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California Dream'n

By Jim Kirwan

L.A. City Of The Angels


I met a man who had been recently laid off from his job as a prison guard at a minimum security prison in another state. We talked a bit about conditions in Amerika. He had been a guard for six years. He said that he recently noticed what has been happening to Reno, Nevada. The gambling that once was the basis for life in Reno has ceased. It seems that those who came from California to gamble, no longer needed to make the journey over the mountain—because the gaming-industry in California has sucked up those gamblers, leaving Reno without jobs or focus. “Now” he said, “There are shootings every day and night, downtown. Prostitution and gang-bangers are running wild and virtually nothing is being done about any of it”. This took be to what has not been going on with our Warrior Cops over the last thirteen years.

I wondered about the statistics in the last few articles about how 50,000 U.S. cities have now been armed with military tanks, drones, heavy military weapons of all types costing billions upon billions of dollars and yet NOT ONE WORD HAS SURFACED about our supposed “WARRIOR-COPS” ever using any of those weapons to engage any of the gangs—anywhere inside the USA. (1)

Think about it people. We are told by USG that all these weapons are needed to combat CRIME in this country. Yet the national crime statistics keep showing that real crime is down and continuing to fall every year. This came up when the government was determined to take the weapons that ordinary, law-abiding citizens owned under the protection of the fourth amendment of the constitution.

The government lost their illegal-bid to take our weapons!

But what about the gangs that are now running wild inside this country? I have never seen any story about the government ever taking on any of the gangs, for any reason—have you? It cannot be as they once said that the USG is ‘outgunned’: So why has the government not used all that illegally-acquired military weaponry, and the drones that are coming, to stop the gangs?

Can these heavily armed macho-warrior-cops just be cowards. Or is it that USG is using the gangs as one half of the vice, with themselves as the other half, to squeeze the herd into submission? Or maybe the cops are hiring gang-members as part of the urban-nightmare that is needed to terrify the public? Decide what the truth is, maybe then you’ll be able to understand what’s really going on in Stasi-Amerika!

We are supposedly in The WAR on CRIME, The WAR on DRUGS, AND OF COURSE THE WAR ON AMERICA & THE WORLD ­ yet with all that fire-power in the hands of the illegally-militarized thugs, none of what they now have has been used against anyone except US citizens that have done nothing wrong!

Returning to San Francisco from that conversation on a BART train, I couldn’t help but notice the recruiting poster for BART-POLICE ­ many of which are always prominently displayed.

$60,000 -$81,000 (annual base, entry-level pay range) plus a great benefits package)” for new hires into BART POLICE

This is part of the rewards system for people to join BART POLICE, an organization that has murdered three people in the Civic Center BART Station in the last two years. The posters they have been using for the last year have no white people in them anywhere, but the shaved heads add texture to who they’re looking for.

I boarded and found a seat at the rear of a car and was soon lost in thought when I could not help but overhear some people in the four seats which faced each other in front of me. It was not possible to ignore them. They wore hoods, in the middle of the night, but their words were those of calmly thoughtful professionals.

The conversation was low-key and confident. They could have been college students discussing an upcoming paper they might have been working on. Since their words were inescapable, I listened and closed my eyes so that if they saw me they would pay no attention to just another OG (old-guy).

Apparently there is about to be an action of some sort, which they were looking forward to. Their conversation caught my mind when one of them said:

They have yet to notice that we know they’ve failed to take-our-guns; but of course they don’t want that bit of truth to ever get out.” A deeper voice responded. “No one will be expecting that we’ll be taking their guns, from them, when the time is right.”

A female voice cut in: I can’t wait for the day to get here when the real women in California can begin by taking on those three bitches that have given women such a bad-rap.

Feinstein and Pelosi both live on the same street in San Francisco only about a mile apart... And now since ‘Big Sis’ has managed to get herself into position to militarize the entire UC System that she traded in her job with DHS to get ­ she’ll be moving to San Francisco, because it’s obviously become LGBT national headquarters now ­ what better place for that bull-dyke to set up shop—given that SF might just be about to change its name to Tel-Aviv West sometime soon.”

That last remark drew chuckles from them and then~

A different male voice added. “I think that this mid-week action might just be the part they’ll find the hardest to deal with—because all demonstrations and planned events are always on the weekends, while this one, being spontaneous will hit them where it counts: Because it will cost their colluding-corporations money as well as the embarrassment of being caught without warning. I know that we’ve been fighting for a very long time, but we’ve won far more often than most people realize. That’s about to change: When we begin to take their weapons along with the false-security they think they have, just because they wear a badge.”

At this point their voices dropped an octave just as we were entering a tunnel and I couldn’t make out the rest of what was said over the roar of the train, and then they were gone.

As I was trying to get off in San Francisco I could not help but notice the cheaply done BART poster, from of all people, Janet Napolitano


So I thought that maybe I should report what I overheard, in case it might be of value. And since I’m certain that neither DHS nor BART would be interested, because there wasn’t enough information given, and because I couldn’t identify anyone clearly ­ I thought that given that they now read every keystroke anyway, maybe I’d just this method to inform them about the incident?


1) Rise of the Warrior Cop



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