Vitamin D Alert
By Dr Joseph Chiappalone MD

About 12 months ago I alerted people to the deleterious effects our Sun, due to its own physical (and spiritual) deterioration,   was having on the manufacture of Vitamin D in humans.

Regardless of the number of hours spent in the Sun, many, in unprecedented numbers, have been found to be Vitamin D deficient. Inspite of adequate sun exposure and an adequate sterol diet, even consuming extra Cod liver oil does not help.

Vitamin D is needed in large doses for normal health. This vitamin has been found to be essential for cardiac function and for sugar regulation as well as for bone metabolism.

The Medical Fraternity has just awoken to the fact that Vitamin D deficiency is occurring ubiquitously. But, it has suggested increasing precursors in the diet and sun exposure. But those measures are insufficient and will do no good. Levels will not increase. The Members of the Medical Fraternity have no idea of Sun changes as the cause. That change is, for them, almost metaphysical and beyond their ability to understand and/or accept.

Privately, some time ago, I also predicted the same mechanism of deficiency would occur with other vitamins.

Recently I have noted a massive change in blood levels of Vitamin B12. The lower levels of this vitamin are also unprecedented.

B12 is essential for blood formation and for the proper functioning of long nerves and the brain.

Vitamin B12 is mainly found in meats - liver especially, so vegetarians run a risk of deficiency after 5 years of a vegetarian diet. They should have a blood test to check its level and correct it if it is low.

As we age, a gastric intrinsic factor needed to absorb orally taken Vitamin B12 decreases. It is a genetic predisposition. When the factor disappears altogether, the result is called Pernicious anaemia (Castleís disease).  Then B12 must be given by injection.

Now, more and more people are becoming deficient in Vitamin B12. Apart from lethargy, anaemia, peripheral neuropathy and glossitis, this vitaminís deficiency leads to depression and DEMENTIA.

This problem is also going to get worse and is partly due to the Morgellon fibres we all have within us. They are consuming the Vitamin B12. The problem will get worse. We have all acquired these fibres from the Chemtrails vapours we have inhaled,

You would be wise to arrange a blood test to check your levels



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