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Halbig - Follow-Up On FOIA For Sandy Hook


From Wolfgang Halbig



To: Fire Marshal <>


PLease make sure that you provide me with the detail Fire Inspection report not the summary starting in the Boiler roomm where I observed a large amount of card board boxes being stored which as you know violates the fire codes.

Then I am assuming that I will get a copy of all findings in each classroom, gym, cafeteria, Main Offices, library, Handycap access in the portables, hallways especially the front lobby hallway by the cafteria which as a CCTV bubble exposed shooting in the direction of anyone entering the front lobby from the outside you didm/t thinsk I miss that did you.

Does that CCTV camera bubble meet the Fire Codes in CT?

Picture attached.

You have smoke detector, school bell and motion detector.  Do they all meet the fire codes?

Again just want to make sure that I get the complete fire inspections of all rroms, storage areas etc.

You have been doing this along time so you know what I MEAN. RIGHT?





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