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The War To End All Evil
By Dr. Joseph Chiappalone, MD
My Motto - Take It Or Leave It

Familiarity with my former books and essays will allow a greater understanding of what I write here. Later in this posting, I reproduce Chapter 4 of my Book “Journey into the World of Metaphysics, Volume One”.

If you are easily frightened, reconsider reading what follows.

Even though it is on the front page of my website, I thought I would republish that chapter again to remind readers that we are in THE FINAL STAGES of a Spiritual War that has massive consequences for all of us in the physical.

Alas, the failures (non-Viables) will understand little of this essay, and little of the explanations that I have written that answer

·        Who were are,
·        How we got into this unholy mess on Earth and
·        What is being done to rectify this crassness.

The anguish of those who do not want to understand, and of those who actively fight against the rectification of this massive Problem of Evil confronting us in our existence will grow as will the gloom of their soul’s upcoming perpetual night.

All wars involve suffering and in this Endtime War, the suffering is NOT going to decrease. In fact, it is going to intensify for us all. Suffering is inevitable and, as you may well have noted, it is increasing exponentially!

The war is manifesting on all levels of our consciousness and this you witness as you become more and more aware: It is all out WAR in the physical, mental, emotional, psychic, intellectual, etheric, astral, and spiritual realms.

It is war in all the levels of expressive consciousness apart from ours also. Thus we see manifestations of War in the Mineral, the Vegetable, the Animal, the Devic, the Galactic and the Universal levels of Consciousness. In each, disintegration and fragmentation will occur until that level is no more. This explains

·        The deterioration in our Sun
·        The Climatic madness
·        The magnetic poles becoming erratic
·        Celestial bodies becoming rogue, dangerous, threatening misfits
·        The failure of Crops failing and extermination of species
·        Death of the Seas and their inhabitants
·        Earthly fragmenting
·        The Animal Kingdom dissipating with species rapidly vanishing
·        Vile Superbugs developing
·        Humans going insane with the Terminal Madness that I have mentioned many times
·       Lustful demons destroying everything in sight as we see with the destruction of Nations and lives, with purposeful financial collapse, erratic, murderous technology, polluting practices, artificial catastrophes and disasters as we saw in the Gulf of Mexico and Fukushema, the pandemic War for Terror’s sake, etc., etc.
·        Aspects of the Galactic consciousnesses in the form of rogue Black Holes devouring whole galaxies, and

·        The Universe giving up its ghost in preparation for its total annihilation.

Do you think it is too hard to imagine all these things happening? Wait and see, for you and I, all of us, are to witness what is to come.

Apart from the general disintegration of this Virtual Reality that I have described in detail previously, many of us will be caught up in all sorts of fiascos and tribulations in our personal lives, not of our doing, but by Evil’s mandate, just to make us suffer in this Endtime. The developments around us, often quite distressing, should not be taken personally. Of course, they are also the Evil Essence’s crude and often repeated methods of attempting to get the last erg of energy out of all of us.

Thus, my advice to you is to work through any disputes such as those that arise with neighbours, from divorce, legal action arising from false accusations against you, motor vehicle accidents and court procedures, etc., etc. Do so with mental equanimity and the loss of as little personal energy as possible.

In this Endtime War in which we must perforce see the separation of the wheat from the chaff, partnerships sponsored by Evil will dissipate. Thus, if you are in a marriage with a non-Viable, assuming you are Viable, expect it to collapse, sooner rather than later.

If you are in business with non-Viables, and especially demons, your newfound insight will make it very difficult for you to continue doing business with them.

Traps will be set for you by the system in an attempt to stop you in your tracks.

The destructive entropy and collapse, fragmentation, and disintegration of your life will increase, not decrease. This applies to all.

Thus, while the world in general is falling to bits, expect your life to follow suit. It is all part of the plan to dissolve the physical in order to release the spiritual components.

We cannot totally emerge from the physical trap unless the physical trap is destroyed.

Along the way, you may be caught in any of the impersonal occurrences of this maelstrom, including financial collapse, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, flooding, fires, ill-health for various reasons, crime waves, civil war, epidemics, and so on. Devastating evilness will manifest in many ways, not the least being the destructive evil of the ruling Archons that are also going insane.

You may suffer the harmful effects of GM foodstuffs, the deleterious effects of vaccines, of mercury poisoning, of other heavy metal poisoning, of Chemtrails poisoning, and of the associated Morgellons disease, which is very much a reality, of physical and mental decay from microwave radiation and other forms of radiation from the degenerating Sun and from Archon made technologies.

You may be subjected to the ill-effects of military weapons, those from spent uranium dust, especially if you are in the paths of the winds laden with such radioactive weapons used in the Middle East, from radiation coming from Fukushema, etc., etc.

Already I have pointed out in previous essays the ubiquitous Vitamin D deficiency due to our degenerating Sun, the Vitamin B12 deficiency due to poisoning by Chemtrails, the latent toxic states from GM foodstuffs, the reactions to vaccines and the mercury within them, the carcinogenic agents from the cells in which vaccines are produced, etc., etc.

The quality of our food has dropped dramatically so that now deficiency states will become obvious. These will be seen most in the elderly and the poor, most of whom cannot afford supplements or better quality foodstuffs.

The most polluted foods are animal products including red meat and dairy foods. You would be well advised to avoid these at all costs. Apart from physical and chemical pollution, these foods have the most deleterious spiritual pollution, able to cut one off from the Higher Consciousness as I have described at length in my books.

With a general drop in immunity and resistance in populations, diseases will increase: far more drug resistance TB will infect many on its return. Malaria will spread from the global warming effect, which by the way is due to excessive irradiation from our decaying sun and has very little to do with human activity. Ebola still exists.

With reduced immune resistance, rates of cancer and lymphoma will increase, increasing the cost of living, of treatment, of fear in those not mentally prepared, etc. Families will struggle more than ever. Governments will baulk at the costs. Thus, everyone is affected in some way.

My efforts have been to awaken people to these changes and to prepare them for the inevitable. Few have availed themselves of the opportunities to do that.

Paradoxically we seem to be living longer due to various new drugs and new surgical procedures. But, we are on the cusp of change. All that progress will be negated by the Doomsday scenario about to unfold on Earth everywhere.

Increasing Anger and Rage, which are even now very obvious, will cause even more accidents, more crime and suicides. These will take their financial and emotional toll on those surrounding the victims.

False flag operations, of which the more aware are now familiar, will explode in number and severity everywhere in an attempt by Governments to get their own way. The recent mass shootings in the USA are a prime example. They are government sponsored tragedies to force gun laws onto a resisting populace. Expect CIVIL WAR in due course.

Many demons and insane robots will cross your path to cause trouble. Sidestep them if you can. If they cannot be avoided, engage them with the knowledge it is a battle to their energetic death, regardless of what wounds you may sustain.

Terminal Madness of the Endtime is no joke. Read the essay of that name that I wrote almost 20 years ago. Mental illness may affect others so that you are affected in deleterious ways even if you avoid the madness. You may be attacked physically; you may be drained emotionally; the expense of treatment for any and every ailments will become prohibitive. For example, apart from the exhausting cost for mental conditions, even treatment for minor dental problems, for veterinary treatment of your pets, etc., may drain your resources, etc. The added stress will be cumulative, giving rise to madness in those who have such a tendency.

Dementia will be pandemic for a number of reasons including vitamin B12 deficiency, toxic poisoning by the contents of Chemtrails, excessive radiation from a number of sources including the little mobile phone we now all carry around on our person and the long and short wavelength radiation of military weapons, of the HAARP technology, and so on.

Normal everyday feats will be harder to complete in an ever-fracturing environment.

Costs will escalate for food, energy, labour, vehicles, travel, housing, etc., making life more difficult for all, especially those close to the poverty line. Travel is already far more expensive and more difficult. As the end approaches, long-range travel will be reduced extensively

As I just said, cost of Medical Care will escalate, as has been long predicted. Governments will ration care for the elderly, for the mentally ill and defective, for the handicapped, etc., as they consume most of the health dollar. Thus, the health of the elderly will deteriorate unless they can afford private treatments.

The Eugenics program, sponsored by Archons everywhere is a reality. They think they can win the war, which they cannot, and reduce the world’s population to a sustainable one or two billion who will truly be their slaves. But, the Archons are deluding themselves. All of Evil is scheduled for demolition via Transmutation.

The malevolence of governments and institutions, religious or otherwise, will come to the fore. The reason for that is because most of them are run by demonic Archons, and they, along with their institutions, need to be exposed.

Indeed it is a Demonic World, and astute ones can now see that the demonic essence predominates in every aspect of existence.

Look at what the Media serves up to the unsuspecting, unawakened robots; movies and advertisements of demons, robots, of the soulless, strutting the stuff that demons love: violence, pornography, lust, theft, and all other types of ungodliness.

Demonic Possession is a reality and the incidents are escalating for two very obvious reasons:

1                   The increasing use of drugs that damage the centres of consciousness thus allowing demons to enter and exit at will. Such possession is impossible to miss. Someone you know is surely possessed. The fact that Modern Psychiatry does not recognize this mechanism and resultant state means those affected are doomed to their fate and without help.
2                   Rampant pornography allows damage to centres and demonic possession. It is usually associated with gambling, drugs, excess alcohol, etc. All these activities promote demonic possession.

These two mechanisms, drugs and pornography invariably go together, so the chances of possession are increased exponentially. And that is why the ratio of demons in these cardboard boxes is increasing daily.

These demons are soulless, immoral and ruthless. They are everywhere. The violent madness of governments that seek to destroy others at all costs, even their own people, as we witnessed with 9/11, using the hypocrisy of words that falsify reality, as Frederick Nietzsche said, testifies to the demonic nature of the ruling archons.

They and their world are doomed even as they celebrate their temporary success in plundering and murdering.

Be aware that it is all part of the War. If you are aware, and spiritually awakened, you will know why it is you are suffering, and why your suffering is increasing; why it is your life is becoming more and more complicated, and what the final outcome is going to be.

The Knowledge of what is going on will dispel all fear.

In some small way, that is what I am attempting to do with my lectures, books and essays. But, you will be surprised at how few people avail themselves of this knowledge. Most who read a little of my work make it their mission to defame me and call me names that truly befit them and their scurrilous nature best. And, I am sad to say, this includes doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists and Medical Boards. I have explained why and how Modern Psychiatry has lost its way in my book called ‘Psychiatry, the Struggle for your Soul’. In this Endtime, the majority are way out of line and very wrong, as we shall all see in due course.

Indeed the True Gnostic Knowledge will set us free from the burden of Ignorance, from the ubiquitous Fear and from the Gloom of Doom.

A word of warning: Much false material labelled ‘Gnostic’ circulating the Internet and New Age magazines is utter rubbish. Be cautious at all times.

We are living the final stages of the Gnostic Eschatological Doctrine which states that the End will come, Evil will be totally eradicated, the Good (Viables) will live on elsewhere, and the Evil (non-Viable) shall be cast into the abyss of Perdition. It is this knowledge that has given rise to extracts called prophecy in the extant Bible, which is a compilation of older knowledge. It is this Gnostic Knowledge that has been turned into the almost indecipherable nonsense called ‘Revelations of St. John.

This Gnostic Knowledge is represented by bits of knowledge in many cultures including that of the Hopi Indians, the Mayans, the Aztecs and that which gave rise to the I Ching, etc., etc. It is what gave Nostradamus his insight, and to Mother Shipton, Edgar Cayce, etc.

I have explained concepts such as

·        The existence of two feuding creations
·        The Finalization of the War
·        The Eradication of the Problem of evil
·        The total destruction of the physical dimension
·        The continuation of consciousness in a New Dimension for those that are still Viable and who had been trapped by Evil
·        The concept of Transmutation of non-Viable consciousness and

·     The return of the then neutralized, amorphic energy back into the Primordial Pool from whence pristine, malleable energy units arise.

As the whole Universe and its Virtual Reality fragment, our bodies and their lower, physical minds will fragment for they are part of the Virtual Reality.

There is no escaping that fact. Hence, prepare for the suffering. And prepare to leave the physical even at short notice. Do not panic. We have all died many times before. This one last time will be the best experience of all for we will be far more aware, we will know the outcome, and we shall not be bounced back into these cardboard boxes as we were previously by the ridiculous evil practices of Re-incarnation and Karma.

We are the generation that will not know death.

I know it sounds silly to say ‘enjoy the suffering’ but, in reality, that is what you have to do. Otherwise you will go insane like the non-Viables.

How can one enjoy the suffering?

It is all a mental exercise. If you see the suffering, not as a punitive measure on your body and lower mind, but as a sign that progress to the End is being made, after which we, Viables, will live forevermore in Harmony, Peace and Love, then yes, you, we, can enjoy the suffering, for you, we, understand its true meaning.

It is like going through painful surgery. You tolerate the inevitable but temporary pain knowing you are going to be much better once you heal.

Childbirth is another example you can consider. The expectant mother is happy for the arrival of the contractions and their pain because she knows what they signify: the joyous advent of a child who will give her great pleasure (usually).  The pain is soon forgotten once a newborn arrives safely.

Our pain and suffering, due to this Final Spiritual and physical War will give way to a NEW Dimension for us Viables. Finally we shall have an existence of Peace, Harmony, Love and never-ending Bliss.

Viewed in this way, the suffering will be seen as a temporary aberration.

The comforting thoughts that it will soon end, and we will truly be in a Paradisiacal Realm, can be likened to the opiates that soothe the pain during harrowing surgery.

It is surgery we are undergoing. The Evil Creation is being cut out of the True Creation. It is spiritual surgery at its best.

We should and must cast our vision forward.

This promise stands: Once we are out of this evil quagmire, all memory of Evil and the suffering we have had to endure will be erased from our minds forever.

Those of you suffering terminal illnesses which may end your physical life before the end of the War should also rejoice. View your coming physical death as your ticket Home. If you do that, you will not be sorrowful, anxious or depressed but rather, joyous and excitedly expectant of your true reward.

Thus, those who cannot see the inevitable end of the Physical Universe are to be pitied for they cannot see the meaning of it all and the Eternal Joy of the True Creation that lies ahead for those deserving such a reward.

I repeat: The failures (non-Viables), Robots and Demons alike, will understand little of this essay, and little of all that I have written. Their anguish will grow as will the gloom of their tormented souls’ perpetual night.


This is what I wrote in the 1980s in CHAPTER 4 of my book

‘Journey into the World of Metaphysics, Vol. One:


Why should there be a war? No one wants the pain, suffering and devastation of battle and defeat - so why do the two creations have to fight?

To answer these questions we have to examine the very nature of the two creations.

One is the Divine creation sent into this dimension of space and time (which is our universe) to experiment, experience, express and evolve. Its nature is one of Universal Love, Peace, and Harmony. It is not bellicose. In fact it is the very opposite. It is accommodating, trusting and loving and that is why it was easily overrun by the Evil Creation.

The Evil Creation instead was created by the rebellious demigod (a level of Consciousness within the lower ranks of the Divine Hierarchy) and was empowered with the essences of this evil demigod to be exactly that: Evil.

Its nature meant, therefore, devastation, destruction, selfishness, and domination by whatever methods were available.

(This we now see clearly all over the world, in every aspect of our lives, as all restraints have been lifted so that Evil can self-destruct.)

Each creation has been created with the essences of its creator.

·        The Divine creation was created in God's image with the 7 Divine Essences of Glory, Love, Power, Honesty, Wisdom, Peace, and Perseverance.

·        The demonic creation was created in the demigod's image, with the essences of Evil - Envy, Hate, Destructive power, Dishonesty, Cunningness, Rebellion, and Cowardice.

The Evil Creation, by its very nature, was and is belligerent and destructive. That is what it was created for. Its job was to invade and overrun and destroy the Divine creation.

Its demigod creator had already rebelled against the Divine Hierarchy, the Divine order and cut itself off from the nutritive energy supply which the hierarchy provided. Hence, it had to invade and conquer a dimension in order to survive by using the energy within that invaded dimension.

Even in metaphysical terms, as in material terms, nothing is static; all need energy in one form or another to remain viable and to evolve. This energy is required at all levels of Consciousness in all dimensions.

In order to survive and expand its empire, the evil demigod required energy, and this energy it required could be obtained from the creation it invaded.

Hence the war is a direct result of the invasion of the peaceful Divine creation by the belligerent, rebellious creation of the evil demigod.

The attempts by the invaded creation to fight back have up to now been inadequate, and that is why the evil creation gained the upper hand.

Translated into a simple explanation of where we are today it means this in human terms:

We have two types of people on earth. Rather we have two completely different types of Consciousness inhabiting similar physical bodies.

70% of bodies have a demonic or robotic Consciousness which has been created by an evil demigod for the express purpose of serving evil. They do this by attacking the remaining population (in energy terms) in order to exploit them and steal their energy from them. They are belligerent, rebellious, destructive, and evil in their demonic nature. Their attacks are not merely physical, but more in the subtle levels, translated into a multitude of ways of draining energy from the beings of Light.

30% of bodies have a Divine Consciousness within. They are Divine in nature, and this nature is not one for warmongering - in fact these are greatly disadvantaged by this struggle and have proved to be easy prey. As they are attacked and lose energy to the demonic side they undergo disastrous consequences equivalent to slow spiritual death.

(I wrote the book before 1999. You will recall that in November 1999, the Viables were spiritually evacuated.

Now we have:

1                      70% which are of a robotic consciousness. Of these, approximately 650,000,000 are viable,
2                      30 % which are of a Demonic consciousness.

3                      A small number of Theomorphic warriors aided by a few thousand Theomorphic civilians.

Demons are unbelievable evil. They have no morality or conscience. They kill without qualms or scruples. They have no compassion. Up till now they have not feared Divine Justice.

ALL Archons in charge of Nations, of Institutions such as the Religions, Banks, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, and the Media are EVIL. That is why they can be as ruthless in wars, in financial affairs and in programming the masses demonically as the Media does, as we see all over the globe today.

As the War progresses, the realization that they will be brought to account will hit them, and then they will suffer the mental anguish of the doomed. They will indeed express, quite openly, the Terminal Madness of the Endtime of which I have written.)

One may well ask why the two types cannot be immediately differentiated. Why can one not easily recognize the demonic beings causing all the trouble? Why can one not recognize the Divine Beings of Light and stay only in their midst?

The answers are very simple.

1. We are all clothed with the same bodies.

2. These bodies (because of their metaphysical anatomy) are programmed to prevent expression of the essences of Divine beings who occupy them. At the same time the bodies are programmed to allow expression of Evil and the essences of the demonic beings who occupy them.

3. We have forgotten there are different Consciousnesses occupying the same bodies and hence perceive the properties of the bodies and not the Consciousness occupying them.

4. The bodies were created by the evil demigod for this Evil Creation when it took over this dimension. Those beings of Light trapped in the occupied dimension were forced to use these bodies when conditions in the dimension were changed and their original vehicles of expression were damaged beyond use.

The Divine beings were forced to use bodies which were foreign to them.

These bodies have programmed responses of their own - they can reflexly react to various external stimuli and become evil unless the Consciousness within actively prevents this by an act of freewill.

It was and is a great effort to stop the reflexes for evil-doing. The bodies had been developed for use by Evil, to serve Evil and to trap the true Divine beings.

Hence the true Divine beings were greatly disadvantaged when they abandoned their original vehicles of expression and were forced to use these bodies which we now have and which were specifically created by evil for evil beings to serve evil and to trap true beings.

The mechanism of the bodies has been developed such that most forgot that they were Consciousnesses within physical vehicles, and, in fact, allowed their awareness to become the awareness of the physical body only. They forgot that they were Divine beings different from the bodies and from the evil Consciousnesses for whom the bodies were created.

In other words, they were trapped in the physical bodies and their awareness was trapped to a level dictated by these bodies; a level very low indeed.

Initially before total invasion and entrapment by the evil creation occurred, there was time for the Divine beings of Light to escape this dimension and go elsewhere and many did.

Others, by an active choice of freewill paid no heed to the warnings of impending entrapment issued by their Divine essences within and remained, risking the consequences and watching this invasion by an unknown force.

They had no idea of evil, of invasion, of destruction or of energy exploitation.

They were an easy prey for the invading evil army and many have paid dearly for their foolishness.

(As I predicted, we are now awakening to all of this in the Endtime. We are all gaining our spiritual vision again, and we can see who is who.

We are starting to recognize robots and demons.

We can sense the energies of Good and Evil far more acutely.

And, before the End, all will be exposed in their ontological nakedness.

And we will all realize why this world, this Physical Universe and the entire EVIL Dimension can no longer remain in existence.)


Earthly War

With spit-polished boots, and bronze buttons shining brightly, as the weapons do, in the uncaring sun, young programmed and indoctrinated soldiers march often, too often, into the fray of War, as if it was already won.

Programmed to fly the flag of Patriotism high, they seek vain-glory with which
to abide and even die. But really, full of drugs and booze and the lust of sex are they, filled with lies and propaganda to fight in Evil's day.

Mowed down are they by any means, as cannon fodder, with bullets, and now, of late, with drugs, adverse vaccines, and with incurable disease. And as a consequence of all these scenes, much emotional energy is extracted from grieving relatives with ease.

Civilian populations are targets too! This you know well and I have no need really, to tell of War's sadistically brutal practices to you. There it is, now you have the reason for constant War! It is the evil demiurge's plan to extract energy from trapped True Beings in every era, on every land, more and more.

He cares nought really who wins, who lives or dies. This fraudulent world is built on hatred's violence, on unmitigated deceit, and constant maliciousness, and its companions, injurious lies.

To the demiurge, the Evil Mind, instigator of Earthly Wars, there is no Just Cause, no right or wrong. He cares not to which side any soldiers or civilians belong. For him, War is but an energy feast, for he is the Moloch, the Ghoul, the predatory, rapacious, insatiable beast!

He cares nought for the pain, or suffering, or misery caused by War, with its inevitable, rapine mutilation, for once the souls leave the scene of battle
they are judged iniquitously by the Board of Karma and Reincarnation, whereupon they repeat, under threat of further punishment, the cycle of absurdity, being once again the defenceless targets of Evil's relentless exploitation, and of the suffering that results as a certainty.

Now with this Gnostic explanation, you see why War, on this plane, is not only glorified, but also never-ending. With Evil's programming, pollution and indoctrination in demonic and robotic minds, evil Jehovah is forever sending
Sycophants into battle to extract, via the misery of bellicosity, the energy he needs, from the True Beings' very Inner core, so he can run this Evil Realm and expand it even more.

No lasting peace has ever resulted in this world from any conflict, any confrontation, any War, as we can see, and each generation, claiming a march
to greater peace, and civility, has greater and greater weapons to increase terror and suffering, in paradoxical perversity.

No conflict has ever been resolved satisfactorily by violence, hatred, slavery, subjugation, murder or genocide. Smallest remnants of the vanquished are programmed to Revenge, in their anguished hearts, hide, so that in future days again the cycle of obscenity renews and once again, in repeated War, it is insured that Jehovah, the Evil Mind, is repaid energetically with handsome dues.

Indeed, War is a cycle, profane and obscene, of tragic waste. Men breed violence and are educated to go to combat in haste, having learned nothing from antecedent days, for that is how the Evil demiurge has plotted and cantankerously programmed to rule counterfeit humanity's ways.

Many mockingly point to the medical, and technological, and ministering
and pharmacological benefits of War, but do you not think without its wanton
destruction and its waste, there would be far greater benefits galore? Often the few left of either side after torrid Wars pusillanimously glorify their stance and cowardice hide, vainly boasting, at every chance, lapel ribbons and medals shining, how great they were, as the enemy they deride. Such nationalistic hubris builds hatred for future Wars as the defeated mind plots, for this patriotism it abhors.

Now you know why every generation has found, not peace, but hate, coming into its lands, its businesses, its schools, its academies, military and technical, through all doors. It's often said, to the victor go the spoils, but the victor, to keep suppressed the hatred, and vengeful thrusts of others, as we see in the USA, constantly, with burdens unceasingly toils.

Unless we are rid of these evil mechanisms, we will never be rid of cruel,
exploitative, unsavoury War! An end must come to all the suffering
and all of the misery for sure. And ruinous hypocrites totally from creation must removed be. Surely the need for that you see?

They ostentatiously pray for peace, immersed in undisguised, profane mockery,
as secretly to the accommodating evil and very covetous gods of War
they pander with enthusiasm, lustfully.

And Jehovah to them is propitious and stirs willing minds with hatred
to beat the drums of War, as he calls for savage emotionalism and, in revolting savagery, deaths galore, feasting on the misery that results for sure, for, as I said above, he is insatiable, and is forever wanting from such nefarious, sacrificial energy feasts, more and more.

Alas, forget cynicism; that is the truthful metaphysical rationale behind all
of the physical Wars in this Hell.

Now you see, if this Gnostic explanation you have understood and accepted,
why it is essential that the Light rings quickly the Final Bell and brings an end to this ghastly feast, an end to the Ghoul of War, to the Evil Mind, to Jehovah, the rapacious Beast.


Copyright 2012 Dr J Chiappalone



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