Tattered Flag
By J. Speer-Williams

CNN recently reported that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced that his department would lift the ban on women serving in combat, marking another significant milestone for equality in our nation.

Equality? Equality to be equally degraded along with men?

US media propaganda these days has gotten so poor as it almost embarrasses me. Still, there are those who are buying the stilted stuff as if it were opiates they cannot possibly do without.

Some will say, "There is no draft. If women chose to join the Armed Forces, it is their decision. After all, is this a free country or not? Moreover, combat service will help female advancement and pay. Women engaging in combat is not the result of a conspiring government, but some people simply doing what they want to do; they are merely marching to the beat of a different drummer."

I would respond by saying, we should not allow perverse desires to influence, much less, determine national policy, a policy that demeans women and especially men. But degrading our entire country is what this "throw women into combat" policy is all about.

Women have an essential role in life, whether they know it or not. It is women who should be helping us from becoming a barbaric society, not helping to bring it about.

Women should not even be in our military, except as hospital staff (doctors, nurses, etc.).

Women should oppose war, except in cases of national emergency, not supporting wars of aggression that pretend to be fought to bring about our defense, when in reality such wars make us ever more vulnerable.

Then there are those who are of such pitiful, pathetic, intellectual and moral ignorance as to claim that some women are physically fit enough for combat, thus justifying it.

In a sense, such viewpoints are to be congratulated, as they are the exact ones the Dark Forces have planned for us, in order to totally defeat civilization.

Of course, the issue is not whether some women can withstand the rigors of combat, but the ethical issue of women forsaking their traditional roles of being nurturers and educators to become trained killers and torturers. All of this is made far worse in today's theaters of war, wherein American soldiers and Marines are allowed - even encouraged - to wantonly torture and kill innocent civilians.

If our women do not begin to more temper man's bestial instincts, then we will sink into a barbarism, devoid of civilization and culture, exactly as the Dark Forces have planned. The social and political direction of our country comes primarily from women, our leaders, lawmakers, and enforcers, which are all a reflection of our society.

The basic building blocks of a decent, viable society are family units, which are based on educated, sane individuals, largely brought about by women engaged in their traditional roles as nurturers and educators, not in the military, and certainly not in combat.

Our women unknowingly betrayed us all with their massive support of the so-called Women's Lib Movement, which was the beginning of the "Women into Combat" policy.

Please understand, the movements to destroy society always ride on issues that seem necessary, or at least rational, to those who have difficulties thinking for themselves and are unable to see outside the boxes of constant propaganda.

And why would the Controllers want to destroy society" That is a metaphysical question, of which no answer can be proven conclusively. The fact it is being done, however, is provable and obvious to those who understand the mechanics of media propaganda.

There is no question that our country is in tatters. But, one question does remain: Is the sun setting or rising on our society?

The answer is to come from you.

J. Speer-Williams



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