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Tonight - March 29, 2016
David John Oates & The Astonishing Truth Of Reverse Speech

The JFK Murder Solved!





Hear Stunning Reverse Speech Admissions
From The Principle Criminals And Players!


David John Oates Has Used Reverse Speech To Identify And Expose The Key Conspirators And Has Revealed The Subconscious Truth Of The Greatest Political Mystery Of Our Time. Listen As David Plays The Reversals Of The Murderers Who Admit What Was Done And How It Was Carried Out!


With Author-Researcher Jim Marrs!


David's Reverse Speech Has Confirmed Virtually Everything 52 Years Of Research By The Brilliant Jim Marrs Has Revealed!


Listen To The Chilling Voices Of The Satanic Ringleaders As They Admit Who Did It And How It Was Done!


And Premier Remote Viewer Dick Allgire!

Reverse Speech Links The Amazing 'Time Travel' Sessions Of Gifted Remote Viewer Dick Allgire Exposing The Evil Men Who Killed JFK & How


You Will Never Forget What
You Are About To Hear!

March 29, 2016

Time Hosted By Jeff Rense
ONLY On The Rense Radio Network!

Listen Now To This HIstoric, Unforgettable
Broadcast…Prepare For The Incredible TRUTH

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April 5, 2016

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