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Zionists Banksters
Financed Hitler To Power

By J. Speer-Williams

Since the Zionists are controlled by an intelligence that is far greater than what humans possess, no one I know of can give you all the reasons for Zionism bringing Hitler to power and then financing the Nazi war machine. But the fact that it was done is provable.

 The financing of Hitler and his war powers was largely handled by the Max/Paul Warburg controlled Mendelsohn Bank of Amsterdam (all Zionists) and the Schroeder Bank of Frankfort and London (all Zionists).

 Zionists bankers were even directors of I.G. Farben, the giant German chemical firm that produced Zykion B gas used in Nazi extermination camps. During the massive fire bombing of almost all Germany, the Farben facilities were carefully spared. One used to be able to see aerial photographs of the I. G. Farben plants left whole, while everything else around it had been bombed into ruins.

 While history has been sanitized, some historians can still discern the truth, which is the Zionists have sacrificed their fellow Jews to gain the "moral authority" in order to institutionalize their "Holocaust" and to steal and plunder Palestine and eliminate all Palestinians with constant genocide.

 In Jewish writer, Ben Hecht's book, "Perfidy," he tells how the Zionists sacrificed 1,000,000 European Jews by refusing Adolph Eichmann's offer (with authorization from Hitler and Himmler) to free those Jews in exchange for merely 10,000 trucks and 1,000 tons of coffee and tea.

 The Zionists needed Hitler and the war in order to have their Holocaust and to be able to steal Palestine. That much has proven true. But, there are undoubtedly deeper reasons for the Zionists bringing Hitler to power and the following war and that, I believe has to do with the ultimate mutation and extermination of the Semitic gene (both Jewish and Arabic). But again, I cannot prove any of that except for the use of depleting uranium (DU) in the Middle East.

 Ignorantly, Israel was the first country to use DU in warfare and it has been heavily used ever since by US and Israeli armed forces throughout the Middle East. The Israeli's even use DU on defenseless Palestinians in Gaza in spite of it blowing all over Jerusalem and the rest of Israel, making the whole country a radioactive dump for the next 4.5 billion years. And yet, most Israelis support the use of DU and thus their own demise. Israel, and the other Middle Eastern countries, are now among the "walking dead" of nation states

 Zionism is simply a secret plot for world control and destruction, that far too many Jews and Christian have fallen for. Not a pretty picture, especially when one considers the arrogant ignorance of so many Jews and Christians in their self-proclaimed righteousness.

 J. Speer-Williams





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