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For Crimes Against America

By Jim Kirwan


When lawmakers vote for unconstitutional gun restrictions, their names should be added to a list of arrest targets. Rather than a list of gun owners, what we really need is a list of all the criminal lawmakers who vote to destroy the Bill of Rights and strip citizens of their freedoms. Such lists should be publicly displayed for all to see.

Natural News intends to publish the list of every Connecticut lawmaker who ultimately votes for this bill, along with a banner that reads "WANTED for crimes against America."”

(NaturalNews) The defense of the Bill of Rights will not be achieved by lying down and remaining passive. Freedom-hating gun grabbers have conspired in Connecticut to criminalize millions of law-abiding gun owners unless they submit to being fingerprinted and tracked in a government database like sex offenders.

Such infringements are, of course, illegal in America. By definition, Connecticut lawmakers who vote for the bill are criminals and traitors to the people of Connecticut and must be arrested and granted a trial by jury to determine their innocence or guilt in violating their own sworn oaths of office.

Connecticut democrats and republicans alike have reportedly agreed on an illegal gun control law that would outlaw the sale of any magazines carrying over 10 rounds while forcing the registration of existing magazines. The law would fingerprint gun owners and require them to apply for an "ammunition eligibility certificate" before they can purchase ammo. The government can, of course, simply deny such a certificate to anyone it wants…

It's not enough to defeat the bill; it's time to start arresting lawmakers

The point in all this is that it's not enough to try to defeat the bill or have it declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court. What's happening in Connecticut is that the lawmakers are themselves criminals who must be arrested, possibly by local sheriff's deputies.

These Connecticut lawmakers have abandoned their sworn oaths of office, all of which include language
to "protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic." But it is now clear they are the enemies referred to in that very oath! A warning to Connecticut lawmakers: By signing this bill, you are putting your name on a list of criminal traitors to the people of Connecticut. Be warned that you may be subject to arrest under existing state and federal law. Sweeping arrests would be fully justified, both morally and legally…

Why we must start publishing "arrest lists" of lawmakers who vote to oppress liberty in America

Natural News intends to publish the list of every Connecticut lawmaker who ultimately votes for this bill, along with a banner that reads "WANTED for crimes against America."

When Americans begin to think about this seriously, these lists should be created nationwide, in all fifty states—because the Constitutional protections of the second amendment are nationwide: So too should be the penalties for “attempted-infringement” upon the Second Amendment.

Every problem this nation has had to endure since Bush Junior stole the office in December of 2000; stems from the criminal actions of members of the state and federal government all the way down to and including the cities, counties and tribal-land-officials that have each been actively-involved in the denial of due-process; the abrogation of the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence from December 12, 2000 to the present moment!

The depth of the real problems that the United States is suffering from comes directly from a tsunami of illegal laws, presidential-edicts, and government corruptions that are strangling this country. If we continue to ignore the thousands of crimes: From Crimes against humanity, genocide, torture, rape and murder all the way to the dictatorial nanny-state that wants total control over every aspect of human-life—then there is no freedom, no law, and no responsibility by those that continue to run this place like their own private kingdoms.

IF however—Americans were to begin to publish the lists of those who sign these un-American and totally illegal laws, (in each and every case where those laws have been enacted in direct contravention of the protections of the Constitution: Then by eliminating those who have savagely-tried to subvert the entire nation, the public could begin to take back control of everything we’ve lost any voice in having, as part of this place, that was once thought of as ‘America.’

The creatures behind all these attacks upon this country have always started with Zionists, mostly in congress, then spread to other sold-out traitors like Bloomberg, Rahm Emanuel and other self-appointed criminals, throughout the government. Our ‘primary problem’ has always been the same. We must focus our efforts on the treason behind this pre-emptive attack upon America. When it comes down to the GUN-GRAB legislation, we could finally get almost every single one of those lying-traitors in one very determined public outing! (2)

It will take guts. It will take determination. But if Americans understand exactly what is actually at stake—then “WANTED- POSTERS” might just be one way to go about ending the involuntary enslavement the entire country that we have been living in for the last thirteen years!

This nation must return to being one country again—a republic that is a nation capable of governing itself—by charging our political criminals with every crime they continue to commit!

We must start publishing not just "arrest lists" of every lawmaker who votes to oppress liberty in America. The list must include each of the derelict agencies that failed to act.

This must include any and all who

Failed to uphold the law in the first place!

As the criminals are being arrested, real people will rise to take the places of those who are incarcerated. This is not a complex problem. Trimming the thieving-lying-traitors from government payrolls is actually a public-service ­ we need to get on with it!

1) Natural News calls for arrest and prosecution of Connecticut lawmakers who vote for unconstitutional gun control restrictions

2) The Money-Changers!





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