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US Bombing Plants In Aleppo


By From Detlef Reimers


The power plant was destroyed to cut water even more to Aleppo - the lift stations bringing water from the Euphrates are affected. The U.S. borrowed this very Israeli (and ISIS) tactic to create more chaos in the city. That and the limited supply of chlorine mean water-borne illnesses are almost guaranteed to explode in Aleppo. The purpose of this undisputable war crime is to create a flood of refugees from all areas of Aleppo. A secondary purpose might be to affect the Syrian Army and allies fighting in the area - they are also dependent on city water.

The flood of refugees leaving (which has so far failed to transpire) are suppose to curtail Russian efforts to attack supply lines or mask the movement of rebels. The refugees fleeing to camps on the Turkish border would be flooding the very roads and towns along the supply routes with a 'moderate rebel' presence.

The has the U.S. censored - to the degree possible - news of the F-16 strike and destruction of the power plant. Almost at the same time, the dark forces that control Twitter started deleting accounts reporting the serious humanitarian effects of the loss of water and electricity. Water and power were very sporadic in Aleppo to begin with because of the conflict - maybe an hour or two a day of either one. Now there's none to speak of.

Instead of masking the voices of the Aleppo victims, the U.S. has created more of a crisis via blowback: people that had their Twitter accounts deleted for reporting the water shortage have gone on other social media and are bringing attention to the ham-handed U.S. government attempts to control the narrative via censorship on Twitter.

There's no easy way to 'prove' Twitter's censorship other than reports of deleted accounts, but one only need to do a search on Aleppo and Water to see the awkward results remaining: 1) No individual reports of water cuts or hardship if they directly attribute the bombed power plant (those accounts deleted), 2) An odd number of NGO (Red Cross, UNICEF) tweets on where to find water wells in Aleppo - which is mostly polluted and unfit to drink.

And any tweets of the power plant bombing left are all ones pointing back to Veterans Today. See? It's only the nutjob conspiracy sites reporting it, so it must not be true.

Goebbels would weep in admiration - he had nothing on the U.S. Ministry of Propaganda



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