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There Is A Higher Court

By Jim Kirwan

We have still have ‘STANDING’ in

The Courts of Public Opinion

Where the Criminal-Owners have none!

The written and settled laws of this country no longer mean anything in this lawless-world. But their “use-buy” date has long since expired, along with our rights and our freedoms to do anything any longer.

It is time that we begin to challenge the law in their home-courts, on their territory, because they are illegitimate and that must be clearly shown by openly challenging the authority of the entire system.

Since December 12, 2000 when the now inferior-court committed High Treason by appointing a president in direct interference with a presidential election: Thereby breaking with the constitutional restraints that absolutely forbid any involvement by the Supreme Court in any presidential election. Ergo; the entire system has been illegal now for thirteen years—even without what the latest appointments have done to the integrity of the U.S., under martial-law. (1)

With the Supreme Court now infected by a five to four consensus

Led by LGBT activists

The Supreme Court is no longer unbiased in its positions

And consequently must be abolished! (1)

The time has come for individuals to lead by example. Those of us who are willing to challenge the fake-authority which these courts continue to pound us with and always without any legal grounds for the so-called decisions: Must face public criticism for their blatantly illegal rulings across the nation. The same is true for the nameless cops that are never held responsible for the deaths and injuries they routinely inflict upon Americans every day.

All these creatures live in this society, and not just in their offices or whenever they make pronouncements. We need to find them at their leisure and when they are not on duty. We must require the answers they have forcefully denied the public under the false-flag of national-security in this War OF Terror which they are prosecuting against the entire nation.

Right is right & wrong is still wrong:

Even without the threadbare shield of the hundreds of broken-laws behind which they still try and shield themselves. Legally these creatures all owe their jobs to us! Their jobs were created to serve us, not to serve those who wear a badge or have an office in this land.

When they stopped serving us and began instead to physically attack anyone they deem might be some kind of threat in their drug-addled minds or whatever’s left of their professionalism—they lost all credibility, regardless of the fact that they frequently come to our doors with guns drawn for the slightest of infractions.

This government must dump the current members of the Supreme Court and clean up that treason across the board. Our actions need to then focus on the totally CEREMONIAL nature of the entire congress that is now nothing but co-conspirators, together with Israel, in the deceptive and traitorous takeover of the U.S by foreign interests.

The people at the top of this pyramid-scheme need to feel the breath and the heat that we can generate: Once the public finally knows for certain that there can be no going back. This is the full-collapse of the country, and the lives of the people. All of this will very soon fall, along with all the crimes that will end this charade for all time.

1) No Longer Supreme!





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