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All Things Considered?
By Jim Kirwan

When we Fail to embrace DEFIANCE

Then this is what SURRENDER looks like!

This entire macabre shadow dance is nothing but a massive deception in every area of life in the world today. Take just one instance that was just announced in Ukraine.

Three years of special status has just been granted ­ without any penalties for the tens of thousands of lives taken, the billions of dollars worth of land and cities destroyed, much of that permanent: Yet there will be NO CONSEQUENCES, for any of this insanity?

What happens after the three years of Special Status expire? Does the Ukrainian war continue where it left off?

New Elections have been called for? What about the consequences for the several overthrown former governments that created all this hell? What about the illegal US and Israel interventions that bankrolled the whole bizarre war in Ukraine—that was a Warcrime according to the Geneva conventions—but nothing is to be done about any of that?

Who is going to pay for all of that destruction? Who is going to pay for all the reconstruction: because that cannot be another profit motive scheme for those who destroyed the country in the first place. What about the lives lost, apparently for nothing? Is everyone in Ukraine just supposed to go back to the time before the NAZI’s jumped in by invitation of the US government, and pretend that nothing vile actually happened between the overthrow of their original elected government in November of 2013 and now ten months later that has seen lie after lie which ended with Ukraine (With the third largest nuclear weapons stockpile in the world) to nuke Russia unless their demands for weaponry are met) ­ that happened just yesterday!

What happened to that threat? What will happen to all the defrocked government creatures that siphoned off the oil and gas, destroyed the manufacturing base of Ukraine and in that process gave the West an excuse (fraudulent at best ­ treasonous at worst) to sink the EU and Russia. That ‘WAR” is intended for both Russia and the EU, to end with USRAEL, NATO, UN and the CIA attacking Russia as if that nation is nothing but a fourth rate banana republic?

The truth is that if Russia is attacked: Not only will NATO be vaporized, but so will a huge proportion of the supposed US forces.

But the huge loser will, as always, be the entire civilian world; much like the entire population of Dresden when the UK & the US chose to firebomb that city near the end of WWII ­ just to prove that they could do that with impunity.

But in every case from ISIS, ISIL, Libya, Syria and Iraq, the true Axis of Evil, USRAEL, NATO and the UN are promising to wipe out the same forces they were paid to create. They need this excuse to create regime change in Syria: Something which has nothing whatsoever to do with the US or our national security at all.

This is all about the orders given by Israel and our determination to do as we are told, regardless of what our people want to do. Of course we are all being buried in DEBT beyond global DEBT ­ to pay for everything: While we’re being sent directly to the poor house and beyond…

So in every area of conflict that the West is involved in, literally everything is “on the table” regardless of what the end result of fulfilling all these totally fake wars will actually mean.

The dollar is dead. This country is a corpse. It’s been dead for over forty years yet people still talk of elections as if there were still a country here at all!

Then there are the money-chasers, as if they could ever manage to make that last huge killing on the edge of Oblivion ­ like that matters?

This nation is indeed “A Nation of Cowards”!

The definition of a coward is not the traditional military one of a soldier who won’t fight. No, that’s far too simplistic and self-serving. The genuine meaning of the word, the meaning that warrants our full sense of revulsion and contempt, is someone who attacks someone far weaker than themselves. A large man who beats a woman or a child with his fists or a policeman who clubs a handcuffed prisoner ­ that is the accurate and meaningful definition of the word. And the people of Israel responsible for Operation Protective Edge are as sadly perfect examples of genuine cowards as you can find in the world.

What remarkable courage it takes ­ outfitted as the IDF is with Kevlar armor, the latest intelligence gadgets, satellites, radios, support of every imaginable kind, and immensely powerful weapons (they even get hot pizzas delivered as they pause in their gruesome work) ­ to shoot people who cannot run away, are often poorly fed and clothed, and who mostly have no weapons. And the courage of the Israeli pilots who make bombing runs over homes, schools, apartments, and stores from the safety of their supersonic fighters is surely remarkable. They remind me of the American pilots who shot and incinerated countless retreating Iraqi soldiers in the (engineered) First Gulf War while the television broadcasts caught their gleeful shouts of “Wow, it’s just like shooting fish in a barrel!”

Yes, Americans are the only comparable example of Israel’s cowardice, the Americans who literally enable Israel’s savagery but also themselves have given the world the best part of half a century of savagery abroad, the deaths of literally millions of civilians in half a dozen countries ­ deaths by carpet bombing, napalm, missiles, white phosphorus, various poisons, and the razor-like shards of cluster bombs.

The United States, like Israel, is never called to account for the worst record on the planet of mass killing and destruction. You simply cannot name a contemporary criminal enterprise or a so-called terrorist organization which has a record so steeped in horrors as those two.

Wholesale death inflicted with utter disregard for international law and custom has become standard policy for both countries. Yes, there are always excuses for mass murder, the weasel words such as communists or terrorists or dictators and weapons of mass destruction (Americans ironically being the only people on earth who actually used them, twice, on civilians) ­ all of them having no more real meaning than Stalin’s chilling wreckers, a word he used to signal his creatures that it was time for a new bloody purge. In some cases those purged were simply people Stalin did not like or of whom he felt jealous, but in most cases of the millions smashed or consigned to hell on earth, the only motive was to terrify a population into submission, and that is exactly what Israel’s motive is for its periodic massacres of Palestinians and Lebanese”

So in every contested piece of ground, anywhere in the world today, we have been given all the choices: Because we are being offered everything ­ both ways. Everyone can now believe whatever they think will happen and no one will be disappointed until the day the truth shows up and clearly shows the planet exactly what was planned for all of us - all along…

The only solution for any of this shit is to cut off the money, to all of them. This is the only way to end it all. Admittedly the consequences and our determination to enact them will take some time: But the first requirement is to STOP the FUNDING!

Not only is this not easy: It would amount to totally reversing everything that’s been done to the planet since even before 1913.

But then if you give a damn you have to begin now because this is the most necessary task that humanity has ever been given. And if we claim to be human beings then we have to do everything that it is within our power to undertake…

The New Regime Change Plan


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