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The Ultimate
Zero Sum Wargame

By Jim Kirwan



Behind, beneath and beyond the global-events of this moment: What is being played out is utterly impossible to ever achieve.


The so-called new world order is calling for the entire world to subscribe to only ONE of everything. One bank, one military and one global-police-force, just a single authority - which everyone on the planet must have permission from: Before anyone is ALLOWED to do anything—ever again!

The NWO is on-view for everyone to see. In the current case of the Eurozone, it’s clear that their BANKS are NECESSARY to those that have declared war upon the rest of us. They are using their Banks to BANKRUPT the entire planet. These criminal institutions are sounding the death knell for the whole of Europe. “What’s Next” will be followed by the rest of the planet, in lockstep: Unless the Eurozone is dissolved back into the nation-states that preceded this totally criminal-association.

When the USSR was mired in the height of their own failures they had just one department store, just one of virtually everything, especially when it came to political ideology or private thought. That system was a colossal failure. The communist system that’s being forced upon the world right now is the same one that brought down the USSR and many of the FASCIST-POLICE-STATES, from Franco’s Spain to Mussolini’s Italy.

The artificial creation of the Eurozone is just the latest version of all the failures from the recent-past of humanity—that cannot work in any world where human-life is still possible.

From European crisis-central we are being told:


But “IF” this ‘criminal-takeover’ succeeds,

Then the people of the world will pay the price.

The “Banks” are not the be-all or end-all.

They’ve been doing this since

The owners of the temples killed people for resisting

the USERY of the Money-Lenders,

A couple thousand years ago.


This is the latest chapter from their original crimes! (1)

I will explain why what has happened in Cyprus has crossed a crucial line, green or any other color, but first some essential background is necessary. Background is always necessary to put an event into context and the mainstream media never provide that.

They tell you about a situation in isolation ­ as a dot ­ with very few others connected, mostly none at all. This presents the world as a series of dots or events that appear to have no explanation or connection beyond the barely-one-dimensional cover stories read from the Teleprompter and spewing from the mendacious mouths of ‘world leaders’.

People cannot understand world events without the following:

· An awareness that a network of families and secret societies connect Big Banking, Big Oil, Big Government, Big Pharma, Big Biotech, Big Food, Big Media and so on.

· The understanding that this network is seeking to create a world in which a tiny mega-rich few living in isolated high-tech luxury rule over a poverty-stricken masses with no ‘middle class’, just mega-rich and a mega-poor kept in line by an Orwellian police state.

· An appreciation that the technique most efficiency deployed to take us there is to continually engineer problems to which they can impose solutions (the technique I dubbed long ago Problem-Reaction-Solution) and each ‘solution’ takes them closer to their goal.

When you further know that the Rothschild dynasty oversees all of this and that Goldman Sachs is an asset of the Rothschilds you can see why Goldman Sachs has been so heavily involved in the financial crash in Europe (see Greece for a start) and why a ‘former’ Goldman Sachs executive, Mario Draghi, is the head of the Rothschild-instigated European Central Bank which is coordinating the engineered mayhem in league with the Rothschild-owned German government.

With this background, the current outrages in Cyprus - and their global implications - can be clearly explained … (2)


The reason for the existence or the retention of “BANKS” in any form was to provide a safe place for people to invest their money. Banks were not meant to play the markets or the hedge-funds, etc.

What happened in the Eurozone is that their banks decided to steal money to protect themselves from prosecution and or bankruptcy while they continue to steal even more with every passing day!

This is why, in their view, the BANKS are all that matter. The massively-over-compensated owners of those banks seek to expand their ability to literally steal everything that anyone else might ever-have.

This criminal-process is two fold. First, people want to deposit their money in some form of a bank. When the BANK decides to steal the money or any portion of assets which they then invested, illegally: They have committed two crimes not one. In Cyprus depositors are being forced to let the BANKS continue to steal. Meanwhile their victims, aka their customers, are left with no alternatives. New rules are restricting customer-access, in the name of PROTECTING THE BANKS: Meanwhile banks are forcing their customers to keep open-accounts, by dangling the possibility that they might get some of their money back—which gives the banks the chance to continue to steal from customers that have no say in any of this.

How does it benefit any Cypriot to participate in this Global Wealth Transfer of their money to the Failed-Eurozone?

Due to the new AUSTERITY REGUALTIONS additional taxes have been implemented, but the money generated will be going back to the BANKS, again, while the people get nothing!


1) Countries are given loans from the IMF, the World Bank, and the Bank of International Settlements to the BANKS; without the consent of the public in any country where this is happening.

2) Loan payments thus incurred must be paid back by the citizens, not the bankers, yet the amounts are so large that the loans can NEVER be paid-back. This will force people of the Eurozone into slavery and unconditional surrender to the New World Order.

3) The BANKERS, the IMF, the World BANK & the BIS have all come together as the new world order; to REFUSE TO ALLOW ANYONE TO CLOSE ACCOUNTS OR TAKE OUT THE MONEY THEY INITIALLY DEPOSITED: Which made this farce of INTERNATIONAL-LOANS POSSIBLE!

4) There is no economy for people to participate-in. The targeted economies have already been broken by the outlaws that have been raping, pillaging and plundering the world. There’s nothing left to steal except the broken-bodies of everyone that’s already been victimized, beyond the point of any real value any longer.

5) The world is waiting to see if the account holders in Cyprus or in the Eurozone will have the guts or anger to bring down the banks instead of caving-in to this global-criminal-plot any longer!

The Question Is,

Do Americans have the guts or the anger

to bring down the banks,

Instead of caving in to this global criminal plot…?


1) Redefining Anti-Semitism, Reviewing Mark Glenn’s Startling Video

18 min 31 sec VIDEO

2) Cyprus and the Hunger Games …Crossing the Lines





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