WHO Coverup Of Fukushima
Radiation Is Unscientific Hogwash

By Yoichi Shimatsu
World Exclusive To Rense.com

The recently released report titled "Preliminary Dose Estimation from the nuclear accident after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunamii" is a clumsy attempt by the World Health Organization to downplay the public-health catastrophe hitting the Japanese people and stalking the world population. To the many skeptics who have already experienced WHO malfeasance, please bear with this brief response to yet another scandalous cover-up from the Geneva-based international agency.

The 122-page WHO report is a classic example of data manipulation - reliance on biased studies, dismissal of contrary evidence and faulty logic - further weighed down by reams of irrelevant text that insurance agents call "boilerplate".

Buried deep in the report - though it should be buried six-feet deep  - are the expert panel's conclusions:

"It can be concluded that the estimated effective doses outside Japan from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident are below (and often far below) the dose levels regarded by the international radiological protection community as very small."

"It can also be concluded that low effective doses are estimated in much of Japan. "

"In the Fukushima prefecture and in neighbouring prefectures the estimated effective  doses are below the internationally agreed reference level for public exposure due to radon in dwellings (annual effective dose of about 10 mSv ).

Thus, according to the warped logic from the WHO, a person living inside a house in Colorado or Kyushu is more threatened by radiation exposure from radon gas in their basement than residents of Fukushima are from reactor meltdowns. It should be noted that on the same day of the report's release, the U.N. Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation stated that none of the Fukushima nuclear workers' deaths were caused by radiation exposure.

It is implausible that the WHO experts could leap so blindly - not just stumble - into every pitfall laid by the Japanese government's spin-doctoring of the Fukushima public health disaster. The report is not just a compendium of minor errors; it amounts to a scandalous cover-up arising from the health industry's lucrative connections to the nuclear industry. Huge profits are made from radiation treatment of cancer with isotopes produced inside nuclear reactors, even if this brutal form of "therapy" is hardly more effective than a witch doctor's incantations.

The gross flaws in the WHO report include:

-  acceptance of skewed data on radiation levels in food from testing centers affiliated with the Japanese government, without inclusion of studies by independent laboratories outside of Japan. No questions are raised about the suppression of findings of high-level contamination or of selective tissue samples from only the least -affected parts of vegetables, fruits, grains, meat and fish.

- unquestioning acceptance of bogus data under the Japanese government's system of so-called averaged-out radiation readings, which are diluted and ignore the actual range of measurements from low areas to hot spots, which can be up to 1,000 times higher.

- reference to thyroid studies done on Fukushima children taken after the half-life expiration of iodine-131 following the March 15 explosions.

- categorical dismissal of any quantitative readings of radiation levels in drinking water, based on  dubious government measurements without any consideration of the variable factor of snow melt from fallout-affected watersheds.

- reliance on the British system of computer modeling of atmospheric dispersal of isotopes, which excludes analysis of concentrated contamination via heat-column interaction with the high-altitude jet stream (which has long since opened an Arctic ozone hole).

- assumption that sea dumping of nuclear material is harmless except for contamination of the fish catch in the immediate marine environs of the Fukushima coast, without concern for spawning areas and long-term contamination of marine feed stocks, including algae and plankton.

The WHO catalog of falsification is easily taken apart line-by-line in every section, although the summary above should suffice to relegate it to the medical fraud file.The modeling and selective data used by the WHO are so fundamentally flawed that the only logical deduction is that its experts are simply apologists for nuclear power - actually it is far worse than apologetics since the so-called experts are agents-in-place for the nuclear industry. A cursory glance at the qualifications of just a few members of the Expert Panel indicates close ties with the nuclear industry.

- Jane Simmonds, chair: U.K. Health Protection Agency, in reality with the National Radiation Protection Board, which is notoriously allied with the nuclear power industry

- Stephanie Haywood, rapporteur, University of Hull, Center for Adaptive Science

- Lynn Anspaugh, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

- Mikhail Bolonov, Soviet-era radiobiologist, perpetrated the Chernobyl cover-up

- Carl Blackburn, U.S. expert on irradiation for the food industry

- Shin Saigusa, Japan National Institute for Radiation Safety, formerly with Fukushima University

- Ichiro Yamaguchi, head of the Yamagata testing station who stated that Tohoku residents faced only very low doses of radiation

.- Philippe Verrger, WHO, French expert on irradiation for the European food industry.

Not a single critic of the nuclear industry was appointed to the expert committee, nor radiologists or cancer specialists from private research hospitals. None of the hot-spot readings by the Japanese citizen movements were taken into account or even given mention. It is no coincidence that stooges of Britain's nuclear industry led this panel, since the U.K. was the first nation to support postwar Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi's quest for nuclear-bomb production.

Hippocratic Code violated

An agreement between the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the WHO, signed in May 1959, gave veto power to the nuclear authority over any decisions related to radiation damage made by World Health officials, which explains with its flunkies control the Fukushima study. The Hippocratic Code has thus been replaced by an unspoken deal by medical hypocrites.

The Fukushima whitewash adds to the WHO list of crimes against humanity, from its collaboration with major pharmaceutical companies in dubious vaccine campaigns in developing countries, the refusal to link new pathogens to over-dependance on vaccines and antibiotics in humans and animals, rejection of the efficacy of herbal therapy until late into the anti-malaria campaign, its botched response to avian influenza and the hysteria-driven travel ban imposed on Hong Kong during so-called "SARS epidemic"(when no travel advisory was issued on the far higher threat in northern Japan following the Fukushima meltdowns).

Given such a dismal record of fraud and failure, it becomes clear that the World Health Organization cannot be reformed. The WHO is a country club for medical malpractitioners, and as such it should be abolished. Its Fukushima hogwash is the last straw.

Author: Yoichi Shimatsu organized health-consulting seminars by a Hong Kong-based medical science team during the SARS and avian influenza outbreaks, whose recommendations have been widely adopted by Asia's food industry and hospital systems



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