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In The Age of Stupid, Consequences of Disaster


By Gerald Celente
Publisher, Trends Journal

KINGSTON, NY, 9 March 2016—It’s a freak show.

Across the globe and around the world, from nations’ capitals to city halls, they come in all sizes, shapes, races, creeds and colors. A gang of lunatics run and ruin life on Earth under the guise that the parties they belong to represent We the People and the policies they promote will bring financial security and military victory.

Pick a country. Name the names. With few exceptions, those in charge boast track records of fiascos, economic disasters and mass destruction. From the highest governmental offices to the military, to central-bank policymakers, they double down on catastrophes they created by promising great success from their monumental failures.

Obedient and subservient, vast majorities ­ either afraid of disobeying those they bow to, or lacking the courage to admit those they trusted have deceived them ­ instead debate which of the lesser of two evils is best qualified to run and ruin their lives.

It’s the Age of Stupid

Take a trip to Europe. Read the headlines of the most pressing issue confronting the continent. “Leaders of the EU and Turkey have gathered in Brussels to work out ways of curbing the mass influx of refugees into Europe.” (RT, 7 March 2016)

“Curbing the mass influx of refugees into Europe?” Yes, tens of millions of desperate, homeless refugees escaping Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen, whose countries have been bombed into oblivion by the “leaders of the EU and Turkey who gathered in Brussels”… along with their American and Arab League allies. Yet, NATO members refuse to acknowledge their role in creating the refugee crisis and the subservient media refuse to condemn them for their actions.

“Leaders?” Look at their faces. Listen to their words. It’s a sideshow of carnival barkers, snake-oil salesmen and saleswomen who have waged murderous wars, slaughtered millions and continue to destroy entire nations… and then meet in Brussels to solve problems they will not admit to having created.

The Presidential Reality Show®

Tune into America’s race for the White House. It’s a three-ring circus starring a cast of clowns who brag about the size of their penis, whose God they believe in is better than yours, or boast long lists of domestic and foreign-policy disasters while boldly promoting yet greater suicidal strategies.

Watch what they call “debates.” It’s a Barnum and Bailey World run by media-entertainment giants that produce and direct The Greatest Show on Earth. Framed and formatted as The Presidential Reality Show®, they set the stage and frame the questions to meet the dumbed-down game-show standards that keep crowds cheering in The Age of Stupid.

Trendpost: The current path to the future is clear: more of the same, but much worse. However, when a critical mass who wants to live in peace and gracious beauty take life in their own hands and take it away from those whose greatest ambition is to rule and control, the Renaissance 2.0 we had forecast will prevail.

©MMXV The Trends Research Institute®


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