possibly a shave if you're male, and you'll need to grab something to eat. If you live in the Burbs which most cops do, you probably have "friends" and maybe you might want to go to a game or just get together with "friends." In brief you do what other people do unless you're a robot living in a barrack somewhere dark and semi-distant. If you have a family they have their lives to live as well, grocery shopping, school etc. just like other people-except that you are not like other people! You have become a secret enforcer, the muscle and bullets of the fascist state incarnate. And that makes you and yours into targets for those that you have wronged.

What used to protect you was the good will of the people you served, but with that out-of-the-way now, because you've put yourself beyond the law and above the people that once cared whether you lived or died-your world has changed almost as much as ours: Only you still have no clue about the consequences that are coming!

Just thought you'd like to know that while the public has not yet decided to act, that day will not remain at bay forever. How long will it be before you need to look over your shoulder, or check you squad car before getting in, not once in awhile, but each and every time. How well do you know your 'friends' and how's your life these days, maybe a little more tension, a lot less patience because at some level you have to know we're watching. This is so because you have become unnatural, and with each passing day you grow more distant from the people that you brutalize so easily!

By the way this Open Letter is also meant for those thugs that serve the god of TSA. They might not get your perks but too many of them are all too eager to attack the innocent instead of simply asking civil questions. Events like this are growing in their frequency, every hour of every day…

Today everything is different and the Bad Guys wear the uniform and are praised for what they do to us. You might want to think about it boys and girls, because no one leaves this life alive. One of the first things that basic training taught to every military draftee, back in the fifties, was that there is always someone bigger, someone stronger, someone meaner than you might think you really are. That was a major life-lesson, too bad you guys missed out on that.

Your behavior towards the public is teaching them that "selling out is futile" and that anyone alone is always easy prey; maybe that's why you roam in packs? Soon the public may begin to emulate your tactics, and then where will you be when you find yourself outnumbered by an angry mob that no longer fears your uniform, but instead is energized because of what you do NOT stand for!” (4)

The above was the case over five years ago. Now you have raised the bar and lowered your standards to sub-human-behavior. Listen to this language. These barbarians obviously cannot read at a third grade level, and as for procedure, they haven’t a clue! After the sheriff’s get inside; here is how they explained themselves, @ 6min 33sec…

Davon: “I didn’t do anything what are you doing?”

Officer: “Put cuffs on his ass! Put cuffs on his big ass ­ you gon’ open the door when I tell you to open the door!



Donovan: Davon just please stay calm, stay calm…

For the next 93 minutes my younger brother and I were verbally and physically attacked. The Sheriff’s tried to turn off my camera but it kept recording. (Apparently these thugs were too dumb to even be able to turn off the camera)…



Devon: How Sir?


Sir this is illegal we haven’t done anything wrong. We haven’t done anything wrong there is no search warrant, there is no warrant for you’ll to come in here. We came outside.

Ain’t no need talking, ain’t no need talking, you a sad excuse for a man, Imma let you know that. “

Donovan: “I haven’t done anything wrong. I’m a college graduate. I’m a college graduate we haven’t done anything wrong.”

Deputy: “Shit well why don’t you act like it then”

Donovan: “I just want to know why we’re in handcuffs sir”…

Sheriff: “Why didn’t you open the door?”

Donovan: “Because we were scared, you’ll were being aggressive.”

Sheriff: Aye man what I tell you! (Pointing the taser at my brother’s head)

Devon: “You told me you were gonna Tase me if I talk.”

Sheriff: “Be Quiet don’t play with me, don’t play with me.”

Donovan: “Sir, he’s asking us questions.

Sheriff: “You took a whole hour just putting me on tape (sheriff pressing his finger into my temple over and over again).

Sheriff: (Still pointing the taser gun at me and my brother)”

The tape continues on from 10min 24sec ­ and all of it is butt-ugly.

The sheriffs had the wrong address and refused to admit that. 911 was repeatedly asked to get the police to come to the scene and deal with the sheriffs ­ they never arrived. Beyond every standard which law enforcement is supposed to adhere to: Whoever hired these illiterate thugs should be fired—but since that won’t happen the DeKalb Police Department will end up shelling our millions for this one. The governor ought to jump on this and not just terminate everyone involved: He needs to APOLOGIIZE, profusely to everyone that was arrested that night ~ which: Since we now live in a free-fire-zone will never happen. (5)

There are dozens of these events every day and night. No one wearing a uniform or carrying a badge is ever punished, even when people die. That happens more frequently now than ever before!

Duties Neglected & Massive Crimes committed by the State

DHS has appointed itself to rule over the civilian population at whatever whim they might chose to act upon. The cops & sheriffs all over this land are only emboldened with each and every new crime that they commit against the public ­ which is why their crimes are skyrocketing; while absolutely nothing is done to interrupt civilian gang violence, despite all the military weapons including tanks and drones, hollow-point bullets and planes which are only used against the population: Never against the gangs or the bankers or the political criminals that are exploding all over the country with criminal schemes and actions that deprive people of any legal protections, or any of our constitutional guarantees ­ ever!

If you think the courts will stop this ­ just remember this has been rapidly growing for the last five years—uninterrupted. We are alone now in this lawless place. Here is what happened to us before, back when people didn’t resist! I did this in 1979

We are the lowest on the social-totem-pole; yet we remain frozen and immobile! We must change tactics and take this fight to the cops & sheriffs instead of waiting for them to seek us out with their armed packs of criminals in uniform, to do whatever they want to anyone they encounter. This lawlessness has been going on for over five years now - since they began to murder us by the hundreds!

This would be “the worst of all worlds” yet this will happen unless the fake-president & the criminal Attorney-General are openly and enthusiastically impeached. It will only be a matter of very little time until armed-people begin to snap.

We can see what will happen to us in every other nation where we have allowed this government to illegally attack civilians. The difference between us and them is only that we are armed and they are not! Why have we not resisted these barbarians? You don’t have to be an Einstein to deduce what will happen if we continue to allow these crimes to go unpunished…

1) Deadly Silences - The Hurricane Andrew Coverup

2) Blackwater Mercenaries Deploy in New Orleans

3) Blackwater Private Mercenary Arm is in US Heartland,

4) Open Letter to Tens of Thousands of Rogue Cops

5) This is What a Police State Looks Like -19 min 07 seconds

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