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A.I. The Arrogance of Ignorance


By Jim Kirwan


The agenda of today, being not-so-quietly embedded throughout the the West, is centered around the superiority of Artificial Intelligence over everything that is currently involved in global society now.

To that end a great deal of time and money has gone into the concept of 'artificial intelligence' as the only real answer to dealing with the twenty-first century and beyond. One clear proof of this from Hollywood and CBS is a four year long series called “Person of Interest”, which is in the process of completing the fifth year of programs on the absolute control of our society by “the machines” that are being portrayed as the answer to everything in any future for people, wherever anyone might be living.

'Person of Interest' attempts to deal with the process of trying to turn an overarching alien machine into something that can manage all of humanity, as the A,.I. Solution to every human problem: When nothing could be further from the truth. The methodology used in the program is supposedly taking place in real-time settings, politically, and in the process many unconventional aspects of the lies we all live with every day that are mentioned, because some of them are partially explored further ­ but underneath it all is the subtle acceptance of the premise that only A.I. can save the world

People on the net can view the four seasons previously created, if you're determined ­ which involves a great deal of time, but it's worth it if you want to understand exactly how the public is being continually captured, conned and directed into A.I. Without actually defining the massive losses to everything that's human that we are all expected to sacrifice upon the alter of artificial technology.

Why is this important?

This topic is massively important because globally the planet this being sucked into several totally false dichotomy's that each ends with their own absolute ending of all the real choices that humanity has maintained throughout the centuries.

At the moment the entire Western world is under siege by a 7th Century invasion of many nations in a deluge of human excrement, hatred and violence that, if it is not stopped, will clearly end life as we have known it for the last fourteen centuries.

We're talking about the end of indoor toilets, the supremacy of blind-hatred of the differences between peoples, together with the importation of people who have no interest in participating in, or creating any part of a functioning society: Because what is being demanded now by millions of undocumented bodies, has no relevance to creating or maintaining any society; except as that can be maintained from the barrel of stolen guns, or the continued theft of all the resources that make the maintenance of any real society possible.

All of the above has been made possible by the totally unreal situations created by the West and EU in failing to deal with the real consequences of the destruction of the seven nations which are in the process of trying to be completed with Syria, Iran, Iraq and Lebanon still pending ­ as the global-slaughter continues.

Until now the people of the world have failed to remember that there is an answer to this; which can save the planet from these self-inflicted artificial wars, and that 'solution' has been with us all since the beginning of the nineteenth century. The answers are contained within the patents which the Khazarian Mafia and the fake one-world-disorder have kept SECRET from the people of the world. What we have to do now is to:

Take global Public-Control back over all the stolen Patents

And free the whole world from the tyranny of the Oligarchs worldwide!

What will humanity lose if we embrace A.I.

For starters we will lose the obvious:

We have the technology to do anything: to fix this world in months and to eliminate poverty and every sickness known to man; including the ones they have introduced.

Russia and the U.S.A have the same enemies and the same goals, which is a balanced global economy that does not include the Rothschilds (Crown Corporation) the Catholic Church (Vatican Corporation) or DC (U.S. Corporation)”

Beyond that, 'humanity' will lose our humanity as well as all our theoretical freedoms along with any control over any aspect of our enslaved lives.

A.I. for whatever it claims to bring into the already subjugated lives of those who want A.I. to achieve dominance; is no substitute for what it means “to be alive”.

Most have failed to realize that A.I. will always be sub-human, because it can never reach even the lowest echelon of 'being human: Yet to the degree that ordinary people come to accept this artificial invasion of the entire planet by controlled and logrhymic paradigms, paying lip-service to 'scientific method' while they block the mental and physical leaps and bounds that originate from the creative side of the human brain.

The right brain of human-beings is what drives the creative side of 'discovery and Inventions' that A.I. can never achieve because it will never be able to feel, or touch or sense enough to see the things that confirm what sentient people know is true.

This was covered in Part One of David Icke's video “Awake, Awake Awake” beginning at 1hour and 40minutes into the two hour video.

If you're a subscriber of David's then you should watch his video.

The Complexities between SEEING & THINKING

The 'reality' within Good & Evil is one of the basics' at the core of our humanity, that A.I, the Arrogance of Ignorance is designed to destroy by reducing humanity to sub-human standards.

'Subjugation by A.I.' Is the issue at the core of the twenty-first century for humanity. The insidious messages in the underlying scripts beneath the television series, for those who realize the truth; actually exposes what A.I can't do in the real world. But since most people have no idea of what it means to really live their lives, they tend not to see A.I for what it really is.

To be human is to question everything and to face the unknown in every circumstance. To learn by not only observation and deduction but to pay attention to instinct and the subtleties of intuition wherever we are.

We are on this planet to learn and grow into the future by participating in the living of our lives

We must explore the mysteries of life, not to find solutions, but to live the mysteries and discover the possibilities they can often lead to. People need to revel in the wonders of nature and of life, and not merely assign those moments some random number to classify any given moment.

Real life brings with it quagmires and quicksand and challenges as well as dreams and passions: But real people must shatter censorship and question whatever any authority pretends to claim over any of us. Part of our responsibility to ourselves in this life is to end these patriarchal fake-wars over race and religion ­ that have tried to enslave humanity since the 7th Century.

The imprisoned patents involve much more than the wonders brought to us by Tesla, and DaVinci and many, many others. Some of them deal with putting Tesla's discoveries into practice that would result in free electricity and clean water for the planet, while making “oil & especially crude-oil”: obsolete. So many real-inventions that have been imprisoned, which is what has imprisoned the global-public in parts of the 19th and all of the 20th century, while we still claim to be living in the 21st century. - Ha!

Until now the world has had no answer to throw in the teeth of all the war, the hate and all the savagery worldwide: But we know that the answer does not involve going back to the 7th Century and crushing humanity in the process: Rather it must begin by taking back full control over humanity and society worldwide. And we can begin to do that best by 'Releasing the Patents and Freeing the World', for starters.

This Arrogance of Ignorance” must end or it will end humanity with it - if it is allowed to dominate the planet. This entire area is an insidious subject which must be dealt with because it's far too important to just accept as some kind of new or viable revelation. A.I is not new, but it's becoming more dangerous each and every day. It's time, as Icke said: For all of us to “Awake, Awake, Awake”!


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