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Americaís Deplorable State



Stephen Lendman

Campaigning for November elections is in full swing - meaningless theater without substance, most Americans mindless about a money-controlled process too corrupted to fix.

Republicans are no different from Democrats. All duopoly power candidates are cookie cutouts of each other.

Otherwise they wouldnít be so-called presidential material. Theyíre carefully vetted to assure it. No outliers accepted. Donít let their deceptive rhetoric fool you.

No current major party aspirant has any intention of changing the dirty system. Sandersí call for revolutionary change is a complete hoax. His public office record proves it.

He and other aspirants are in lockstep on all issues mattering most. Campaign promises are duplicitous, made to be broken every time, the public consistently betrayed.

America is owned and run by powerful elitist interests. Political and bureaucratic officials serve them. Elections when held are farcical, bread and circuses deception changing nothing.

Business as usual continues seamlessly, conditions worsening over time. A nation permanently at war on humanity risks extinguishing life on earth.

Officials serving wealth and power interests exclusively show contempt for democratic principles, pure fantasy in America from inception.

Voting is a waste of time, accomplishing nothing. Ordinary people have no say whatever on issues affecting them most.

Conditions in America are deplorable. Militarization and endless wars take precedence over peace, equity and justice.

Fundamental freedoms are eroding en route to eliminating them altogether, dissent endangered, privilege defended exclusively at the expense of beneficial social change.

Ordinary people have disruptive power when choosing to use it. Now more than ever itís needed - refusing any longer to accept status quo governance for elitist interests only, taking to the streets, conducting protracted work stoppages, battling authorities for international and constitutionally guaranteed rights, putting their bodies on the line for constructive change, the only way itís ever gotten.

The only solution is nonviolent revolution. Change only comes bottom up, never top down.

At times, Iím asked why I write and do media work pro bono late in life if things are so deplorable and prospects for change so slim.

Iím committed to putting my actions where my principles lie. I urge others to understand the dangers we face, to realize only committed disruptive actions (civil disobedience) can change things.

Tyranny threatens America. Resisting it is a universal right and obligation.

We have a choice - fight for change no matter the odds or live enslaved by a bipartisan system serving wealth and power interests exclusively - enforcing police state harshness on everyone else.

I made my choice. Whatís yours?

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at

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