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Amazing Discovery - Feb 2015 World Climate


From Ted Twietmeyer


This discovery was unexpected. Original research was to determine if Solar output has affected climate globally. If this was the case, summer in Australia during February 2015 would have been cooler, just as North America has experienced record cold weather and record snowfall. But this was not the case, according to the US government National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) website.

Instead of seeing even world-wide cooling above and below the equator, something quite different was discovered.

Below is a modified version of the above map:

Vertical red line marks a nearly perfect dividing point for unusual world weather. To the right of the red line, weather was warmer and/or drier. To the left of the red line was colder/wetter weather. During February 2015, Arctic ice was 6.2 percent below 1981-2010 average. But Antarctic ice during this same 1981-2010 period was 21.4 percent higher.

As hard as all this is to believe, it really did happen. Even though the weather appears to be divided at a invisible vertical line, the Earth continues to rotate as it has for billions of years. If Solar intensity had pulsated at perfect 12 hour intervals to coincide with Earth's rotation it could explain this. But that didn't happen. There are those who will blame this on HAARP. Even if HAARP was the cause which is unlikely, what purpose would it serve?

Perhaps this will be explained eventually.

Ted Twietmeyer


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