When Greed Is Beautiful
By Jim Kirwan

Greed can be beautiful once you recognize that it is the most self-destructive parasite in the human political system, when it is applied to socio-economics in the wider world: As corporate and global greed are being used today.

In the twentieth century history of global affairs and in the two World Wars, plus the prequels and their   aftermath: There are definite patterns that have emerged which detail the limits of Greed, in the New Millennium.

So what the hell am I talking about? I’m talking about the facts that were overlooked concerning the way in which Fascism inGermany and Italy were spawned, and as Communism was sealed and carried out inside Stalin’s Russia. In pre-war Germany Hitler’s reign over the German people was confined to a relatively small country. In Russia, Stalin’s power grab was carried out against a basically agrarian people scattered over a huge landscape. In each case the STATE began by rounding up leaders and killing them, while terrifying the survivors until the appropriate number of troops could be dispatched to deal with the unarmed populations. The same kinds of things were also true in Genocides like the Armenians, the native populations of North America and the ongoing genocide of the Palestinians (after WWII). In all these cases the hopelessness and the slaughter of whole populations could be carried out because there were still outside sources of both money and markets for their criminal adventures outside of the countries they were turning into graveyards.

The major difference here, between the corporate and governmental greed, in the slaughter of the middle-classes worldwide (now) is far different. Basically because there are no “outsiders” any more! Once the middle-classes have been thoroughly raped, tortured, imprisoned or murdered—there is no other source of customers left for whatever the so-called victors might want to sell to anyone?

The greed that began to peak in the twentieth-century passed its Zenith and is now leading the way to extinction for the same people that used it to slaughter so many of the world’s people, while they are going about the absolute elimination of virtually all of the world’s once plentiful and natural resources. The poisoned water and the food and the air will not support crops or life after the contamination reaches the point of no-return—which we are very near to doing.

The physical trashing of the cities, the infrastructure, the societies and the remaining people on the planet is also nearing that critical point where deconstructing virtually all of what societies were once proud to contain; is about to overload the system and turn the old USA into an open air prison camp for everyone who is not wearing a government uniform.

Here is something from an article in Mother Jones magazine:
“Today, from the City University of New York to the University of California, students increasingly find themselves on the frontlines, not of a war on terror, but of a war on "radicalism" and "extremism." Just about everyone from college administrators and educators to law enforcement personnel and corporate executives seems to have enlisted in this war effort. Increasingly, American students are in their sights.
In 2008, I laid out seven steps the Bush administration had taken to create a homeland security campus. Four years and a president later, Repress U has come a long way. In the Obama years, it has taken seven more steps to make the university safe for plutocracy. Here is a step-by-step guide to how they did.” (1)

This two page report covers every aspect of student life on campus, and is a Petrie Dish for the deconstruction and conversion of the entire American population; from the country and society that it was just ten years ago, into this compartmentalized prison-camp that it is becoming minute by minute while the public waits for the troops to be deployed, under the terms of the Presidential Edict that created “Peaceful Martial Law” on March 16, 2012. (2)

Every single aspect of life now has a DHS application that must be involved in how people interact, or not. Permission must be sought for virtually every aspect of any human activity in the world of the old USA today—and punishments are in attendance for every violation of any of these ridiculous new “laws” that are nothing more than a made-up wish list by illiterate idiots wearing US uniforms and doing whatever the hell they are told to do by criminally-political appointees that know NOTHING about either the law or the constitution of this former Republic. What is amazing is how many people just pay no attention to what has been going on very publicly for the last three years—with no real push-back by those directly affected.

Partly this is due to the fact that those who are not affected (the upper echelon and the filthy-rich) since they have not been targeted ­ yet ­ can’t see what is happening just beyond their rose-colored glasses. That will soon be changing as the government in its’ desperation begins to seize the property and money of the millionaires as well as whatever remains of the middle-classes, because they are running out of targets to steal from.

This is the SECRET side of GREED: If you are not careful and steal too much you will be killing the base that generates all that wealth that you’ve grown accustomed to stealing for all these recently bountiful but limited years of artificially inflated values; A period that is coming to a rapid and very ugly ending, because the so-called powers that be OVERREACHED ­ BIG-TIME!

Mistakes like this were not possible under Hitler or Stalin or the Turks or the American-colonists vs. the Natives and the Slave populations of North America. Nor was it possible against the Palestinians; because always there were other sources of wealth, other places to escape to if things began to go badly for the OCCUPIERS or the INVADERS. There were even places to escape to for the victims if they could figure out how to get free of the war zones.

But all of this has changed now, because the GREED became attached to the global currency supply, which they immediately began to play games with in order to literally steal the entire planet by stealing the value of individual nation-states first and then they could move in and virtually take everything for pennies on every hundred dollars worth of whatever might be left once the crash had ended each new target nation (think Libya—hugely successful on every front before the ZATO attacks, utterly destroyed and impoverished now for at least the next hundred years). And of course the world is on course to replicate this in Syria and Iran as well—unless they are STOPPED DEAD in their criminal tracks!

But these privatized corporate Outlaws and their bankers, their lobbyists, their totally owned politicians overlooked the ugliest truth of all: “GREED has its limits too!” And in this world now when there is no customer base anywhere, there can be “no real or prosperous business” for anyone except maybe fending off starvation ­ but thanks to the global poisoning of the food and the water as well as the crops and the soil, that little business won’t last long either.

Could this little fact be what’s behind the fleeing of so many CEO’s in some of the largest criminal institutions in the world today? Is that what’s behind the veil of DECEPTION (above); or inside the zippered fencing-mask of SECRETS that were never-to-be-known?

One thing is certain: This concentrated attack upon the whole society in this country will have massive repercussions, and not just against the other members of the society. Because once begun this will introduce several other levels within the so-called upper-echelon that will soon have to begin fighting for their lives as well. Once the first levels are accomplished then the idiot-muscle will no longer be needed and will either be massacred like Hitler’s Brown Shirts were, or sent directly to the camps as prisoners because this government always eats its own. So those that have signed on to do the ugly stuff might want to remember that phrase: “All Resistance is Futile” because that will apply to you just as soon as you finish doing what you’re told to do. This part came to a great many of the Russian Generals and officers who carried out Stalin’s purges for him only to meet the same fate as their captives or worse—many were just executed outright!

Greed it seems is going to leave us all with a lasting GIFT that has come down to us from eons past:

“Nothing is ever quite what it might seem to be.”

Please read the articles below, and think what it will mean when it is applied to the entire Amerikan Society today, across the board?


1)    Homeland Security Goes to College


2) Depths of Deceptio



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