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Was Aaron Swartz Killed By An
MIT Satanic Child Porn Ring?

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to


Let us start by dismissing the prosecution’s ludicrous charge that any programmer as talented as Aaron Swartz would dedicate his life to stealing an archive that dispenses its academic papers for a few dollars apiece to the public or for free to students under department accounts. MIT professors, who are so full of themselves, are the only ones who might take seriously such a fool’s errand as a worthy objective for the brilliant and rebellious Swartz or the law suit as the cause of his so-called “suicidal depression.”

The mass media have been fed, and eagerly swallowed, the unpalatable lies hurled against a courageous young man whose guilt lies solely in his disgust at the online filth from “respectable” Internet paragons who have deviously corrupted the morals of his generation. America’s leading center for computer science has unleashed a campaign of slander against Swartz, who cannot defend himself through the media or in the docket now that he is dead.

My personal regret is that he had to act alone without the guidance and support of those faraway people including myself who have been fighting against the same vile pedophile elite. In American society where tens of thousands of children disappear every year without any serious investigation or public concern, the young man assumed the burden of justice on his own and paid the ultimate price for it. Using the JSTOR issue as a mere cover for his covert investigation into MIT wrongdoing was an immature tactic, which now undercuts his reputation postmortem.

As a traditional journalist and editor, I have never before supported Anonymous and their hacking activity, but the untimely death of Swartz changes the rules of engagement. Striking at the nerve center of the military-corporate-pharmaco-porno complex is an ethical duty not a crime, one of few available means to defend constitutional law. To the morally reprobate professors and administrators at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, I say unequivocally: You have started a war that will end when you fall on your swords.

The Culprit is MIT not Swartz

No, it is not Aaron Swartz who should be on trial but that lofty institution of hired learning, MIT, which is responsible for the heinous crimes that led to his death. The risks taken on by Swartz, which so have threatened MIT, can be understood only through the issue of child porn as orchestrated and produced by its acclaimed professors and distributed to their wealthy and powerful sponsors. The MIT cyber-pimps cater to a clientele that includes the highest echelon of the State Department, major corporations, intelligence agencies, the military brass, and the White House.

Every element in the Swartz case indicates that he died in a heroic attempt to expose the perversion that has corrupted the hearts and minds of the global elite, a heinous and often murderous vice that traumatizes innocent children and threatens every family on this planet.

This exposition of the facts is a torturous path that leads from the hallowed ivy halls in Boston to the outskirts of Phnom Penh, where a world-famous professor arranged underage sexual services for visiting dignitaries and sent encrypted child porn via satellite to illicit databases on the MIT campus.

Nicholas Negroponte, you have no place to hide in Southeast Asia or Africa, not any longer. You are under watch and will be relentlessly tracked down, not just for child porn and pimping children but now as an accomplice to murder. Your only way out is to turn over the video files along with the entire list of names, and you had better do it sooner than later because the powerful pedophiles on that list are going to silence you to cover their own tracks.

A Telltale Security Tape

The security video that triggered hacker Aaron Swartz’s indictment, to the contrary, exposes the criminal activities of his adversaries at MIT in the events that led to his death by hanging.

Some highlights from that video clip include:

-          his slim physique, a waist size of no more than 30 inches, a short length that  makes it practically impossible to hang himself with a belt, as reported by the Brooklyn police.

-          a bicycle helmet held up to cover his face, meaning Swartz was cognizant of the surveillance camera inside the computer-routing and wiring closet on the MIT campus. On an earlier entry into the closet he was videotaped without the helmet and must have noticed the hidden camera at that time.

-          the steel rack stacked with routers and at least one server into which he had plugged a laptop for a download, which required an extraordinary amount of time, indicating that the content was high-quality video and not documents.

-          his trespass was a physical “break in” or walk in, which indicates the targeted server could be accessed only via a dedicated line and not with a hack. A dedicated line indicates the transfer of illegal content to strong encryption.

MIT Has No Proprietary Right to JSTOR

The videotape of Swartz’s download led to the MIT complaint that spurred a federal prosecutor in Boston to indict him for pirating online journals distributed by JSTOR, a subscription-based electronic archive of scholarly papers. The charges are patently absurd.

Why would a so-called notorious hacker bother with redistributing journal articles that can be purchased at nominal cost or gained for free by students with a department account?

Unlike the Wikileaks trove of diplomatic cables, none of the papers are classified or contain state secrets.

Why didn’t he simply hack into the main JSTOR archive, whose files are accessible in bulk online from dozens of universities?

Swartz was a research fellow with the Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard, which also has an institutional account with JSTOR. Given his street cred and past associations, he could have easily found a webmaster with the password to the JSTOR server.

How can MIT, which is not the owner of the allegedly accessed material, file theft charges against him?

The JSTOR archive is not owned or based at MIT, as media reports suggest, but is registered at the Network Connections server farm in Herndon, Maryland.  JSTOR is under the control of a nonprofit organization called ITHAKA, whose board of directors includes top university administrators and the W.W. Norton book publisher. The trespass (into a tiny closet) was done at MIT, but ITHAKA, the party with proprietary rights over the JSTOR intellectual property, does not appear as the chief plaintiff. (Analogy: Whenever a car is stolen from a parking lot, the car owner and not the car hop is supposed to file charges against the thief.)

MIT obviously has something to hide.

When Internet Vigilantism Becomes Necessary

The mass media attributes the alleged “suicide” by short belt to “depression” without conducting any investigation into why Swartz might have been depressed. Article after article also describes him as a “co-founder of reddit”, as if he was one of the principle partners who owned the bulletin board, which was later sold to Conde Nast and operated by its subsidiary Wired magazine. His employee stock option in the company is a normal practice in the tech start-up field.

Swartz complained about relocating to the San Francisco offices of Wired for a routine job that he dreaded. There was obviously more to his bleak mood at the corporate-run reddit. Since he was not estranged from his parents and had an intelligent and attractive girlfriend, his foul mood seems to have arisen from professional concerns.

What would a decent family-oriented youth find so disturbing about working at corporate-controlled reddit? The bulletin board had gained profitable notoriety for its sub-edit groups that promoted discussion and images on underage sex, snuff porn, violent rape of adolescent girls, incest and abusive language. The crudest reddit posts came from the Internet’s most disgusting troll, Violentacrez, who was later exposed as then 49-year-old Texas-based programmer Michael Brutsch, a former soldier with a wife and children.

Whenever a person of sound mind and intact morality tries to go against the child-porn rings that are hiding in plain sight on the Web, he or she learns hard lessons fast. The child-porn pimps are well-organized, highly maneuverable into new websites, massively funded and deeply connected to regulators and law enforcement. These demented monsters are capable of making vicious threats and meting out brutal revenge against their critics. Invariably, the child-porn providers get away to start up again. Only insignificant subscribers are ever arrested in FBI and police round-ups, indicating higher-up protection for the pedophile crime bosses.

Pedophiles at MIT Media Lab

The road from Boston ends outside Phnom Penh. From 2003 till 2009, I worked on-and-off in Cambodia with an international team of anti-pedophilia activists, who were volunteers and all of them fathers. The team came to Cambodia following up on a slew of leads, including photos of naked infants taken by Newsweek Tokyo bureau chief Bernard Krisher on display at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Hong Kong, a den of pedophiles connected with the Jimmy Savile case. Former British Governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patton is now widely suspected as a high-level protector of the satanic BBC rapist and his old-boy circle. The FCCHK canceled a rented room for an anti-pedophile seminar for which I was one of the invited speakers.

Lionized by CNN and TIME, Krisher is the publisher of the English-language Cambodia Daily, whose staff was hostile to our presence in Phnom Penh. Earlier, I had known of Krisher’s visits to North Korea, supposedly to provide food relief, when in fact he was visiting orphanages in the secretive dictatorship to select children for overseas “education”. In that same period, from the late 1980s throughout the 1990s, “Chinese” orphans were arriving at Boys Town in Nebraska, which became entangled in a scandal involving Senate pages supplied for underage sex services.

Foreign NGOs, including “child-protection” groups, were rabidly opposed to our team’s direct-action methods, which included supplying night-vision videocams to the Cambodian police for nighttime stakeouts outside the premises of known child-sex brothels. Anyone who thinks that habitual pedophiles can be stopped with billboards and television commercials has not a clue. On several occasions, I came close to fist fights to prevent foreign men from taking the motorcycle ride to the countryside outside Phnom Penh, where Vietnamese girls as young as 7 were being dolled up with make-up and offered to the highest bidder.

When two of our team members, Caucasian fellows, tried to walk up a road that led to an orphanage “helped” by Krisher (according to staff pocketed the donations), they were blocked by Cambodian policemen wielding submachine guns. We then met with American-educated parliamentarians, who supported our campaign but said our effort was near hopeless since Southeast Asian refugee children are preyed upon back in the USA, where law enforcement was supposedly less corrupt than in Cambodia.

A Royal Decree

After several foreign pedophiles were arrested and convicted on the basis of videotape evidence, the foreign community in Cambodia turned against our team in rage. Alarmed, diplomats at the embassies of the United States, Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand and Japan launched investigations against our team members on any minor charge they could dig up in their home countries.

Meanwhile, the pedophile community was panicked because some of their members agreed to have a beer with our teammates to discuss the impact of the arrests. One employee of an NGO was murdered, and the blame was pinned on our resident team member, who later was brutally injured and nearly killed in a staged accident. The local politicians were starting to worry about the war inside the expat community.

Then, finally, the big break came, like the first storm that ends a dry season. Queen Monica, the wife of the late King Sihanouk, put the troubled orphanage under her royal protection. The Cambodian police shut down the orphanage’s satellite-link tower, which was being used to uplink child-porn videos and connect American pedophiles to their little sweethearts.

The teachers told me that computers and satellite communication system were installed and maintained by Nicholas Negroponte, the founder of the MIT Media Lab. “Nick was a frequent visitor and one of the orphanage sponsors who arranged the weekend pajama parties in the city whenever foreign VIPs arrived,” a teacher told me. “Since he gave us the computer equipment, our staff was in no position to say no. The average age of the abused orphans was 10 years old.”

Following the royal intervention, Bernie Krisher flew into Thailand to attend the opening of another orphanage, where he got a tap on the shoulder from the national chief of police. He was told to leave on the next plane out of Cambodia. Professor Emeritus Negroponte, however, continues his duplicitous role in Asia and Africa due to his connections in the Ivy League and his wealthy donors. He lives on embezzled money and borrowed time. He’s due for permanent retirement.

One Laptop, One Child Abuse

The “One Laptop per Child” project was initiated by the MIT Media Lab founder, who is the brother of former UN ambassador and intelligence official John Negroponte. The Zionist brothers have family origins in the Jewish community of Greece.

A quick look at MIT Media Lab reveals some questionable characters at the helm.

- Negroponte’s major promoter and sidekick has been Steward Brand, who evolved from being a back-to-nature founder of the Whole Earth Catalog to a raving advocate of “nuclear power, genetic modification and geoengineering”. (Let’s hope he relocates to Fukushima where he can personally enjoy all three wondrous advances.)

- Walter Bender, founder of Sugar Labs, which developed the One Laptop per Child project’s XO-1 Children’s Machine, the communication tool of choice for pedophiles to communicate with their little brown lovers.

- Frank Moss, who was trained at the Technion Institute in Haifa, a center for the Israeli Defense Force’s cyberwarfare R&D projects. The Media Lab itself is heavily involved in military-related projects with the US Air Force, the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, the Army Research Office and Google, which is a high-tech contractor in artificial intelligence for DARPA.

- Joi Ito, who once ran a nightclub in Roppongi, Tokyo’s drug-peddling and prostitution district run by a yakuza boss whose interest lies in Caucasian models performing coprophilia and bondage, increasingly favorite video themes besides child porn among the American university technocrati. Since he never earned a higher degree, Ito’s main qualification is apparently his status as godson of Timothy Leary. For those who were/are too stoned to comprehend political reality, Leary began his drug experimentation as a psychologist for the MK-ULTRA mind-control program and became a proselytizer of hallucinogens under a CIA psy-op campaign to disable the antiwar movement.

MIT Media Lab is yet another spin-off from the all-powerful MK-ULTRA and DARPA. No wonder it’s been producing child porn and involved in overseas pedophilia. The One Laptop program is a clever vehicle to provide early sex education to children across impoverished Asia and Africa who have yet to reach pubescence.

A Disturbing Pattern

As in the campaign of character assassination that led to the downfall of Eliot Spitzer, the assault on Aaron Swartz is another example of a crusading American Jewish individual being persecuted, punished and likely executed by their Zionist “brethren”. Swartz’s death by hanging is a microcosm of the sort of brutal mafia enforcement within the Jewish “community”, which unfortunately has gone nearly unreported in the Zionist-controlled media.

Swartz was a research fellow at the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, which is based at Harvard and in Israel. This much-needed program was organized by Lily Safra, the plucky spouse of a Syrian Jewish banker who died in a mysterious arson on his mansion in Monaco. The Brazilian-born widow later survived her own ordeal of false accusations of murder from a transsexual novelist, writing apparently on behalf of the actual perpetrators.

Edmond Safra was a banker for the Aleppo Jewish community, which over the millennia has been renowned for scholarship and good relations with Muslim and Christian neighbors. The Aleppo synagogue, until its destruction by Arab rioters enraged at the declaration of Israeli statehood in 1949, was the center of traditionalist Sephardic moral resistance to the secular, authoritarian and Eurocentric Zionists led by the Rothschild clan.

The Zionist killing of dissenting Jews was a policy of the Haganah militia. The newborn Israeli state, under President Yitzak Ben-Zvi, a leader of the Rothschild-backed Haganah, ordered the extrajudicial execution of outspoken Dutch Jewish activist Jacob de Haan, who proposed that Jews should support a non-religious state of Palestine shared with Arabs, instead of endorsing the bigotry of a separatist entity. The Israeli propagandists have since vilified the victim’s anti-Zionist views as arising from a homosexual attraction to Arab men. How low into the gutter can they stoop?

To conduct ethnological studies on Near Eastern Jews with the aim of gaining their submission to Zionist authority, Ben-Zvi ordered the Aleppo community, which was one of the longest established Jewish cultural centers, to surrender its Aleppo Codex, the most accurate manuscript of the Hebrew Bible. Despite opposition from the scholars of Aleppo, the Codex was delivered to Tel Aviv.  The teachings of Moses, known as the Torah, were missing, however, and probably for good reason.

The Aleppo Torah is critically important to the traditionalists  because the Mosaic perspective affirms the God-ordained role of the Jews as a stateless people guided by prophets and not subjects of worldly rulers, especially their own. Obviously, the Syrian Jewish scholars were worried about the possibility of an alteration of the text to support the statehood claims of modern Zionism. The fact that the ancient city of Aleppo is now being leveled to the ground is no fluke of history, it is the inevitable consequence of the systematic destruction of the Mideast by Zionist ambitions.

There is a moral parallel between the resistance of the Aleppo scholars with the life and death of Aaron Swartz, a young American Jew who dared to stand against the degraded and dumbed-down mass culture of corporate-controlled Internet, which should have been a realm of free inquiry and serious thinking. It is recurrent tragedy that the Jewish people so rarely stand by their prophets and instead bow down before tycoons and tyrants. Then and now, from the Egyptian tribulations to the destruction of the peaceful Sephardic Jewish communities and today’s fabrications from MIT, truth is being trampled on while decadence, deceit and corruption thrive.

In Memory of Sean Parlaman

One does not have to be a Jewish scapegoat to suffer character assassination and false charges. Another young American, Sean Parlaman, who “fell” from a high-rise window in Pattaya, Thailand, in 2002, was the leading anti-pedophile activist of his generation. Like Swartz, he was falsely accused by his foes, in his case with the preposterous charge of engaging in sex with an underage police informer he had met in a jail cell. Soon thereafter, the notoriously corrupt Pattaya police came to serve him with an arrest warrant, and it was they who reported that he had leapt out a window to his death.

While facing death threats and vilification from the entrenched foreign pedophile network in Thailand (his Wikipedia biography is pure slander written by the perverts), Parlaman started investigating child-trafficking across the Burma border. Along that militarized frontier, the Mossad and CIA under the cover of refugee aid programs have continuously smuggled in weapons and explosives, used for killing civilians in Myanmar, in exchange for opium and children. It is an injustice indeed that Sean did not live to see the 2009 police arrest of the politically connected second-generation Baptist missionary Robert Moss, aka Bobby Morse, on charges of sex with preteen tribal girls. At least, Parlaman is vindicated.

The pedophiles have been able to abduct, abuse and sometimes murder children across Southeast Asia because of protection from U.S. embassies in the region. The unofficial but widely recognized dean of the criminalized diplomats is Ralph “Skip” Boyce, former ambassador to Jakarta and later to Bangkok. It was during his tenure in Thailand that Negroponte and Krisher set up shop in neighboring Cambodia. It was earlier during his years in Indonesia that the skeletal remains of more 50 boys were discovered inside a cave in Bali. Anti-pedophile activist call him Ralphie Boyz. This sorry excuse for an ambassador later left diplomatic service to head Boeing in Southeast Asia, a region known for kickbacks in military and civilian aircraft sales.

Once upon a time a dedicated American activist in Thailand and now a bright kid on the East Coast, it is always the decent idealists who die too young, their legacy disparaged. Even though the culprits find shelter behind the ivory tower of MIT or the protective gates of a permissive State Department, the pedophiles will be brought to justice, one way or the other. For the children to live, the predators must be destroyed.

Yoichi Shimatsu, former editor of the Japan Times Weekly, is a science journalist based in Hong Kong.





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