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The Incredible Story
Of U-234

From Harry Cooper



Johann Heinrich Fehler



ATLANTIS in the Kergulen Islands


Fehler at a reception


Fehler (white hat) with his Flotillenchef, Lehmann-Willenbrock
(the boat of the Smiling Sawfish)


Crew during Indienststellung

Conning tower emblem of U-234



Crew having a light duty day; picnic on the deck


U-234 with arrow pointing at the mine tubes that were removed to make room for extra storage


U-234 shot from the US Navy destroyer when she surrendered; circle showing outboard mine tubes


U-234 with US Navy officers about to raise the Stars & Stripes


Dr. Heinz Schlicke, top scientist and Member of Sharkhunters


US Navy men going over U-234 in Portsmouth Navy Yard











Me 262 in flight


Me 262 in flight



End of the U-234



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