The US Government Is A Mafia Enterprise
By Karl W B Schwarz

Have you noticed that the US Government no longer seriously pursues cases involving Anti-Trust or RICO? Monopoly is now OK; premeditated criminal activity is OK, too.  For all practical purposes stealing billions of dollars is OK and has happened many times over the past 20 years or so.

Can you envision how avoidance of anti-trust and RICO might be part of the same strategy?

How might one achieve that? Simply, get control of the government so prosecution is waived, laws are changed to legalize the criminal activity.

Have you ever wondered why they do nothing with white collar crime escalating to the point that the markets, banks, corporations and Congress are glaringly corrupt and engaged in unethical, immoral and illegal activity as 'business as usual'?

You see, Bernie Madoff made the mistake of stealing from the cabal members and had to go to prison. It really pissed off the cabal when a Jew steals from other cabal Jews. Corzine should be headed to prison but he only stole from normal citizens, not the cabal. His egregious actions at MF Global benefitted the criminal cabal. Get the distinction straight in your head because your financial future and quality of life is riding on it.

The only time they invoke anti-trust is when someone is stepping on the wrong toes with an attempted takeover. The only time they invoke RICO is when they wish to silence someone they do not like. They can, have and will apply the law backwards to protect their criminal enterprise.

For example, RICO has been applied to free speech and those pro-life people that picket abortion clinics. There is nothing inherently illegal about that or remotely racketeering in nature. The pro-life people were certainly not profiting from the abortions they are against. However, they have been targeted with RICO to block them from being pro-life activists. In this instance the application of the law was 180 degrees from its intended use.

Many Americans refer to the 'criminal cabal' that rules our nation but most truly do not grasp to what extent our government and corporations are truly controlled, influenced and directed by criminals. They enact law after law to line their pockets and stifle any dissent or ability to fight back.

This is not by accident, it is by criminal intent that the CEO slots, the board of directors and even Congress is littered with people who are mere fronts and puppets of the criminal cabal that really runs the pelf and plundering.

There is a simple explanation and even a trail to follow that explains how our nation has devolved from being a nation truly built on equity, equality, justice and rule of law to one nothing more than a sleazy specialized mafia syndicate that is sucking the life out of America and you.

In 1970 the US Congress enacted the RICO Act as part of the Organized Crime Control Act. It was a good idea at the time but like everything else Congress and Washington DC have done since Vietnam they managed to screw it up.

The article available at the following link will provide some background if a reader is truly interested in knowing how this started and how DC did what it always does, screw things up royally.


Oddly enough, the implied Third Amendment provision of right to privacy is what they have taken from you and have wrapped the cabal in as the 'flag' and 'patriotism' and 'defending America' from the boogeyman that truly wants the members of this criminal cabal dead. Yes, indeed, the real criminal cabal has many enemies and they cannot run the risk that Americans wake up and put an end to their RICO Empire.

The purpose of RICO was to break up the penetration of legitimate businesses and corporations by racketeering and criminals. Hence the name of the law: "Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization". The law had a criminal part that could be used by federal and state prosecutors and a civil part that could be used by citizens to put an end to illegal activity, profiteering and plundering in illegal ways.

As the article link above reveals, there were only 300 criminal RICO actions between 1970 to 1980 and the number of legitimate actions has continued to drop as the criminal elements have taken full charge of our government and the fascist corporations that now control every nuance of policy, expenditures and who benefits by lining their pockets at the expense of the American people.

The idea was headed in the right direction until the criminals proved to be much smarter than the prosecutors and had penetrated major corporations, banks, Wall Street, Big Pharma, Big Defense, Big Oil, Big Energy, and even Congress, the judiciary and even the prosecuting attorney's office in many parts of America.

This 'criminal cabal' that calls itself the US Congress has even gone so far to pass laws that legalize stock fraud, grant immunity to defense contractors and Big Pharma so the money flow is not hampered by lawsuits and having to pay large damages. Under the Clinton Administration RICO was modified so that it could not be used in blatant stock fraud cases and shareholders utilize the anti-racketeering law to punish those who harmed them finically through premeditated stock fraud.

One has to consider the irony of Congress when they talk and pretend to be all about rule of law, good governance and transparency, yet cloak their every move in veils and lies.

They have indeed turned stock fraud into a legitimate industry in America by tweaking the laws to prevent justice, punishment and disgorgement of what was stolen by plan and by action. The reason that the 'Congressional investigation' of Global Crossing CEO Gary Winnick (a Michael Milken co-defendant) was such a comical farce is almost every person sitting on the committee and asking all of the softball questions with easy outs had received considerable campaign contributions from the very persons they were assigned to 'investigate'. Gary Winnick was not sent to prison because his actions lined the pockets of the criminal cabal rather than make the "Madoff Mistake" of stealing from them.

Williams Communications Group and Global Crossing were two cases I was directly involved in as high bidder in bankruptcy. We had amassed considerable evidence of how companies are created, financed and then premeditatedly forced into bankruptcy to move the assets into just the right hands for pennies on the dollar. Certain parties were shorting the debt (bonds) to create a debt covenant default while others were shorting the stock to keep the companies headed into bankruptcy and literally the theft of the assets from the equity shareholders.

You should not be surprised or shocked that it was Wall Street and their most favored clients that were conducting this illegal activity offshore and stealing hundreds of billions, trillions from unsuspecting investors.

Most Americans are not aware that in New York and Delaware where most bankruptcy cases are filed for publicly traded companies, the attorneys, financial advisors and others involved literally refer to themselves as The Bankruptcy Mafia.

The Clinton Administration and Congress also amended the US Bankruptcy Code in 1994 so that shareholders were further pushed out and reduced to not having a financial stake, standing or interest in the bankruptcy.

This was all planned and has amounted to trillions of dollars of investment money being stolen from unsuspecting investors by what is a racketeer corrupt influenced organization otherwise known as Wall Street, Congress, Big Telecom, Big Pharma, Big Oil and Big Defense.

That $2 trillion that Ben Bernanke refused to tell Congress where it went is not hard to figure out. Major governments, pension funds, corporate and private investors were launching a civil and criminal action against DC and Wall Street due to the egregious levels of fraud that was and is the US subprime mortgage fraud. It was criminal intent that created that problem and when parties decided to take action Helicopter Ben paid them $2 trillion in hush money.

The 'troika' is especially egregious in the triangle formed by Big Oil, Big Defense and Wall Street, and aided and abetted every step of the way by the Congress Critters we have all come to hate with a passion. There is truly nothing to love about them or even like about them, yet idiot Americans refuse to flush the toilet and start over with real leadership that would fix what the real problems are in the United States.

It does not take foreign or war policy to fix what is wrong inside of America. The laws are there, need to be amended and bring this criminal cabal to the halls of justice.

The Afghanistan War was conceived and launched with criminal intent. The Iraq War was conceived and launched with premeditation of aforethought and criminal intent in nature.

How do you feel about criminal elements affecting their bottom line to your detriment and affecting the course of America to their benefit and your detriment? Worse yet, that many of those who are elected or appointed are criminals and part of the larger scam to line their pockets and put the screws to you?

Seriously, how do you feel about that America?

What is even more sinister is how criminal elements have now penetrated our FBI, CIA, DOJ and every vestige of the last line of defense that could take these matters to court and clean up a lot of the fraud that has come to define America. It is no longer the bastion of liberty, freedom and democracy and the last thing these criminals stand for is the Rule of Law.

Too many Americans are failing to grasp that what Sibel Edmonds discovered inside of the FBI was a criminal cabal working against the best interests and security of America. Entire investigations were thwarted, such as Dancing Israeli Dominik Suter and his name surfacing on a European bank account that was used in the financing of 9-11. He fled back to Israel where he is still protected to this day from extradition to face questions and possibly criminal charges in the United States AS A PERPETRATOR OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2001.

Across the entire spectrum of 'free America' inequality is now the norm and it has fractured society in some very serious ways. That was planned by a criminal cabal.

Across the world those nations where equality is closer in real and economic terms, there is better education, better economic opportunity, less drug and alcohol abuse, lower infant mortality and teen pregnancies, less crime, lower homicide rates, lower imprisonment rates, lower instances of fraud, more social capital in the form of trusting others, better health and health care, better mental health, higher educational scores, and infant mortality and teen pregnancies are less in more equal nations.

America can now be defined as being severely unequal from top to bottom as the Middle Class is being crushed by the Criminal Cabal, AIDED AND ABETTED BY THE US GOVERNMENT, and more Americans are forced into poverty.

Most readers know I now live in Europe and it is comical that most people I have met around the world think all Americans are wealthy. Little do they know that a full one-third of Americans are living in poverty and that number will continue to grow as long as the Criminal Cabal continues to loot America in any manner they can.

The reason the US government does not prosecute the Mafia with RICO is the government, the major corporations and the Mafia are now one.

Lest you think the Mafia only includes some bad folks from Sicily as depicted in the movies, the most notorious, ruthless and greedy mafia types are Zionist Jews.

You do the math, 1 + 1 still equals 2.

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