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The Five Year Plan Is Dead


By JIm Kirwan


Long Live the Multipolar World

What the EU has been doing has gone on for over five years now and the conclusions have all come in. The policies have all been massive failures in every area of life for the entire EU. The whole point of these so-called policies was to make life not only better for the people of the countries that supposedly subscribed to the Austerity measures: Moreover by implementing those horrifically stringent measures, everyone was supposed to profit: But in reality the only thing that has profited are the gangsters that own the banks—especially the Rothschild’s International Banks.

Now it’s clear that the criminally associated Troika leadership of the International Monetary Fund, the IMF and the World Bank are nothing but global outlaws who have come to desecrate the planet under the guise of making ordinary life “better” for every subscribing member to their five year plan: Which has clearly FAILED!

The exact same programs were run into the ground throughout Central and South America and dozens of other smaller nations, which killed well over a hundred nations, going back to the end of WWII. But this glaringly obvious failure did not become clear, until they invaded the European Union, which these same outlaws actually created.

They’ve had their phony chance, and they wasted five years while the European nations went far beyond “just-broke”. The indebtedness thus created is now in the Quadrillions with no end in sight.

Enter Greece with her rebellion against the lynch pin for the whole criminal enterprise: GLOBAL-INDEBTEDNESS, with only more of the same: Totally without any representation, of or for the people, that have been the targets of the Banks-ownership—that are determined to strip every nation of any and all their assets worldwide.

And to top it all off the faceless bureaucrats from the EU are demanding the continuation of their totally failed policies, as the minimum for keeping the EU together.

Come on people the world has seen the truth, as illustrated by the faceless bureaucrats that were appointed, not elected. The time to end this charade is finally here, not just in the EU but worldwide!

The best thing for the world would be the total dissolution of the Rothschild’s Banks, everywhere, along with the public beating of their criminal spokespeople, to within an inch of their worthless lives; followed by arrest and prosecution for all of their financial wars against the planet.

Watch the first 6 min and 18 seconds of RT today: As Europe is beginning to follow Greece and their anti-austerity party to bring about the end of the status quo: Moving on now to take on Brussels which has been the black-heart at the core of all of the Troika’s financial-crimes against humanity. We are about to witness the long overdue collapse of the EU!

The world has waited through five long years that have seen all the money that was supposed to make life better for the world’s populations’ be ripped off and given to the criminal banks; time and time again. Now one of the figureheads behind this bank bailout that rode in on the backs of the global-poor, the unemployed and the elderly is actually talking about “not being blackmailed” when what has happened is the massive income takeover by the rich of every dime, in every economy that has been ordered to pay more in taxes, to slash jobs and to silence all criticism of any real solutions—anywhere on earth. That’s always been the core operating principle of the criminal-unipolar world:

Everything for the Elite’s and nothing for anyone else.

Many other nations may soon be coming to the side which Greece just revealed, for more than just Greece (@ 5min 17 seconds).

RT News:



YES, YES, YES to Anti-Austerity


Country after country will soon begin to bring their own problems into the global spotlight, now that Greece has opened the door to a return to the real freedoms’ where people can finally take back their right and their Responsibility to govern themselves.


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